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Relax at this wilderness ecolodge in northern Saskatchewan

This luxury wilderness eco-lodge is Canada's premiere boreal forest resort. Located on a small, pristine, unnamed lake in northern Saskatchewan, it has been carefully constructed to have minimal impact on the delicate boreal forest ecosystem. 

The main lodge, two cabins, and spectacular organic garden took thirty years to come to fruition. The builders lovingly crafted their vision using lumber harvested from the local forest, banks of solar collectors to generate power, and a self-composting septic system. Every single detail of construction, from location, to materials, to the self-sustaining garden was meticulously planned to create a harmony between technology and the natural beauty of the boreal forest. It is truly is a showcase of esthetics and technology existing "as one" with the delicate and diverse northern boreal forest ecosystem.

Saskatchewan's northern Boreal forest is a wondrous place. It offers unparalleled beauty, thousands of cool, clear lakes, and bountiful plant and wildlife. The tapestry of the forest is in a state of perpetual evolution, providing unique vistas with each season. It sits in the middle of the McLennan Lake area of Saskatchewan, which has been described as an "Eden" in the forest. It is the perfect place to experience nature at its finest, to walk in forests that are virtually untouched, to reconnect with yourself and the world around you.  

At this resort, time is yours. Relax on the deck with a good book; explore surrounding lakes; hike the boreal forest; observe wildlife; enjoy a sauna by the lake. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the northern Boreal forest in luxurious, Eco-friendly accommodations offering serenity, solitude, and peace-of-mind.  There are no roads into the lodge. Access to the lodge is by floatplane or minimize your impact on the environment and canoe in. Guides will paddle along side you into the lodge or you can just ride along in the canoe and let the guide do all the work. The canoe trip takes about 3-4 hours from the put-in location.

$795.00 CAD
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Wilderness Lodges

June to October

Easy / Moderate

Guides are on-site for guided hiking and canoeing.

Not Applicable

When you rent this lodge you have private use of the facility, you are the only guests. The magnificent lodge, the cozy fireplaces, the comfortable deck, the scenic gardens, and everything else it offers are completely at your disposal. While tending to your every need, the staff recognizes this is your time and respects your privacy.  Group rates are available.


Trips originate and end in Missinipe, Saskatchewan.  Missinipe is accessed by road by driving north from Prince Albert and past La Ronge.  To reach the lodge from Miissinipi, you can take a floatplane in or arrange to paddle in by canoe. The put-in location is about 50 km north of Missinipi and the canoe trip takes 3-4 hours. Please contact us for costs on any of these transportation options.


Summer temperatures range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Northern Saskatchewan

Canoes and equipment, sauna, use of all lodge facilities.


Warm jacket, hiking boots, long pants, hat, rain gear, bathing suit, shorts, t-shirts, lodge shoes.


Camera, binoculars, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, insect repellent.


The main lodge sits majestically on precambrian rock, providing a spectacular view of the lake below. It has been built from logs carefully harvested from the surrounding woods. It is a true eco-lodge, powered primarily by solar power.  The top floor holds two comfortable bedrooms and a bathroom, complete with a composting toilet. A well-appointed kitchen, a cozy living room/library, and a spacious dining room surrounded by windows overlooking the garden and the lake are located on the main floor.

A large deck on the front of the lodge has also been built to take advantage of the sunrise and a view of the lake.  The property also features two cabins, situated on a slope above the gardens and the main lodge.

Like the lodge, the accommodations were constructed with locally-harvested materials, and maintain the philosophy of minimal impact on the Boreal forest. "Willow" is our largest cabin. Its warm, comfortable bedrooms easily sleep up to seven adults. Complete with its own indoor washroom, "Willow" makes the perfect home away from home. "Alder", although smaller than "Willow", offers comfort and space for four guests. It also features an indoor washroom.  The property also has its own handcrafted Sauna, located on the shore of the lake, just below the main lodge. It is complete with a inside change room and shower. Outside, a deck leads you to the cooling waters of the lake.



An on-site staff will prepare your meals daily. Fine meals are crafted using food grown in the garden as well as native produce taken from the boreal forest. Summertime sees the garden producing succulent completely organic fare. Freshness and the pure northern air and soil make everything we grow a cullinary delight.
Cooking courses are available on request.

2 day tour, available June - October
$795.00 / per person - CAD
1 night. Based on double occupancy.
3 day tour, available June - October
$905.00 / per person - CAD
2 nights. Based on double occupancy.
4 day tour, available June - October
$1060.00 / per person - CAD
3 nights. Based on double occupancy.
5 day tour, available June - October
$1250.00 / per person - CAD
4 nights. Based on double occupancy.
5 day tour, available June - October
$1720.00 / per person - CAD
All inclusive package with float plane transfers, meals and guided activities included. Based on a minimum group size of 4.

$1600.00 / per person - CAD
All inclusive package with canoe transfers, meals and guided activities included. Based on a minimum group size of 4.
Pricing does not include: 5.00% GST.

A 20% deposit is required to hold your reservation.

Balance of payment is due 30 days before trip commencement.
If the guest cancels more than 1 month prior to the start of the program, all but 10% of his deposit will be refunded. If the guest cancels less than 1 month before the start of the program, he will lose his deposit. If the guest cancels less than 1 week before the start of the program, 50% of the total program fee is charged to the guest. If the guest does not show up and does not cancel, the full price of the program is charged to the guest.

5 day tour, available June - October

Day 1

This day is spent travelling to the lodge. Meet in Missinipe with your hosts. You have the choice of flying out by float plane from Missinipe, or driving to MacLennan Lake and spending about 4 hours paddling into the lodge. Arrive by late afternoon.

Day 2

Days 2-4: Each day you have guided activity options. These options include: canoeing possibly an overnight trip), hiking, gathering wild edibles, learning about organic gardening and sustainable living, and the list could go on. In late afternoon the sauna is fired up for a cleansing sweat punctuated with a refreshing dip in the lake. The evenings are spent taking part in a gourmet meal prepared in the lodge kitchen.

Day 5

By noon you are either on the float plane or back in the canoe heading home.