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Dramatic coastlines, arctic wildlife and Inuit culture are what awaits you in Canada’s newest territory of Nunavut. More...

Dramatic coastlines, arctic wildlife and Inuit culture are what awaits you in Canada’s newest territory of Nunavut. Established in 1999, Nunavut is the largest territory/province in the country and represents Canada’s true arctic. Though the largest in area, it is the least populated territory or province in Canada with only about 34,000 people, mostly of Inuit decent.

The main feature of the coastal region of Nunavut is of course the Arctic Ocean, which is abundant with wildlife such as whales, walrus, seals and polar bears and offers breathtaking scenery of winding glaciers and immense icecaps. Arctic lodges offer a chance to view the wildlife up close. Many adventures include Inuit guides whose knowledge of the region, wildlife and ecosystem will amaze you.

With no roads linking communities, the best way to explore Nunavut is by ship. Arctic cruises are readily available and offer a chance to travel where few people ever get to go. These cruises offer a chance to visit local Inuit communities and historical and cultural sites while viewing wildlife along the way. Possible stops along the way include Baffin Island, Devon Island and Beechey Island, the location of the ill-fated Franklin expedition. For the history buff and explorer, cruises to retrace the route of the elusive Northwest Passage are also available.

The interior mainland region of Nunavut is a land rich in history, wildlife and the Inuit culture. The Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary (which straddles the border of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories) is a highlight of this area and holds a large population of caribou, muskox, arctic wolves and barren ground grizzly bears. This area is true tundra and often referred to as the ‘Barrenlands’. A canoe trip down the famous Thelon River will allow you to observe a variety of wildlife and the diverse landscape of open tundra and sandy eskers.

The largest community in Nunavut is the capital city of Iqaluit on Baffin Island. It is the centre of government for the territory and the gateway to most of the smaller communities. It is a growing community with a diverse population of local Inuit people and people from all parts of Canada and the world.start in the forest of the Precambrian Shield and take you on a journey through arctic tundra before ending at Hudson Bay. These rivers are seldom paddled by humans offering a true wilderness experience.

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South Baffin Island Inuit art and cultural tour
Aboriginal Culture
Difficulty: Easy | Max 20

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