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Nos chevaux fiables et forts vous emmèneront directement dans la nature paisible. Pendant l’hiver, les sentiers sont glacés ou enneigés. Vous vous rappellerez de cette expérience unique à cheval, comme le faisaient les vikings autrefois.

Points marquants de l'excursion

  • Promenade facile à cheval
  • Chevaux islandais
  • Cascade de Reykjafoss
  • Petits groupes

Meet us at our farm near Varmahlíð by ring road number one, some 100 km west of Akureyri. It’s the white and blue painted building just about the cross road between road number one, and road 752.

On this exceptional "off-season" trip, you‘ll enjoy the diversity of the Icelandic landscape without the haste of the summertime. Our reliable and strong horses will carry you directly into nature´s tranquility and won’t mind frozen ground or scrunching snow. We ride along farmers' trails and head for the impressive waterfall "Reykjafoss". During wintertime, it‘s frozen and full of icicles. You will never forget the unique experience of exploring your surroundings on horseback – just like the Vikings did.

Temperatures in the summer can range from freezing to 20° C, so be prepared for all kinds of weather. We recommend a sweater and a windproof jacket as well as gloves. Wear comfortable pants and strong shoes (hiking boots are fine). We will provide you with a helmet and rain gear, if necessary. In winter, we also provide a snow suit. Please note that we require you to wear a helmet when riding with us, so if you'd like to wear a woolen hat or head band, make sure it's a thin one and fits comfortably under a helmet. Your riding clothes and boots must be disinfected before you arrive. It is prohibited by Icelandic law to bring used riding gear including saddles, bridles, etc. into the country, as well as used leather riding boots, other leather riding wear or riding gloves. Riding clothes, rubber riding boots and any other gear should be machine-washed (min. 40°) or dry-cleaned (chemically cleaned), and disinfected.

The horse has played a key role in the life of Icelanders from the beginning. In heathen times the horse was highly regarded and renowned in Norse mythology. And for centuries the horse was the only means of transportation in Iceland as well as being the most important working animal in the days before machinery. Therefore the horse was called "the most useful servant".

When the first automobile arrived in Iceland in 1913 the horse rapidly became redundant. Today, there are close to 80,000 horses in Iceland.

Meeting location: Meet us at our farm near Varmahlid village in North Iceland. It’s the white and blue painted building just about the cross road between road number one, and road 752. Labelled Hestasport.

  • Expérience personnelle
  • Tour opérateur de confiance
  • Expérience en petit groupe
  • Expert guides
Disponibilité All Year
Durée ~1.5 - 2 hours
ÉCARTE DE Varmahlid village
Âge minimum 6 years
niveau Facile
Ramasser No

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