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Tages - und Mehrtagestouren im Super Jeep! Für enthusiastische Abenteurer, die sich eine außergewöhnliche Tour wünschen. Erleben Sie hier einige der bemerkenswertesten Tage Ihres Lebens. Carpe Diem!


Was ist ein Super Jeep?

Ein Super Jeep oder Super Truck beginnt als normaler 4x4/SUV und wird dann mit speziellen Maschinen nach strengen Vorschriften umgebaut. Die wohl offensichtlichste Veränderung sind die im Durchmesser 97 bis 116 cm Reifen, ideal für Islands schwieriges Wetter und Straßenbedingungen. 

Weitere Veränderungen beinhalten mehr Sicherheit auf eisigen Straßen und steilen Bergen, Veränderungen des Gerüsts, sodass die Reifen besser genutzt werden können und die Gänge. 

Viele Super Jeeps haben größere Tanks, dadurch können Sie weiter in abgelegene Landschaften vordringen als normale Fahrzeuge. Sie haben ebenfalls ein hochmodernes GPS Navigationssystem, VHF Radios und Handys, ideal fürs Trekking in Islands Wildnis.

Was sind die Vorteile einer Super Jeep Tour?

Super jeeps are a specialized tool, which makes them excellent for some situations and not so great for others. They're absolutely useless (apart from their exciting size) in places like Reykjavik, however, take them into the right place and they will shine. Here are some of the benefits that a super jeep tour can bring:

Small Groups
Extreme Iceland is committed to small group tours as we believe that it provides the best experience for our customers. Our Super Jeep tours take small groups to a whole new extreme, carrying only a maximum of 6 passengers. You’ll have unfettered access to our knowledgeable local guides who will give you their undivided attention in order to make your tour a truly incredible experience. The smaller group size also allows the guides to be more creative and have the freedom to deviate from certain scheduled activities if the group feels up for it – giving you a memorable tour that is anything but ordinary!

Off-the-Beaten Track
Iceland is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, meaning that many of the attractions can be very crowded. A Super Jeep allows you to escape the crowds and see all the beauty that the land of fire and ice has to offer. This is especially relevant for things such as Northern Lights tours, which can be less than stellar if it takes place in a busy spot with a lot of people. Super Jeeps allow us to escape the busy roads and find remote spots to enjoy the profound beauty of the aurora without any unwanted company!

Winter Exploration
Most vehicles find it impossible to traverse Iceland’s harsh winter terrain. Super Jeeps are specially designed to drive in winter allowing for Super Jeep tours to run throughout the year. If you want to see remotes Iceland as a winter wonderland then a Super Jeep is pretty much your only option.

Super Jeeps are the safest way to travel during the winter – their large wheels, big fuel tanks, and technical equipment make them perfect for Iceland's famously uncertain weather conditions. If you want to see the land of fire and ice in comfort, safety, and style, then a Super Jeep is the way to go.

Super Jeep-Touren

Wir bieten verschiedene Super Jeep Touren mit unterschiedlicher Länge und Ausmaß in Island an. Diese Touren können viele unterschiedliche Orte beinhalten, die Sie alle verzaubern werden und Sie ins Staunen kommen lassen.

Vatnajökull Super Jeep Glacier Tour – Explore Europe’s largest glacier and see the incredible landscapes that these icy natural wonders helped to create. The Super Jeep allows us to push right into its icy heart and see all the wonders that Vatnajökull has to offer. 

2 Day Landmannalaugar, Þjórsárdalur & Northern Lights Tour – A two-day Super Jeep tour in Iceland’s famous Highlands – you’ll see multicolored rhyolite mountains, the flickering colors of the Northern Lights, and much, much more. 

Super Jeep Northern Lights Hunt - with Free Photos – Escape the bright lights of the city, as we head into the velvety dark in search of nature’s greatest show – the Northern Lights. 

Eyjafjallajökull Super Jeep – This amazing super jeep tour takes you to the notorious Eyjafjallajökull volcano that erupted and grounded Europe’s entire air fleet in 2010. It’s a remarkable and ever-changing volcanic landscape that is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before. 

Golden Circle in a Super Jeep - with Snowmobiling – Explore Iceland’s legendary Golden Circle in a Super Jeep and then go snowmobiling on the surface of a glacier.

Landmannalaugar Super Jeep Tour - Mountain Adventure – See rainbow colored mountains, bubbling hot springs and verdant valleys – as we travel along one of the best hiking trails in the world aboard a Super Jeep.