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We have compiled an informational travel guide to help you plan your next trip to Lund, Sweden. Here's an expert recommendation on things to do in Lund, how to get there, local attractions, and so much more.

Where Is Lund?


As one of the oldest cities in Sweden, Lund is not just any city break. It is the ultimate paradise for a history buff. Located in the Southern part of Sweden, Lund is also known as the University town. Home to several leading innovative companies and institutions, this gorgeous city in Sweden has several magnificent landmarks and historic buildings. This city was founded in the latter half of the 10th century and is situated nearly 20 km away from Malmö in the region of Skåne.

How to Get to Lund

For those who prefer travelling by air, Copenhagen Airport in Denmark is the closest. Malmö Airport is also an alternative option to consider. Wizz Air, SAS, and Norwegian fly to Malmö along with a few other Swedish charter flights. After arriving at the airport, you could take a train ride to reach the city in just about half an hour. There are other modes of transportation too. For instance, if you enjoy taking a scenic ride on the bus, you'll have an option to reach the city center by a long-distance bus ride. From the Copenhagen Airport, you have many more public transport options than the Malmö airport.

Impressive architecture buildings of Lund University, Sweden

General Information about Lund

  • Area: This little city is spread across 26.37 km²

  • Population: 91,940 (2018)

  • Location: Located in the province of Skåne

  • Established: 1020

  • Best time to visit: May until September

  • Top attractions: Lunds domkyrka, Kulturen, Museum Of Sketches, Konsthall Lund, Botanical Garden, and Lund University Historical Museum are some of the most popular attractions here.

Brief History of Lund

The existence of this small city in Sweden dates back to 990 A.D. under the reign of the Danish king Sweyn Forkbeard. In 1060, Lund became the seat of a bishopric, which was followed by the seat of the archbishop of all Scandinavia and the seat of a Lutheran bishopric. As the second oldest town in Sweden, this city has played a crucial role in Danish affairs.

History has it that, in 1452, the Swedish king invaded the region and attacked the city. In relation to the reformation, the city had also been the battleground for the civil war that took place in 1525.

Historic building of Lund University Library, Sweden

During the reformation that occurred in 1536, the majority of 27 churches and monasteries were destroyed. The city lost its privileged position in Denmark, even the last remaining archbishop was imprisoned by the Danish king. Several archaeological excavations have revealed the remains of the expansive Trinity church, which is now displayed at the Drotten's Museum. Today, the only churches that remain here are the cathedral and St. Peter’s convent.

What Is Lund Known for?

Known for Lund University and student life, the city has been voted as the best place to live. Blending history with modern knowledge, this city has the youngest and healthiest population in the country. With over 28 natural reserves, parks, and gardens, Lund boasts lush, green surroundings that are both picturesque and charming.

Main building of Lund University surrounded by lovely garden

Right in the heart of the city, there are several university buildings, business centers and research centers. In fact, this city is the hub for some of the reputable names in research-based global industries, which is one of the reasons why Lund is known as the 4th most inventive region in the world. Lund also houses the first and most successful research park, Ideon, and has set up MAX IV Laboratory and the European Spallation Source (ESS), which are known to be Sweden's two largest research ventures.

Apart from all these, this gorgeous small city is also known for some of the most popular attractions like the cathedral that dates back to 1145.

What to Do in Lund

The city is full of contrasts, from cobblestoned streets to innovative companies, it's where history meets modernization. This Swedish city has beautiful cottages, unique spots, and stunning landmarks to discover.

Cathedral Pikes in Lund during Spring

Start your city discovery with the cathedral that dates back to the 1100s. From priceless artifacts to magnificent structures and interiors, this church has an impressive history of over a thousand years. As one of the top attractions in Sweden, this cathedral draws hundreds of visitors every year. Another popular attraction in this city is the Botanical Garden which has been in existence since the 17th century. You could spot over 7,000 different species of plants.

Botanical Garden in Lund, Sweden

Visiting the Kulturen open-air museum is one of the other most popular things to do in the city. With over 20 exhibitions on display, this museum presents folk art, medieval history, and local and international culture.

Even though you might be in a small city, you are not going to run short of things to do. Take a stroll around the Stadsparken. This picturesque park has statues, a bird museum, and a quaint café to sit back and relax in. The garden here is inspired by classical French, English, and German landscaping with an array of exotic woods on display.

Medieval gothic style Cathedral in Lund, Sweden

The old cobblestone streets and the half-timber houses take you back in time. The charming historic views are surely going to keep you inspired to take a stroll every day you are in the city. Don't forget to get your camera along, there are so many spots to capture an Insta-worthy image.

When to Visit Lund

The best time to visit this stunning destination is between mid-May to the end of September. Summer starts in June and lasts only for 2 months before the fall season, which lasts until the end of October. The longest season here in Sweden is winter, which starts in November and lasts until March. This destination is all about enjoying the outdoors and the scenic city views, so make sure to do your travel booking during the summer or fall season.

Grona Amusement Park Lund, Sweden

Attractions near Lund

Once you have finished exploring this little town, you can venture farther and go on road trips to Copenhagen, Denmark. This city is just a train ride away. From Tivoli Gardens to Nyhavn, there are so many spots to explore. Bjärred is a coastal town that is located 20 minutes away by road from Lund central. You could also expand your day trips to visit the third-largest city in Sweden, Malmö.

This destination extends beyond the grand buildings of Lund University and the Cathedral. There's so much to experience!