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We care

At, we are fascinated by everything nature and driven to preserve and cherish not only nature but also the culture and society. To us, Iceland and Canada are not only the unique nature but also the amazing people living here and the extraordinary culture and perspectives that the nation lives by and we are proud to take part. Because of this, being an environmentally and economically sustainable tour operator is something we take very seriously.


Our Family

At, we look at ourselves as one large family. We are passionate about what we do, and we work hard and have fun while we’re at it. We encourage our staff to seek training and education in order to promote their growth and development. We provide diverse year-round employment for all staff, that have the opportunity to grow within the company and seek diverse job opportunities. It’s not unusual to meet a guide that started out diving and snorkeling in Silfra Fissure, or working in our customer service department, then went on to trekking Laugavegur trail in the summer and now is guiding on Langjökull or Vatnajökull glacier.


Our Guests

Our customers are our guests and if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be here today. They are an essential part of our company and we aim at giving them the best possible adventure in Iceland – an experience that is truly beyond their wildest dreams. Our primary aim is to offer a small group experience which provides a comfortable, safe and exceptionally enjoyable adventure for all participants. We provide our customers with fun, knowledge, experience, and safety.


Our Environment

The wilderness of both Iceland and Canada is unique in the way that it remains largely intact and undisturbed. is committed to sharing its love and respect for our great outdoors with each of our guests through a one-of-a-kind experience. Leading by example, we continue to set standards in the young adventure industry in the hope of promoting attitudes and practices that will keep our wilderness intact for future generations. We are continually striving towards new and creative ways to evolve our company in harmony with Iceland's and Canada's beautiful, fragile nature. We maintain our certification of Vakinn, the official quality, and environmental system within Icelandic tourism.

Our Three Simple Goals


Preserve our playground

Nature is the adventure and our environment is our playground. We must preserve it for all those who may wish to enjoy it in the future. We do this by following participating in or leading projects that aim to better our environment - or bring it back to as it should be, as well as being mindful of our environment in our everyday work.

We minimize waste by following three simple principles: First reduce, then reuse, lastly recycle. With a special focus on reusable alternatives to single-use plastics, minimizing food waste, reducing our use of carbon fuels, as well as recycling paper, cardboard, plastics, hazardous waste, and compostable waste, wherever possible. On all of our tours, especially any wilderness tours, we follow the Environment Agency of Iceland’s Travellers Code. has set the goal of greatly reducing our Iceland operations' total CO2 emissions by 2023 - by reducing the use of carbon fuel and by carbon offsetting by planting trees in Iceland. In 2019 we bought our first electric vehicles! Other projects include beach and trail cleanups and trail maintenance.


Support our Community

The environment is not only about nature, but also about the communities that live in and around all this natural splendor. We try our very best to contribute to the community in any way we can and feel that this is our obligation as a large tourism company in Iceland. An obligation we are happy to comply!

We do this through our business relationships, by choosing local food products, locally owned hotels, guesthouses and restaurants, and making stops at local farms, breweries and such on our tours. Through charities and fundraisers, by giving our old lost and founds to people in need, by donating to the Icelandic Search and Rescue teams, and by bringing underprivileged teenagers on adventures with us.


Spread the Word

Not only do we, as a company, strive to do good for our environment. As a leader in adventure tourism in Iceland and Canada, we choose to lead by example. We encourage our partners to do good in their work, our staff to be more environmentally friendly and we help our customers to be environmentally friendly during their travels with us.

We encourage all our partners to make their own environmental policy and plan of action, and to stick by it. We facilitate the use of more environmentally friendly transport for our staff by offering locked bicycle storage and shower facilities for those who choose to bike to and from work. We aim to offer charging stations for electric cars in the near future. We offer our customers the choice to carbon offset the tours they book with us. We encourage everyone to refill their reusable water bottles with pristine Icelandic tap water, rather than buying bottled water.