About Us


Adventures.com is a global travel company that specializes in authentic journeys to the world’s most memorable places. Established in 1983 as a humble river rafting company in Iceland, we grew to become one of the leading guides and operators in the Northern Hemisphere. In fact, our Iceland tours run under our Arctic Adventures brand, one of the leading tour companies in Iceland. 

Our guides live and breathe each day as a brand-new adventure. From glimpsing polar bears in Churchill to chasing the Northern Lights from Reykjavik, the world is full of awesome moments that simply take our breath away. Being able to share these with you is the driving force behind everything we do.

We offer everything from brief weekend getaways to intensive multi-day trips. From lava caves to glacier hikes, winter expeditions and summer treks, there are literally hundreds of tours to suit each travel style and preference. The majority of our customers are leisure travelers, looking to escape the humdrum of the every day and immerse themselves in our wild landscapes.

We believe travel should be about connecting with other cultures, other landscapes, but mostly with that inner sense of wonder that you might have left somewhere along the way. Our finely crafted tours are designed to let you forget all the hassle and headache. To just focus on the moment and the memories so that when you finally come home, the adventure stays with you. Always.


Our guides are localized pathfinders who know adventure and are eager to share their aha moments with you. We believe that travel is about taking chances, exploring lesser-known routes and savoring the rush of adrenaline. Start your journey with a certified expert guide who knows the destination like the back of their hand.


We know it’s those little details that make the grand adventures, so we go out of our way to add a personal touch to each tour. We appreciate highlights, but the real exploration often happens off the beaten track. Our aim is to always escape the ordinary, show those behind-the-scenes places and tell stories that you won’t find on social media or in guidebooks.


We understand how frustrating travel to an unknown destination can be sometimes, but we’ve got your back. We offer direct contact with our customer success team before, during and after your trip. Our qualified team of travel experts is here to answer all your travel-related queries and make sure your vacation stays on track.


We’re proud to start each day with a dedication to sustainable travel. Our “leave no trace” policy reflects our unshakeable commitment to stand up for nature and preserve destinations as we find them. We tailor our tours with awareness and respect for local communities and the environment. Because we believe small steps lead to big changes. 


Time is precious. That’s why we’ve curated our guided tours to allow for space for you to explore on your own or reflect for a moment. Our team of product managers craft those perfectly balanced itineraries that make the most of your adventure, whether you’re on a short break or a multi-day expedition.


With over 38 years of experience in adventure travel, we know that travel is all about those meaningful moments: when you dive between tectonic plates or take your first step out onto one of the world’s largest glaciers. Grab your own Aha! moment and take a great story home.

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