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Have the time of your life on our bespoke 4-hour landscape photography adventure across Abisko National Park.


  • Allowing you to learn basic photography skills
  • Opportunity to capture serene natural landscapes across the Lapland
  • A unique opportunity to witness the amazing wilderness of Abisko National Park

With the help of our professional photography guides, you’re sure to have plenty of stunning photographs to show friends and family back home!

Abisko National Park is a stunningly beautiful and accessible wilderness spot in the Arctic Lapland. If you wish to capture the true essence of this natural beauty, this once-in-a-lifetime photography session is for you. We are offering a customizable landscape photography adventure session to our guests, which features interactive photography workshops with our highly professional photography guides. 

  • Personal Experience
  • Local Guides
  • Trusted Tour Operator
Availability Oct - March
Duration 4 hours 2 hours
Departs from Abisko
Difficulty Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Ratio 1:4 Guide to client ratio
Pick Up Yes
Meet on Location Yes


  • No Booking Fees
  • Fast & secure payment
  • Best Price Guarantee

What's included


  • Professional guide

What to bring

  • Camera gear (Professional camera gear is possible to borrow for no extra charge if you do not have your own)
  • Warm clothes, hats and gloves

Not Included

  • Lunch

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photographer near a frozen waterfall in lapland in winter

The session starts with a meeting to assess your photography experience and what you want to learn from the photography course. The meeting will take place at the STF Abisko Tourist Station. Once we understand your specific requirements, our professional photography guide will escort you to some of the most stunning places in the area that match the specific type of landscape photography that you are looking for. The sessions that we offer cover everything from basic camera skills to advanced photography opportunities.

We also teach you how to compose your photographs like a pro. Learn about the importance of focal lengths and how they affect the overall composition of photographs. Through our in-depth adventure photography session, you can also learn about the photography equipment in detail. Learn how you can customize different settings on the camera and how you can use various features to improve your overall photography skills.

As you come across the beautiful surroundings of Abisko National Park, you can learn how to properly focus on different landscapes to get the best shots possible. 

  • Abisko National Park: It is one of the most exotic locations in the Arctic Lapland to photograph.
  • The Shoreline of Tornetrask: It is a great photography location for shooting bespoke landscape images. You’ll come across amazing views of the iconic mountain. You’ll also glimpse the mesmerizing Lapporten Valley just across the lake.
  • The Arctic Birch Forest: Here, you can come across magical, snow-covered birch trees. Moreover, you can also take panoramic shots of the area’s forests, mountains, and lakes. If you are fortunate, you’ll also spot some beautiful wildlife in the area.
  • The Abisko River Canyon: It is situated near the Abisko Tourist Station. The spectacular Abisko River Canyon features ice walls and amazing leading lines making it the perfect place to take amazing shots during your landscape photography session. 

All the sessions for our landscape photography adventures in the Arctic wilderness are customizable and can be tailored to your specific requirements and desires. We are committed to ensuring that you learn everything you need to take amazing photographs!