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There is nothing more magical than riding through the scenic Swedish mountains on a majestic Icelandic horse.


  • Riding on the back of an Icelandic horse
  • The remarkable views of the mountains and natural landscapes
  • Ride along natural and rugged terrain, which just adds another element of excitement to this epic adventure

This unique experience should be high on your bucket list. It’s the perfect way to explore the Swedish countryside and take in the scenic landscapes. 

The Ratekjokk Trail allows you to become friends with Icelandic horses, have a thrilling adventure, be at one with nature, relax by a campfire, learn all about about local Sámi culture and sleep in Sámi tents.

This tour is the perfect option for those who love horses and have some horseback riding experience. You’re sure to have an unforgettable time galloping through the countryside, taking in the stunning views, and learning about local Sámi culture.

  • Personal Experience
  • Local Guides
  • Trusted Tour Operator
Availability July - Aug
Duration 7 days
Departs from Kiruna
Difficulty Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age 12 years
Pick Up Yes
Meet on Location No


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What's included


  • A certified and experienced guide who knows every corner of the terrain like the back of their hand.
  • A short wilderness first aid and first responder briefing and demonstration
  • The accommodation will be a combination of a Lavvu and Sámi teepee (tent) and a cabin. There will be double rooms with a shared bathroom and kitchen
  • Food will be cooked in a fire pit. You will love the local fish and reindeer meat
  • Although Icelandic horses are healthy, they are not as big as most horses. It's best if the rider's maximum weight is no more than 90 kgs
  • Riding helmets since the priority is safety

What to bring

  • Personal belongings that you need for camping outside
  • Personal necessities such as medication, hearing aids, or other similar items

Not Included

  • Snacks and alcoholic drinks
  • Arrival and departure arrangements to and from Kiruna

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