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Best Time to Visit Norway

Discover the Mountainous Terrain of Scandinavia

|December 29, 2021
Erika loves long walks in nature with great company and long, cozy evenings with good food and a marvel movie playing in the background.

Norway takes second place in Lonely Planet's top 10 best travel destinations for 2022. It’s no wonder that it is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, blessed in natural beauty. What’s fantastic about this country is that traveling here can be done 365 days a year.

Northern Norway - 4K Timelapse

There is no wrong time to visit Norway. When choosing the best time to go to Norway, you need to decide what kind of vacation and activities you want for yourself. Do you want to see the magical Northern Lights in all their glory? Or hike through epic landscapes? You decide which season is the most suitable for you!

About Norway

Norway is well known for its fascinating mountain ranges, glaciers, and rugged coastline. This country is one of the world's most beautiful locations to discover the extraordinary beauty of natural wonders. It is a perfect travel destination for people who want to connect with nature, especially those seeking happiness in exploring its beauty and endless mysteries.

Norwegian Landscape Of Fjord In Spring

Landscape of Norwegian Fjords in spring

Norway is sure to charm everyone, mostly landscape photographers since this country is rich with many scenic and attractive views for the eye.

Seasonal Activities in Norway

Norway seasons have their own different and unique advantages. The summer season in Norway is perfect for hiking and exploring the Norwegian fjords, along with fishing, canoeing, and sightseeing.

Summer Kayaking in Norway

Kayaking in Norway

The winter is ideal for watching and enjoying the magical northern lights, glacier hiking, and participating in other winter activities such as whale watching, dog sledding, skiing, and much more.

Winter Dog Sledding in Norway

Dog sledding in Norway

Summer in Norway

Warm weather and long, sunny days are guaranteed in June, July, and August. The nights are short, if not non-existent, north of the Arctic Circle, where the midnight sun shines. The weather in Norway during the summer is usually relatively stable.

Man Sitting in The Summit of the Mountain in Lofoten in Norway

Man sitting in the summit of the mountain Lofoten, Norway

The summer season is a fantastic time to visit Norway to experience the legendary midnight sun. The days are long and warm at this time of year, Norway's summer temperature can reach from 25 to 30 degrees, and green fields are everywhere as far as the eye can see.

The Natural Wonders of Norway

Northern Lights in Bergsfjord in Norway

Northern Lights in Bergsfjord, Norway

Norway is home to some of the most breathtaking natural wonders on the planet. This northern region has some of the most magnificent landscapes, waterfalls, fjords, and historic rock formations globally, making it a popular tourist destination. 

Northern Lights & Midnight Sun

Norway is home to not only one but a few natural wonders, and it is hard to choose which natural phenomenon is more spectacular—the magnificent northern lights or the extraordinary midnight sun. Why choose when you can experience both?

Norwegian Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Norway

The significant difference between these two is that you can see green northern lights dancing in the dark sky in winter, and the midnight sun brightens up the atmosphere in reddish light for about 24 hours of daylight during a specific period in summer. This natural phenomenon occurs between May and July. In Norway, the midnight sun is like a prolonged sunset and sunrise all at once.

Midnight Sun in Norway

Midnight Sun in Norway

Travelers can experience this phenomenon in northern Norway. The farther north Norway you go, the more nights of sunlight you get. When planning your midnight sun adventure, think of traveling to northern Norway.

Autumn in Norway

Autumn is a colorful season in Norway. Orange and yellow colors dominate the landscape. Golden light fills the days as the sun sinks lower in the sky. Autumn is a beautiful time to spend your vacation in Norway.

Colorful Landscape Of Lofoten Islands in Norway

Colorful landscape of Lofoten Islands, Norway

Autumn is a fantastic season to go on a variety of walks. The gorgeous fall colors begin to appear in September, and the paths are calmer than during the summer months. In Norway, you don't have to wait until winter to see the northern lights. Autumn is a perfect time to search for the Aurora Borealis because of the shorter days, darker nights, and bright autumn skies. And it is not as cold as it is during the winter months! While there is no assurance that you will witness this magical display of lights, your best bet is to travel to the north of Norway to enhance your chances.

Winter in Norway

Landscape Of Bergsfjord in Norway

Landscape of Bergsfjord, Norway

The winter season is magical in Norway and is best for seeing the tremendous northern lights and participating in winter activities. The winter season might be dark and cold, but the views are more beautiful than ever. Landscapes are covered in thick snow, and the inlets transform into mystical ice kingdoms. It is a natural snow wonderland. From dog and reindeer sledding, you will be able to participate in various activities.

Reindeer Sledding In Norway

Reindeers in Norway

If you're seeking the most delicate time to visit Norway to experience a snowy wonderland, winter is the time for visiting Norway.

Spring in Norway

Norway awakens from its lovely winter slumber in the spring. The days grow longer as the weather warms around the country in March, April, and May. In spring, the beautiful green fields are everywhere. Because of nature, spring is the perfect season to see Norway's famous fjords. Everyone enjoys the perfect weather and goes outside, hiking and camping in the woods during this lively time.

Landscape Of Aurlandsfjord in Norway

Spring landscape of Aurlandsfjord, Norway

April is considered the cheapest month to visit Norway if you plan a budget vacation. If you are passionate about Norwegian fjords, spring is the most suitable time to go and explore them since the fjords are in full bloom during this time. You are sure to catch some picturesque views!

Top Things to Do in Norway

Norway is a frigid country full of adventure and fun. You will appreciate excellent vistas throughout this country, known for its magnificent fjords and natural phenomena. Find some of the most exciting things to do in Norway to make your vacation one to remember.

Marvel at the Beauty of the Norwegian Waterfalls

Waterfall of Briksdalsbreen National Park in Norway

Waterfall of Briksdalsbreen National Park in Norway

In the spring, the majestic Norwegian waterfalls come into life. The ideal time to experience them is in May and June, when the ice and snow melt away. Norway has an extensive list of beautiful waterfalls to see.


Man On The Edge At Trolltunga in Norway

Man on the Edge at Trolltunga in Norway

Trolltunga is a cliff that translates as "the troll's tongue." This cliff, which gives a stunning perspective of Norway, is only accessible via a challenging hike. Only skilled hikers should take this route. Make your hike during the summer months to make it more easier.

Stand on the Iconinc Kjeragbolten

Kjeragbolten Mountain in Norway

Kjeragbolten in Norway

If you seek something exciting to do in Norway, Kjeragbolten should be at the top of your list. This rock is between two cliffs. The hike to this location is one of the most well-known in the world. It is best suited to more experienced hikers rather than beginners.

Explore the Glaciers

Steindalsbreen Glacier in Norway

Steindalsbreen Glacier in Norway

A glacier hike is an absolute must-do for any serious adventurer visiting Norway in the late spring. 

A Visit to the Nigardsbreen Ice Cave

The Nigardsbreen Ice Cave is an ice cave like no other, on a different level altogether. It is one of nature's finest gifts for travelers, to understand why you will have to experience it.

This ice cave is within the Jostedalsbreen National Park, (Europe's largest glacier) and one of Norway's most gorgeous tourist attractions.

Nigardsbreen Glacier in Norway

Nigardsbreen Glacier in Norway

Norway is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination that emphasizes its natural beauty. You will enjoy a fantastic vacation in Norway regardless of when you visit. The best time to visit Norway is whenever YOU can!

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