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10 Fun Facts about Sweden

Get to Know the Coolest Swedish Facts

|January 27, 2022
Erika loves long walks in nature with great company and long, cozy evenings with good food and a marvel movie playing in the background.

What is Sweden famous for? This country is rich with many lakes, the prominent midnight sun, magical northern lights, and spectacular mountains. Swedish people are passionate about nature, so if you are a nature enthusiast, you will be in good company; that is guaranteed.

You'll want to learn more about one of the most stunning countries in the world, so continue reading for our list of the most interesting facts about Sweden. Our list has been compiled with fun facts about Sweden to give you just a taste of what you can experience if and when you visit. It's ideal for inspiration or preparation before embarking on your upcoming Swedish adventure.

northern lights in sweden

Landscape of mountains and Northern Lights in Sweden

So, please grab a cup of your favorite coffee and enjoy reading our list of fun facts about Sweden!

1. Sweden's Extraordinary Ice Hotel

Of all the Sweden facts we can offer, this one is the most remarkable fact on the list! This is an exceptional place. Wondering why? The answer is because everything is made from ice! When it first opened in 1989, it was the first ice hotel globally, and it is still the most famous. Ice Hotel really stands for its name.

ice hotel entrance in sweden

Ice hotel entrance view in Lapland, Sweden

It is among the top 10 most beautiful hotels in Europe and an excellent tourist attraction. Whenever winter rolls around, you'll find people flocking to Sweden to experience it for themselves.

ice sculptures in sweden

Ice sculptures in ice hotel, Lapland, Sweden

This unique place is in Swedish Lapland, not far away from the town of Kiruna. You can visit this unusual place between December and April before it melts completely in spring. Another great advantage of visiting this hotel in winter is that you have a big chance of experiencing the northern lights dancing in the dark skies. Imagine chilling on the ice and watching the green lights.

2. Sweden Is a Musical Genius

We present you with another interesting fact about this Scandinavian country. Did you know that Sweden is the world's third-largest music exporter after the United States and the UK?

people dancing and filming at the concert in sweden

People dancing and filming at the concert

Sweden is one of the best when it comes to producing music. That's because Sweden has always been known for its pop musicians. Swedish pop musicians are globally renowned for their catchy tunes and well-known artists.

Let's not forget that Swedish House Mafia and the local-tipped Icona Pop have achieved global success. In addition to that, Swedish songwriters have written for many pop music icons such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift.

3. Swedish Culture of Food and Coffee

Fika is a thing! In Sweden, the coffee break is so deeply embedded in society that it has its own word: Fika. It is frequently translated as "a coffee and cake break," which is partially correct, but there is more to the story.

fika in sweden

Hand pouring up coffee from a thermos for a Swedish 'fika'

Fika is a significant point of Swedes' culture and one of the facts about Sweden everyone should know. Many Swedes believe that dedicating some time for Fika every day is almost compulsory. It is required to make time for friends and coworkers to share a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, especially something sweet.

It needs to be mentioned that Fika cannot be experienced alone at your desk. Then it's not Fika but instead just taking a coffee and cake break. For Swedes, Fika is a ritual that must be done every day.

women enjoying coffee break in sweden

Two women enjoying coffee break

As we have found out already, coffee is a big deal in Sweden. The Swedes drink more coffee per capita than any other nation in the world, and cafes are found on every corner of the city of Sweden.

table of swedish food

Swedish food

Swedes have a particular culture around their food as well, and they really take their food seriously. There is a great emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, and Swedish cuisine is known for its simplicity and flavor. The Swedish diet is healthy and balanced—quite different from the meat-heavy dishes often associated with Scandinavian cuisine.

Swedish coffee is solid and flavorful, and the food is typically hearty and filling.

4. Different Seasons!

Sweden's northern location allows the country to move from one end of the daylight spectrum to the other in a year.

The midnight sun is a natural wonder that occurs in the northernmost area of Sweden from May to July. When the sun does not entirely sink below the horizon, 24 hours of daylight are created.

Hiker enjoying midnight sun in sweden

Hiker enjoying midnight sun in Sweden

However, as winter approaches, the days become shorter. The hours of darkness you will experience are determined by how far north you travel. It's a good thing! The long night makes for perfect northern light searching.

5. The Famous Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the summer months. It means that you could see the sun even at midnight. The Midnight Sun experience in Sweden might be an excellent experience for a few days. Still, it can also get annoying for people who live in the Arctic Circle and experience it every year.

Landscape during midnight Sun

Black curtains are a popular purchase of Swedish people. If you want to enjoy your sleep, don't forget to bring a sleeping mask. If you plan to enjoy the unique, natural phenomenon—the midnight sun to the fullest—you can sleep when you go back home!

6. 300,000 to 400,000 Moose Run Free in the Woods

The moose is the most popular animal in Sweden. They are often referred to as the king of the Swedish forest. Each year 100,000 moose are hunted in autumn, but at the same time, the same amount is born in spring! So, the moose population becomes stable in the summer. Moose are the national pride of Sweden, but at the same, it is a national delicacy.

moose laying in sweden forest

Moose in Swedish forest

7. World's Highest Number of McDonald's Restaurants in Europe

McDonald's can now be found almost anywhere in the world. Even though the Swedes are not known for being obese or unhealthy, Sweden has the highest number of McDonald's restaurants per capita across Europe.

mcdonalds sign in sweden

McDonald's sign in Sweden

There are currently 220 McDonald's restaurants in Sweden. It's worth mentioning that Swedish McDonald's is unlike American McDonald's. Because about 10% of Swedes are vegan or vegetarian, Swedish McDonald's caters to a different, less meat-eating customer base.

8. "Siri" Is a Well-known Swedish Name That Has Nothing to Do with iPhones

Siri, in particular, is a shortened form of Sigrid derived from the Old Norse Sigrr and is made up of the elements sigr (victory) and frr (beauty). The name "Sigrid" hit its peak in popularity in the 1600s, but now there are about 10,000 females and six guys named Siri in Sweden.

happy woman with a sweden flag

Women with a Sweden Flag

9. In Sweden, You Can Stand in Three Countries at the Same Time

Treriksröset - The Three-Country Agreement Cairn is the name of the monument that marks Sweden's northernmost point, where the borders of Sweden, Norway, and Finland international connect. It is an example of a tripoint, which is a geographical feature. It is the world's northernmost international tripoint.

three country cairn in north scandinavia

Three-Country Cairn in north Scandinavia

10. Forest Covers More Than Half of Sweden

Yes! Sweden is forested to the extent of 60% of its land area. That equates to 23 million hectares or roughly the size of the United Kingdom! It is known that Sweden is one of the world's greenest countries. Everywhere you go, you can see beautiful green fields in the country. Mountains, lakes, groundwater streams, and green hills mark the Swedish countryside.

moody forest landscape in sweden

Forrest lanscape in Uppsala, Sweden

We hope you enjoyed reading these fun and interesting facts about Sweden. This country is a real Scandinavian treasure that should be on your bucket list. It's a diverse and culturally rich country worth a visit. Grab your tickets and experience the fun Swedish things! 

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