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10 Best Alaska lakes

Discover the incredible lakes in Alaska and its untouched wilderness

|August 30, 2022
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How many lakes are there in Alaska? Out of over 3,000,000 unnamed natural lakes, Alaska has about 3000 officially named natural lakes. There's a reason for the rest of the lakes being unidentified.

Alaska is wild and highly remote; many lakes stay without a name since much of the area remains unexplored. If you have already decided to travel to the fantastic wilds of Alaska, add a few lakes to your trip. We are confident that this will make you feel satisfied during your vacation.

So, what are Alaska's best lakes? We've compiled a list of Alaskan lakes to visit.

1. Iliamna Lake

Iliamna Lake in Katmai Peninsula

Iliamna Lake in the distance, Katmai Peninsula, Alaska

Iliamna Lake, the second-largest freshwater lake in the nation and the largest lake in Alaska, is situated west of Cook Inlet in the state's southwest. The Tanaina Indians gave the lake its name, and according to folklore, it is believed that it used to be home to a fictitious huge blackfish that would bite holes in canoes.

An interesting fact is that Iliamna Lake has the world's most extensive sockeye salmon run.

2. Kenai Lake

Lake by the Mountain in Kenai Peninsula

Lake by the mountains in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

The shape and the color of Kenai Lake will catch one's eye. This lake is located on the Kenai Peninsula, and the blue glacier water added to its beauty. You will be mesmerized by the turquoise lake. You can try out different activities: kayaking, fishing, or bird watching at this lake.

The large lake stretches more than 20 miles in length and is known for its unusual "zig-zag" shape.

3. Skilak Lake

Skilak Lake by Huge Mountains in Alaska

Skilak Lake by the mountain range in Alaska, USA

Skilak Lake is a gorgeous natural lake just west of Kenai Lake, with pristine water from melted glaciers. Remember to take in your surroundings when traveling to this place and scout out all the fantastic locations to stop.

It's a popular destination for tourists camping, kayaking, and fishing. This place has many adventurous hiking trails as well.

4. Eklutna Lake

Eklutna Lake in Alaska

Eklutna Lake in Alaska, USA

Eklutna Lake is a dreamy and picturesque lake located in the municipality of Anchorage, not far away from the village of Eklutna. You can try out different outdoor activities at this location. Kayaking and canoeing are also possible. The weather can change fast, so it's better to take guided trips.

Off the water, this reasonably sized spot has even more to offer. It's a perfect place for camping and hiking enthusiasts.

Fun fact it is possible to get married at Eklutna Lake along the lake shore! Many people choose it for their wedding because of the beautiful setting of the mountains.

5. Lake Clark

Lake Clark National Park in Alaska

Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, USA

Lake Clark, located within the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, is one of Alaska's jewels and a popular location for photography because of its impressive scenery.

An important thing to know, there are no roads to get to Lake Clark! The lake is isolated and is primarily reachable by plane. Visitors must think in advance and organize a transfer by boat or plane if they want to enjoy the things this place offers - wildlife, incredible landscape, and activities such as kayaking, fishing, and boating.

An interesting fact to know, Lake Clark is the sixth-largest lake in Alaska.

6. Becharof Lake

Becharof Lake is the second largest lake in Alaska after Iliamna lake and is located on the Alaskan peninsula.

Becharof Lake offers the time of their lives for those looking for adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. Becharof will not disappoint; there's something for everyone, whether you are a "die-hard" fisherman or a photographer admiring the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.

7. Wonder Lake

Wonder Lake in Alaska

Wonder lake - Mount McKinley in the distance, Alaska

Wonder Lake is located in the heart of Denali National Park and Preserve. Wonder Lake is reachable by car, and the drive here is lovely. If Wonder Lake is added to your itinerary while in Alaska, you will have a memorable experience. Imagine how it feels to have a mountain view and at the same time have your feet in the cool waters of the lake.

One of the lake's most notable features is its splendid view of North America's highest peak - Denali.

8. Katmai Crater Lake

You're not mistaken; it's a lake inside a volcano! But how did it form? Let's dig into its history.

Katmai Crater Lake, also known as Crater Lake, was founded in 1916. Another volcano erupted near Katmai Mountain, causing Katmai Mountain to fall. The water-filled mountain top was discovered when the area was surveyed after the volcanic activity had subsided.

The exploration of the area is accessible only by guided flight-seeing.

9. Tustumena Lake

In South-Central Alaska, you will find the isolated Tustumena Lake at the Kenai Peninsula. The lake is accessible only by boat, and there is no road access. Tustumena Lake is a gorgeous lake and surely will attract any photographer. It's immaculate and crystal clear. The water of Tustumena Lake comes from Tustumena Glacier nearby.

An interesting fact, Tustumena Lake is one of the largest lakes in Alaska! To be exact, it is the fifth-largest lake in Alaska.

10. Goose Lake

You can find this small Goose Lake in the city. It gives a beautiful outdoor scene for citizens and visitors to the town. It's an excellent place for fishing, hiking, and swimming; even though it could be a bit crowded, the lake is located close to the university.

Aerial View of Downtown Anchorage

Sunset over Downtown Anchorage, Alaska

Goose Lake is only 5 minutes away from restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels. It's a great place to visit for those passing through Anchorage who wants to stop by and explore the city and cool off in the Lake afterward.

To wrap up

Now you know the answer to the most asked question: "How many lakes are in Alaska?" If you want your trip to Alaska to be complete, include a few of the best lakes in Alaska to your itinerary. Let yourself discover the incredible lakes of Alaska and its untouched wilderness.

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