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Björk - Icelandic Musician

One of the most famous Icelanders

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|August 4, 2015
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Due to the small amount of Icelandic people (only about 330.000), many of us are very proud of the Iocal music scene. In my opinion we have ridiculous amount of great bands compared to the small population. That can be seen for instance in the Iceland Airwaves music festival which grows bigger and bigger every year and is very popular among Icelanders and foreigners

Many people believe that all the best bands/artists come from cities with bad weather (Seattle, Manchester (UK) and many more...) and that could explain the situation in Iceland. Also, it is very common for parents to send their kids to music school when they‘re young here in Iceland but I don‘t know how it is in other cities and countries...

Björk nominated for Grammy

One of our biggest artists is probably Björk and now she‘s been nominated for the GRAMMY 2016 awards for her record Vulnicura. (This is actually for the 14th time that she's been nominated). Björk isn't the only one from cold Iceland to be nominated this year but Johann Johannsson is there as well along with the band Of Monsters and Man.


Many of Björk's music videos have been shot in Iceland. The video to the song Stonemilker, the opening song on the album, was shot on the beach of Grótta, a small peninsula in Seltjarnarnes which is a small town next to Reykjavik. The video is a full 360° virtual reality and was part of the exhibition about Björk‘s work in MoMA .

björk: stonemilker (360 degree virtual reality)

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