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Journey to the heart of Thingvellir National Park to take the most incredible dive of your life: you will be snorkeling inside The Silfra Fissure, one of the most amazing places in the world. The Silfra Fissure was named one of the Top 5 activities in the world by TripAdvisor.


  • Snorkeling Between the Tectonic Plates
  • Þingvellir National Park (Thingvellir)
  • Silfra Fissure
  • Free Underwater Photos
  • High Quality Dry Suits
  • Warm and Cosy Undergarment


  • Certified PADI Diveguide / Divemaster
  • All necessary snorkeling gear
  • Hot chocolate and cookies
  • Thingvellir Silfra entrance fee (1500 ISK)
  • Certified Dive Master guide
  • Free Underwater Photos

What to bring

  • Fleece or wool underclothing and socks
  • Waterproof camera
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Towel

Tour Snapshot

Availability All Year
Duration 3 / 5.5 hours
Departs From Thingvellir / Reykjavik
Difficulty Moderate
Minimum age 12
Ratio 1:6 Guide to client ratio
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up Yes


  • Bestseller
  • Expert Guides
  • Small Group Experience
  • No Booking Fees
  • Free Cancellation

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Silfra is a rift in the Earth between two tectonic plates. Swim in the gap between Europe and North America in crystal-clear water.

You will experience a truly breathtaking experience as you drift peacefully through the electric blue waters of the Silfra Fissure. The water is astonishingly clear because it is glacial water from the Langjökull Glacier.

All year-round, the temperature in Silfra is about 2-4 degrees, but don’t worry! We provide fully insulated dry suits, and there will be a certified expert with you at all times. The water in Silfra is as pure as water can get: meaning that you can drink it during the dive!

Snorkeling Silfra Near The Rocks In Iceland

Silfra is located in the heart of the historic Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fissure opened after a strong earthquake in 1789. The North American and Eurasian tectonic plates continue to move farther apart at a rate of about 0.79 in (2 cm) every year.

To get to Silfra for your snorkeling trip, you can choose a pick-up from your selected location in Reykjavik. You may also choose to meet us on location at Thingvellir, where our friendly guides will be waiting for you.

The best part is that you don’t need any certification or previous snorkeling experience. The only requirements are that you’re healthy, adventurous, and able to swim!

Once you’re at Silfra, you’ll be given all the necessary equipment and put on your drysuit. You’ll swim in the “lazy current,” a stream of glacial water that flows slowly in the fissure. The pure glacial water filling the rift has been filtered by lava rock for decades, so feel free to take a sip of water while you’re there!

Marvel at the contrast between the deep blue water shades with the lime green and orange seaweed along with the dark brown rocks. You’ll discover spectacular rock formations as you glide through the four sections of Silfra:

  • Silfra Big Crack is the narrowest section, 394-feet (120 m) long, where the tectonic plates are incredibly close to each other.
  • Silfra Hall is 26-ft (8 m) wide and 46-ft (14 m) deep, with more light and massive rocks on the bottom.
  • Silfra Cathedral is 328-ft (100 m) long and 75-ft (23 m) deep, where swimming feels like flying.
  • Silfra Lagoon is the 16-ft (5 m) deep section with the best visibility and bright green algae.

When you finish snorkeling, you’ll be welcomed at the surface with cocoa and cookies to warm you up as you enjoy the panorama of Thingvellir. One more reason to add this experience to your bucket list!

Important note: Participants need to be comfortable in the water and be able to swim. You cannot participate if you are pregnant due to the small risk of cold water entering the suit.

Weight limit: 45-120 kg

Height limit: 150 cm -200 cm

Age Limit: 12 years old minimum. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian booked on the same tour.

English: It is important that you can both understand and communicate in English to participate in the tour.

Please check our snorkeling handbook for more information about the tour.

If you plan to meet us at Silfra, please come to the Silfra car park at Thingvellir National park. Then once you have parked, walk about 400 m back up the road until you reach a smaller car park containing all the snorkel and dive vans. Once you have got there, then you can look for your guide. Please make sure that you arrive at Silfra car park early enough to meet your guide 15 minutes before the tour starts. Trust us, seeing the icy blue waters of Silfra is definitely worth it!

GPS to meeting location: 64°15’23.508″N 21°6’58.676″W

  • You can choose to be picked up from Reykjavik at 9 a.m. from your hotel or a nearby meeting point. You can find the list of available pick-up points in Reykjavik on our information page. Please be aware that picking everyone up can take up to 30 minutes, so your patience is greatly appreciated. 

  • If you plan to drive and meet us on location, the meeting point is at the Silfra car park in Thingvellir National Park. GPS: 64°15’23.508″N 21°6’58.676″W. Note that the National Park charges a small parking fee of 500 ISK (3.98 USD).

You won’t be able to wear glasses underneath your snorkeling mask while you are in the water. So if you need glasses, we recommend that you make alternative arrangements: either acquiring a prescription mask or using contact lenses for the tour.

  • Please read and fill in the medical statement form in our Snorkeling Handbook before booking the tour. If you have any medical issues, you will need to get medical approval from a doctor.

  • Participants must be 12 years or older. Participants under 18 years old need approval from a parent or legal guardian. 

  • The weight limit for the participants: 99-264 lbs (45-120kg). The height limit for the participants: 59-78 in (150 - 200cm). 

  • All participants must be able to swim.

  • You cannot participate if you are pregnant due to the small risk of cold water entering the suit.
  • This tour sells out frequently. We recommend booking this tour well in advance.

  • You cannot wear glasses underneath the snorkeling mask. Please wear contact lenses or bring your own mask with the prescription.

  • All snorkeling trips undertaken are the responsibility of its participants. does not assume any responsibility for accidents caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions. Participants have to sign a waiver stating that they realize that outdoor activities carry an inherent risk.

Meet our guides



I am an instructor from the Czech Republic, I have been working and diving in various places around the world for the past 6 years. But now I have decided to stay and explore Iceland. it's a wonderful place with lots of activities to try. You will always find me with a big smile ready and waiting to dive into the water with you!



Kris is our hard-core dive instructor from Hungary, he loves the winter and extreme diving and snorkeling in the wind, snow and ice. He not only loves diving, but also skiing and winter sports. To add to his diving experience, he used to work as a life guard for many years, so you can feel absolutely safe with him.



Passionate for any water activity, I worked over and under the most beautiful waters of Europe and Asia for the last 15 years as diving and sailing instructor, boat captain and tour manager. Always looking for the next skill to learn you will find me ready to guide you safely through your next adventure.



Scuba INSTRUCTOR from Slovenia, with experience diving and teaching all around the world, always with a smile and passion for his work. He is incredibly helpful and fun and will make your tour an unforgettable experience.


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Silfra Fissure Snorkeling Day Tour


All relevant information for the tour can be found in our snorkeling handbook.

Yes, you are allowed to bring your camera along, but we recommend to have a waterproof one if you want to have it in the water with you.

If you are planning on meeting us at the location than the meeting point is at the Silfra car park, in Thingvellir National Park.

GPS: 64°15’23.508″N 21°6’58.676″W

Please note that the National Park charges a small parking fee of 500 ISK.
We kindly ask you to be at the Silfra car park at least 15 minutes prior to your tour starts,

Our guides normally have an underwater camera and usually, take photos during the tour without any fees. If you are interested in photos please let your guide know before you go into the water and after the tour, the guide will provide you the code to the folder which includes all the photos from that day.

Kindly note that photos cannot be guaranteed. Our customers’ safety and well-being are our first priority, and therefore the guide will focus on snorkelers as a priority when in the water and will be taking photos when everyone is comfortable.

Unfortunately, you cannot wear glasses as the glasses don’t create a seal between your face and the mask. We recommend wearing contact lenses instead.

You are not allowed to participate in our snorkeling tour if you are pregnant as it can put your baby in high risk.

Yes, you must be able to understand English to a participant. The tour is directed in English.

Some snorkeling tours match with a dive tour, and then you will be in the same area at the same time. You will, however, be in separate groups with separate guides, and won’t be in the water exactly at the same time.

You need to be more than 12 years old ( guardian’s approval needed for minors under 18) and you need to know how to swim independently. Because of the dry suit sizes, there are height-weight limitations. The minimum height is 150 cm, and the minimum weight is 45 kg. The maximum height is 200 cm, and the maximum weight is 120 kg.

The minimum height is: 150 cm (4’9)
The minimum weight is: 45 kg (99 lbs)

The maximum height is: 200 cm (6’5)
The maximum weight is: 120 kg (265 lbs)

Yes, you must be able to swim independently without a lifejacket and feel comfortable in the water to take part in the tour.

It is a magical experience. When snorkeling you will be wearing a dry suit, hood, and gloves made of neoprene, along with fins, mask, and snorkel. This equipment will make it not only possible but as well very enjoyable to stay in the water despite the cold temperature. Tripadvisor recently rated Snorkeling at Silfra as one of the Top 5 travel experiences in the world. 

No, you do not need any previous experience to snorkel, however, it is important that you can swim independently and feel comfortable in the water.

We highly recommend long underwear and some warm socks. Wool or fleece is the best material to wear. You’ll be wearing the clothing under the dry suit.

We provide you with high-quality neoprene dry suit so that your body stays dry. There is always a small risk that water can enter the dry suit, that is not dangerous but you can feel a little cold, therefore, we recommend you to bring an extra spare set of clothes and a towel, just in case. Note that your hands and face will get wet, which is completely normal.

You will be provided with high-quality neoprene dry suit from Waterproof International and O’Three. As well as neoprene hood and gloves to protect your head and hands from the cold. You’ll also be given fins, mask, and snorkel.

Our client to guide ratio is 1 guide for every 6 snorkelers

The water temperature is 2-4 degrees C (35-37 degrees F) all year round.

Yes, there are two toilet facilities at Silfra.

Occasionally fish venture into Silfra from Þingvallavatn lake, but they will quickly swim back as they don’t like the cold glacier water. However, there is a lot of colorful seaweed including a bright green variety known as ‘’troll hair’’, which makes the fissure unlike anything on the surface.

Silfra can be up to 60m deep. However, when you’re diving in Silfra than you will go about 7 to 12m deep, and the maximum diving depth that is permitted is 18m.

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