Pick-up within Reykjavik

Many of our tours include pick-up within Reykjavik from an authorized pick-up point. There are two different kinds of bus stops in Reykjavik – one is an authorized pick-up point, while the other is a local city bus stop, which can only be used by public transport. Make sure that you wait at one of the authorized pick-up points, rather than the local city bus stops.

Look for the signs to indicate which type of pick-up point you are at.

Closed Pick up Points

Bus pick up/drop off nr.6 – Safnahúsið (the Culture House)is closed as of 15th of June 2019 throughout August 2019 due to constructions in the area. The closest bus pick-up would be Bus pick up/drop off nr.14 – Skúlagata (on the corner of Skúlagata and Klapparstígur

Bus pick up/drop off nr.7 – Traðarkot is closed as of 20th of May 2019. The closest bus pick-up would be Bus pick up/drop off nr.14 – Skúlagata (on the corner of Skúlagata and Klapparstígur)

Please note: we only offer a pick-up service from authorized pick-up points in Reykjavik. We cannot, and do not, offer a pick-up service from private residences, Airbnb apartments or Keflavik airport on any of our tours. If your pick-up location is not on our list, then we politely request that you choose the closest pick-up point to your accommodation, using the map or the list below, and meet us there before your tour. You can change your booking up to two hours before the tour’s departure, as long as you let customer service know in writing.

Authorized Pick-up Points within Reykjavik

1) 22 Hill Hótel – Brautarholt 22-24.

2) Arctic Comfort Hótel – Síðumúli 19.

3) BSÍ Bus Terminal – Vatnsmýrarvegi 10.

4) Bus Hostel Reykjavík – Skógarhlíð 10.

5) Bus pick up/drop off nr.1 – City Hall, Vonarstræti

6) Bus pick up/drop off nr.2 – Tjörnin (The Pond)

7) Bus pick up/drop off nr.3 – Lækjargata (outside Hard Rock Café)

8) Bus pick up/drop off nr.5 – Harpa Music Hall

9) Bus pick up/drop off nr.6 – Safnahúsið (The Culture House)

10) Bus pick up/drop off nr.7 – Traðarkot, outside Hverfisgata 30

11) Bus pick up/drop off nr.8 – Hallgrímskirkja Church

12) Bus pick up/drop off nr.9 – Snorrabraut

13) Bus pick up/drop off nr.10 – Hlemmur on Laugavegur

14) Bus pick up/drop off nr.12 – Höfðatorg

15) Bus pick up/drop off nr.13 – Rauðarárstígur

16) Bus pick up/drop off nr.14 – Skúlagata

17) Cabin Hótel – Borgartún 32

18) Capital Inn – Suðurhlíð 35d

19) Eyja Guldsmen Hotel – Brautarholt 10

20) Fosshótel Lind – Rauðarárstígur 18

21) Grand Hótel Reykjavík – Sigtún 38

22) Grayline – Main bus terminal – Klettagarðar 4

23) Hilton Reykjavík Nordica – Suðurlandsbraut 2

24) Hótel Ísland – Ármúla 9

25) Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura – við Hlíðarfót, Nauthólsvegur 52

26) Kex Hostel – Skúlagata 28

27) Klettur Hótel – Mjölnisholt 12-14

28) N1 Gas Station – Ártúnshöfði

29) Olís Gas Station – Mjódd

30) Radisson Blu Hótel Saga – við Hagatorg

31) Reykjavík City Hostel – Sundlaugavegur 34

32) Reykjavík Lights Hotel – Suðurlandsbraut 12

33) Special tours (whale watching) – Ægisgarður 13

34) Skarfabakki – Cruise Ship, Reykjavik Harbor, 105 Reykjavik

Pick-up locations outside of Reykjavik

We offer a limited pick-up service outside of Reykjavik, depending on your location and the destination of your tour. Most of these additional pick-up points are located along the driving route of the specific tour, meaning that they are heavily dependent on the tour that you’re going on. These pick-up points are usually available for an extra fee and you’ll get more information about them, during the booking process. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service if you would like more information about non-Reykjavik pick-up points.

The Pick-up Process

Each day our guides/drivers prepare our vehicles and print out the pick-up lists for each one of our tours. The routes that they take depend on how many people are on the tour and where the pick-up points are located. This means that the pick-up process can last up to 30 minutes, depending on where you are on the route. It is very important that you are ready at your designated pick-up point at the appointed time so that you don't either delay or miss out on your tour. We understand that waiting can be frustrating, however, our guides/drivers are local experts who will complete the pick-up process as quickly as possible and we thank you for your patience in advance.

We recommend waiting outside at your pick-up point so that our guides can easily find you when they arrive. If the weather is cold or rainy, then you can wait inside at the designated pick-up point, but please keep an eye out for our guides and cars so you don't miss/delay the pick-up process. We want to make the pick-up process as smooth as possible, so we can get your tour started as quickly as possible, and we hope that you will do the same.

What to look out for while waiting for pick-up

We’re committed to small group tours, meaning that our vehicles will never be bigger than a minibus that seats up to 19 passengers. Most of our vehicles are silver or grey and have our logo painted on the side doors.

Other things to look out for, while you are waiting for pick-up is our guides/drivers who are managing the process. They'll be wearing easy to see clothing with our logo on them and will also bring a small sign with the tour name and our logo on them if they are collecting you from outside the car.

Canada Pick-up

If your tour is in Canada, then we will include the pick-up information/location on the specific tour page. Please contact our friendly customer service team if you have any doubts.