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What is a Meet On Location Tour?

To put it simply, meet on location tours offer the opportunity for customers to travel by themselves to the location from where the tour starts. In other words, it means that a customer who books a meet on location tour will be responsible for his/her own transportation to and from the starting point of a tour.

How do Meet On Location Tours Differ from Pick-Up Tours?

The main difference between pick-up tours and meet on location tours is that the former one includes transportation to and from the starting point of a tour and the latter one doesn’t.

For example, if you book a tour with pick-up, you’ll be picked up and dropped off from an agreed point, which will typically be very close to where you’re staying or at your hotel (here you can find pick-up locations that we offer). If you book a meet on location tour, you’ll need to arrange your own transportation (rental car or public bus) to get to and from the meeting point of the tour.

Why do we offer Meet On Location Tours?

We know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to travel. Therefore, we have designed meet on location tours to meet the needs of our more autonomous customers. With meet on location tours we’re able to offer our customers the opportunity to combine our guided tours with their own independent travel plans throughout Iceland.

Why do People Choose a Meet On Location Tour?

There are many reasons why our customers opt for meet on locations tours, but these are the most common.  

  • Convenience: People who are staying in accommodations near the meeting point usually find meet on locations tours to be an extremely convenient option. For example, the Hveragerdi N1 Gas Station meeting point is very easy to reach via public transport from Reykjavik.
  • Adventurous activities: Self-drive travelers may opt for meet on location tours when they want to participate in activities that require an expert guide or specialized equipment, such as snowmobiling on a glacier or diving in Silfra Fissure. Conveniently, meet on location tours ensure that your chosen activity will fit seamlessly into your own self-drive travel plan.
  • Accessing remote areas: Meet on location tours are also a great option for anyone who wishes to explore distant areas that can only be accessed by seasonal or unpaved mountain roads. In some cases, driving these roads with a rented vehicle is not allowed which makes a meet on tour with an expert driver the best way to reach your chosen

Things to Know Before a Meet On Location Tour

You should always arrive at the exact time stated on your tour description. We kindly ask you to check the tour description carefully as some of the tours might require you to arrive up to 30 minutes before the tour departure time.

We will provide you with the driving directions and the estimated travel time from Iceland’s major cities. You’ll find this information in your confirmation letter of the tour. Please be sure to keep in mind that the weather conditions may extend travel time. It's always a good idea to add some buffer time!

Find Our Meet On Location Points on the Map

The map below displays all of our meeting points in Iceland. Below the map you will find a list of noteworthy locations with more detailed information.

1) Arctic Sea Tours Whale Watching Ticket Office

  • Noticeable Landmarks: The ticket office is located just above the harbour on a street called Hafnarbraut 22. You’ll easily notice the building with a big orange “Whale Watching” sign next to the gas station.
  • What’s there: In Dalvík you’ll find a harbor, a local swimming pool, cafés, museums, and even a fantastic skiing area.
whale watching ticket office in akureyri

2) Restaurant and Bar Snofells, Arnarstapi

  • Noticeable Landmarks: Arnarstapi is a small town, so you’ll find getting around it very easy. You'll meet your tour guide at the GoWest hut in Arnarstapi. 
  • What’s there: The restaurant serves everything from burgers to pizzas and the charming fishing village of Arnarstapi offers several hikes with scenic views.  
happy group at a meeting location in Arnarstapi in iceland

3) Drumboddstadir (Drumbó) Rafting Base

  • Noticeable Landmarks: Located close to the Golden Circle, our Drumbó Rafting Base is a large building with a clearly marked “Arctic Rafting” sign. The road leading to it is quite narrow and there can be horses, so please take it slowly.  
  • What’s where: Drumbó is equipped with showers, a sauna, and a restroom available for all rafting guests. There you’ll also find a restaurant serving barbecue twice a day, cold beer, snacks, and hot drinks.
Drumboddsstadir Riverjet Base in iceland

4) Glymur Car Park

  • Noticeable Landmarks: Follow the signs to Glymur Waterfall and you’ll notice a small car park where our vehicle with your guide will be waiting.
  • What’s there: Iceland’s second-tallest waterfall and, of course, a guided hike to it.

5) Skjol Campground

  • Noticeable Landmarks: Located few minutes of driving from Gullfoss waterfall and other famous Golden Circle attractions, Skjol campsite is just next to road 35. It is around 90 minutes of driving from Reykjavik by car.
  • What’s there: There you’ll also find a restaurant and a bar where you can have a nice Icelandic meal, would that be fish, chicken, lamb or even pizza.
skjol campground main building outside view

6) Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon Car Park

  • Noticeable Landmarks: Head to the car park of Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon where you’ll notice a group of buses and cars parked next to a café. There our super jeep (white or silver) will be waiting for you.
  • What’s there: From the car park you can enjoy fantastic views of icebergs in the lagoon. There you’ll also find Jokulsarlon’s visitor center with a café selling snacks and souvenirs.
jokulsarlon parking lot and cafe in south iceland

7) Langjokull Snowmobile Base Camp

  • Noticeable Landmarks: The base camp is located just off Skjápanesvegur (Route F336), which is reached via Route F35, also known as Kjölur and Kjalvegur road. The base camp operates out of  a traditional country cottage, so you should watch for this building. Don’t forget to check with your car rental provider if your car rental is permitted to drive on F-roads.
  • What’s there: The camp serve coffee, hot chocolate, and biscuits to their visitors. There you’ll also find restrooms and eye-opening views.

8) N1 Gas Station in Hveragerði

  • Noticeable Landmarks: N1 is the only gas station in Hveragerði. It is situated at Breiðumörk 1 and it has a clear red “N1” sign. Our vehicle with your guide will be waiting in the parking lot.
  • What’s there: You can grab some coffee or snacks at the gas station. Restrooms are also available. The small town of Hveragerði is famous for its active geothermal area featuring countless hot springs and bubbling mud pools. There are also hotels, restaurants, and a shopping centre.
n1 has station near hveragerdi in iceland

9) Skaftafell Booking Center

  • Landmarks for directions: You’ll find us near the Skaftafell Visitor Center. If you are arriving by car, park at the short term parking lot and don't forget to pay for the parking if you are staying longer than 15 minutes. Follow the path from the parking towards the visitor center and You should shortly see our booking hut. Usually, our bus can also be seen nearby.
  • What’s there: You’ll find a souvenir shop with postcards and books at the Skaftafell Visitor Center.
skaftafell glacier hiking booking hut

10) Sólheimajokull Parking Lot

  • Noticeable Landmarks: Meet us in the only parking lot at Sólheimajokull. It’s easily found by taking the road signposted Sólheimajokull from Highway 1. You’ll instantly notice our big yellow school bus parked in the lot where you’ll meet your guide.
  • What’s there: From the parking lot we’ll take you to the mighty Sólheimajokull Glacier, an outlet glacier of Mýrdalsjökull and the fourth largest glacier in Iceland.

11) Stykkisholmur Harbor

  • Noticeable Landmarks: Drive to the town of Stykkisholmur where you’ll easily find the harbor and a small parking lot. There you’ll see our white minibus with kayaks loaded on a trailer where our guide will be waiting.  
  • What’s there: Nestled on the north side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, Stykkisholmur is a tiny fishing village where you can admire  charming wooden houses, stroll through gift shops or just take in the stunning surroundings.
Austurgata Pick Up Location meeting point

12) Þingvellir (Thingvellir) Parking lot P5

  • Noticeable Landmarks: Arrive at Þingvellir and follow the signs to parking lot P5. Cross the bridge and after about 400m you’ll reach the meeting point. Look for a cabin with a bold “Dive Silfra” sign where you’ll find your guide.
  • What’s there: Situated at the heart of Thingvellir National Park, Silfra is the only place in the world where you can dive between two tectonic plates.
silfra snorkeling minibus area meeting point in iceland