To help you find the perfect adventure for you, we have marked each tour with a difficulty level. There are three different difficulty levels: easy, moderate, and challenging. Each difficulty level determines the abilities needed to venture on the tour. Below you’ll find a thorough explanation of each difficulty level and their possible combinations.

Please note that most tours, unless explicitly stated, are accompanied by a professional and certified guide, regardless of difficulty levels. The guides’ top priority is your safety, and they stay with you every step of the way.

Which tour level is right for you?


Tours marked “easy” are suitable for every adventurer and are the least difficult of our tours. Some of our more active adventures, like multi-day hiking, dog sledding, or snowmobiling might be over less friendly terrain, require slightly more vigorous activity, or endurance, yet they’re open to everyone and don’t have any prerequisites. Our “easy” tours welcome adventurers of all ages, with various goals and in fair physical condition.

The “easy” level suggests that you’re able to walk for 2-3 hours at a slow pace with occasional breaks, handle slightly uneven terrain, and traverse trails that are in good condition and at a relatively low elevation.


Moderate / Intermediate

Our tours marked “moderate” or “intermediate” range from day tours to multi-day tours, though they are mostly found under the multi-day tour category as longer itineraries tend to be more strenuous. These tours can vary in activity, from hiking and camping in the wilderness to cross-country skiing and mountaineering. Adventurers embarking on such tours, should be aware of how difficult the activity is and have some previous experience unless stated otherwise.

“Moderate” or “Intermediate” tours are suitable for those in good physical condition. Everyone on these tours should be able to hike for about 4 hours at a moderate pace with breaks. Trails can be expected to be in good condition, yet they may feature higher elevations and rocky terrain.


Challenging / Demanding

Our most adventurous tours are marked “challenging” or “demanding”. They involve kayaking and wildlife watching adventures in Pond Inlet, cross-country skiing in Baffin Island, various expeditions in the Canadian North, as well as some less traveled locations in Iceland. Experience and good physical condition are necessary as well as a strong desire for adventure and the courage to withstand any kind of weather.

The trails on these tours are generally in good condition. However, some may include high elevation, off-road hiking, and uneven terrain. Most of these “challenging” or “demanding” tours are multi-day tours involving camping outside during frigid weather conditions. Adventurers should be able to hike from 7.5 miles (12 km) to 12.5 miles (20 km) per day on uneasy terrain and snow.

Tours With a Few Difficulty Levels

You might’ve noticed that some of our tours state two different difficulty levels, such as “easy/moderate” or “moderate/challenging.” This is because some tours have two or more different itineraries, which result in multiple difficulty levels.


Day Tours

Our day tours can vary in length. Longer day tour options might require more physical readiness, impose a greater strain on your body, or ask for more endurance than shorter day tours. Shorter day tour itineraries are marked at level “easy,” whereas the same day tour that is slightly longer can be listed as “moderate.”


Multi-Day Tours

On our multi-day tours, the length of the itinerary can vary, with longer tours being more challenging. The same tour can have two or more itineraries of different lengths. The shorter itinerary is often easier and requires less physical effort. Longer itineraries are usually more challenging and can require more physical preparation and endurance. 

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