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8 Day Ring Road Tour - First & last night in Reykjavík | IS-AA0180

See famous highlights and enjoy exciting adventures around the ring road

About Tour

This eight-day adventure tour is perfect for people who want to enjoy Reykjavík and see the greatest sights in Iceland with stunning activities along the way. Your six day trip around Iceland will take you off the beaten track, maximizing each day with fabulous Icelandic experiences and exhilarating fun. Before and after this trip you spend a night in Reykjavík so you can explore on your own. In winter, you can climb through ice caves and chase the Northern Lights each evening.


  • Ring Road
  • Golden Circle (Þingvellir, Gullfoss, Geysir)
  • Vatnajökull Glacier
  • Crystal Ice Cave (November-March)
  • South Coast (Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Reynisfjara Beach)
  • Skaftafell Nature Area
  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon
  • Lake Mývatn
  • Dettifoss and Goðafoss Waterfalls
  • Deildartunguhver Hot Spring
  • Hraunfossar and Barnafoss Waterfalls
  • Northern Lights (September-April)

On this 8-Day Iceland Ring Road tour, we give you the best of Iceland: vibrant Reykjavik, the famous Golden Circle, quaint fishing villages, the majestic Vatnajokull Glacier, lunar-like valleys, and seriously beautiful coastlines. Go glacier hiking, envelope yourself in the warm Myvatn Nature Baths, and sail across Eyjafjörður, the longest fjord in Iceland, in search of giant whales. In winter, chase the Northern Lights and climb through glistening ice caves. If you’re up for big adventures, then you simply can’t miss out on these 8 days in Iceland! 

Best Tour of 2019 in Iceland by TourRadar

This Iceland Ring Road tour was picked as the best multi-day tour of 2019 in Iceland by TourRadar, based on traveler reviews from around the world. We operate our tours in small groups to ensure an intimate and authentic experience for every adventurer. Our top-notch guides (the best in the country) go the extra mile to show you the world beyond the ordinary.

Exploring Reykjavik 

This 8-day tour package around Iceland includes two nights’ accommodation in Reykjavik. Your first and last nights are spent in the capital city, allowing you to craft your own itinerary and explore the city as you please. It’s an irresistible option for those who want to enjoy Reykjavik at their own pace and then venture deeper into Iceland with an expert guide.

With there is an adventure for everyone. If you’re not up for a two-night stay in Reykjavik but still want to circle the entire Ring Road with an expert guide, check out our favorite 6-Day Ring Road Tour Around Iceland.

  • Small groups (minibus)
  • Expert guides
  • Personal Experience
Availability All year
Duration 8 days
Departs From Reykjavik
Difficulty Easy
Minimum age 8
Group maximum 19
Meet on Location No
Pick Up Yes


229 990
Per Adult
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    • Fast & secure booking payment
    • No booking fees
    • Guaranteed departures

What's Included


  • Pick-up & drop off in Reykjavík
  • English speaking adventure tour guide
  • Guided minibus tour
  • Free WiFi on board your bus
  • Accommodation with bathroom for 7 nights
  • Breakfast each morning at your hotel
  • Glacier hike & all the necessary safety equipment
  • Guided 3-hour hike at Egilsstaðir
  • Whale watching in Dalvik
  • Active volcano hike tour

What to bring

  • Warm outdoor clothing
  • Water & windproof jacket and pants
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Thermal underwear (top and bottom)
  • Warm headwear (e.g. wool/fleece hat)
  • A scarf and gloves
  • Warm socks (wool or synthetic)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen (especially for sunny days on the glacier)
  • Swimming suit and a towel

Not Included

  • Meals (except breakfast)
  • Optional extra - Mývatn Nature Baths

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Kick off 8 days of fun in Iceland with a night in Reykjavik. Explore the vibrant city on your own and don’t forget to try skyr, Iceland’s top dessert! The next day, your guide will pick you up from your accommodation and you’ll start driving the Ring Road. Explore the famous Golden Circle before you continue on to the South Coast’s waterfalls.

After an epic hike on Vatnajökull Glacier, set foot on the remote Eastfjords. Then discover North Iceland, where your whale watching trip awaits. Finally, lose yourself in the subtle beauty of West Iceland. All the while, look for the Northern Lights in winter or delight in the Midnight Sun in summer. Spend the last day in Reykjavik to explore the city to its fullest.

It’s about time to connect with Iceland and feel its energy unfold!

Hallgrimskirkja Largest Church In Iceland

Today you get to explore the City of Reykjavík - you make your own exciting itinerary!

Maybe, you want to wander around and get your bearings? Strolling along two great Reykjavík shopping streets, the famous Laugavegur, and the slightly less well known, Skólavörðustigur, you will really get a feel for the essence of Reykjavík. Our tip is to explore the small places, these usually have the strongest character and more unusual items. For the best view ever over the city visit the Hallgrímskirkja church and go to the top of the tower. Many are puzzled by the shape of this tall and iconic white church, it does rather resemble the pipes of a great pipe organ. The design was actually inspired by Svartifoss, the black waterfall at Skaftafell. A white church inspired by a black basalt waterfall? Maybe, you will believe us when we say the Icelanders are quirky folk!

Take your time and browse, relax in a coffee house, bar or restaurant, then think about a gallery or museum or two, there is an amazing choice. Larger art galleries include Reykjavík Art Museum, the National Gallery of Iceland and Kjarvalsstaðir. Get to know Icelandic culture at the Culture House, the development of Iceland as a nation at the National Museum, or visit The Settlement Exhibition, built around the remains of a real settlement age Reykjavík homestead. If you want something more unusual to give The Icelandic Phallological Museum a try, this is better known as ‘the only Penis Museum in the World’!

The city´s thermal swimming pools are open from early until late. Outdoor bathing is a very popular all year round pursuit in Iceland, so there are quite a few thermal pools dotted around Reykjavík, their hot tubs are blissful! Laugardalslaug is the largest outdoor pool but the smaller ones are incredibly charming too.   

Your hotel or guest house will not be far from Reykjavík´s attractions. A regular bus service, connecting all districts with the city center is run by Strætó. You will find their timetables and information in English here. Alternatively, head a couple of miles away from downtown and into nature to chase the Northern Lights in winter. 

Day Highlights
  • The delights of Reykjavík
  • Today you pick your own highlights!
  • Northern Lights (September-April)
  • One night accommodation in Reykavík
  • Private bathroom
Reykjavik Lights Hotel
or similar
Strokkur Geysir Golden Circle In Iceland

Right from the start, this tour is crammed full of the greatest gems that Icelandic nature can provide. The amazing and very famous Golden Circle attractions are first on the agenda after we pick everyone up between 08:00 and 08:30 in the morning.

Your first stop is at Thingvellir National Park (Þingvellir to the Icelanders). The national park has been granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO, due to its great geological and historical importance. This is the site of the oldest continuously operating national parliament in the world. Alþing, the Icelandic Parliament, first met here in the year 930 AD/CE, the Icelandic Parliament is still called the Alþing (Althing) today. The grandeur of the geology here would have given these ancient open-air parliamentary sessions an almost mythical ambiance. You can clearly see the dramatic plate-edge of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, tracing its way right through Þingvellir. This rugged cliff was created by the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates moving apart, continental drift continues to occur at a rate of over 2 cm per annum. The scenery here is very photogenic and overwhelmingly awe-inspiring.

Next, we visit Geysir, to see the amazingly active geyser hot spring, Strokkur, hurtling enormous volumes of hot water and steam up to 25 meters high - a truly astonishing sight and another marvelous photo opportunity. If you miss the scalding watery blast, have no worries, you will witness another superheated eruption in 5 to 10 minutes. Strokkur is situated very close to the Great Geysir, the spouting hot spring which gifted the word ‘geyser’ to the English language. When you watch a geyser erupt you feel spine-tinglingly close to the primal forces of nature. Steaming fumaroles and simmering hot springs will be all around you, evidencing the great geothermal forces at work beneath the earth here in the lovely Haukadalur valley.

The thundering Hvítá river (the White River) crashing through the stunning Gullfoss Waterfall is your final Golden Circle attraction. In English Gullfoss means ‘the Golden Falls’, a translucent golden mist can be seen around the tumultuous flow as it cascades through drops of 11 m and 21 m. On a sunny day, if you are lucky, a beautiful rainbow will arch over the stunning canyon - a really fabulous sight.

The incredible sights and experience continue - we make a couple more stops along the journey to your country hotel close to Vík, the southernmost village in Iceland. Two sensational 60 m high waterfalls await us, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss! At Seljalandsfoss there is the incredible opportunity to walk the pathway behind the tumbling cascade, giving you a truly unique view. The high former sea cliffs from the dropping point for the scintillating Skógafoss waterfall, the generous flow descends into the gloriously tranquil calmness of the Skóga river below.

Your hotel for the night is in the charming coastal village of Vik. From September to April, your guide will give you advice on finding the Northern Lights in the area. 

Day Highlights
  • Þingvellir National Park
  • Geysir Hot springs
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
  • Skógafoss Waterfall
  • Northern Lights (September-April)
  • Breakfast at your accommodation in Reykjavík
  • Hotel with private bathroom close to Vík
  • Guided tour in minibus
  • Visit to the highlights of the Golden Circle
  • Visit the most famous South Coast waterfalls
Adventure Hotel Geirland
Adventure Hotel Geirland outside
Double room at Adventure Hotel Geirland
Twin room at Geirland Hotel
Bathroom at Geirland Hotel
Bedroom at Geirland Hotel in Iceland
Cloakroom at Adventure Hotel Geirland
Mini office at Adventure Hotel Geirland
Bedroom interior at Geirland Hotel in Iceland
Bedroom interior at Geirland Hotel
Room interior at Geirland Hotel
Room at Geirland Hotel
Hotel Geirland
Cozy countryside hotel, located only 2 km from Kirkjubæjarklaustur Or similar
Vik Town In Iceland Landscape

Today is filled with incredible experiences, everything from Reynisfjara black sand beach, the expansive Eldhraun lava field, glacier hiking from Skaftafell in Vatnajökull National Park and the incredible Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon - this is a day of incredible diversity and magnificent natural wonders. Your night will be spent in Höfn. In summer we switch out the ice cave for a glacier hike.

First up is a visit to the black beach at Reynisfjara where you will see the stunning cave, formed from incredibly imposing angular basalt columns. Walking along the beach you will get views of the famous Reynisdrangar peaks, these crazily shaped and troll-like basalt forms stand above the ocean just off-shore. Not surprisingly, they have given rise to some troll-folklore!

On the way to Skaftafell, we cross the Eldhraun lava field, the first of the lunar-like landscapes we will show you over the next few days. Sensational views of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, home to Katla, one of the most capricious volcanoes of all time, and Eyjafjallajökull, another infamous volcano mountain glacier, loom high on the horizon to your left along the way. Approaching Skaftafell in Vatnajökull National Park you will see abundant vegetation and birch trees. This area, beneath the jagged mountain peaks and glaciers, is sheltered with a gentler climate than that of the surrounding area. The scenery is majestic and dramatically contrasting.

One of our expert glacier guides will escort you on a magical three-hour glacier hike on a tongue of Vatnajökull, the mightiest glacier in all of Europe (During winter we switch out the glacier hike for a visit to a naturally formed ice cave). Your guide will ensure you are safe when you are hiking and climbing and make sure the experience is a really fun and fascinating one. The glacier is stunning but there is more to this blue/white ice wonderland than meets the eye! Along the way, you will learn some incredible glacier facts and see sights which will be treasured memories forever.   

From November to March, we replace the glacier hike with an exciting guided journey through Vatnajökull's crystal ice caves. Each winter, the inside of the glacier melts to form winding blue-and-white caves. Your guide will lead you through these caves to explore the magic of glaciers from the inside! 

Now for the serene beauty and crystal clear sapphire water of Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and the black sands of the mesmerizing Diamond Beach. This coal-black volcanic beach is lapped by the Atlantic waves which bring quite a few blue/white icebergs ashore. These luminous ice-forms sitting on the dark dramatic sand give this place a truly mystical feel, this site will surely make your spine tingle! Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon contains some of the most famous vistas in Iceland, action scenes from a couple of James Bond and other movies were filmed at this ice lagoon, so you might recognize some of the stunning scenery. Most people are astounded by the incredible shapes, blue tones and the large size of many of the icebergs. The lagoon, beneath the majesty of Vatnajökull´s icecap, is vast. Your camera really will work over-time here!

After a day of magic, we will then make our way to our accommodation in Höfn, the feted lobster Capital of Iceland. In winter, slip away from the hotel to chase the Northern Lights.

Day Highlights
  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
  • Vatnajökull National Park
  • Jökulsarlón Glacier Lagoon
  • The Crystal Beach (Diamond Beach)
  • Höfn - Lobster capital of Iceland
  • Northern Lights (September-April)
  • Breakfast at Hotel close to Vík
  • Visit to Reynisfjara
  • Guided Glacier Hike on Vatnajökull Glacier
  • Certified Glacier Guide
  • Specialized glacier gear
  • Visit to Jökulsarlón and the Diamond Beach
  • One night accommodation in Höfn
  • Private bathroom
Hofn Hotel
or similar
The Stone Eggs of Merry Bay In Iceland Djupivogur Village

In the morning we will take you to visit Djúpivogur, a  charming fishing village in the East Fjords, you then enjoy a hike to see the beautiful Hengifoss and Litlanesfoss Waterfalls. Your night will be spent at a country hotel in the Egilsstaðir area.

Today we will really get to know the remote gems hidden in the spectacular East Fjords. We promise you, as beautiful fjords and sharp-toothed mountains fill the horizon, again and again, you will not be able to take your eyes off the incredible views for even one moment! The highlights along the way include the remote and simply stunning peninsula of Hvalnes. You will also see the very beautiful and starkly contrasting sights between Lóns and Álftafjarðar, an amazingly beautiful fjord. The Þvottárskriður landslides created some very unusual scenery in this region.

Your first stop will be at Djúpivogur, this still traditional fishing village clings like a limpet to the edge of the land. This little community is best known for its wild nature, bird habitats, and an admired outdoor sculpture, Eggin í Gleðivík (meaning The Eggs of Merry Bay). The sculpture and the bird habitats are not unrelated, the 34 eggs of the sculpture represent the 34 bird species which regularly inhabit the area, it is far lovelier than it sounds!

Then we take an exhilarating three-hour hike to Hengifoss, the second highest waterfall in Iceland (128 m). You will really marvel at this unusual cascade which tumbles down a series of steps, making this a really amazing place to explore and take photos. Today we have two stunning and unique waterfalls to show you, Litlanesfoss is next. This scintillating waterfall is surrounded by enormous hexagonal basalt columns, people who have seen both describe it as a small version of the Giant´s Causeway, with a waterfall in the center. There are so many totally amazing sights to see on this hike, including an incredibly beautiful gorge displaying colored layers left by thousands of years of volcanic eruptions.

After your hike, we will go to our accommodation for the night, a country hotel at Egilsstaðir. Ask your guide for helping finding the Northern Lights from September to April. 

Day Highlights
  • Djúpivogur Fishing Village
  • Hengifoss Waterfall
  • Litlanesfoss Waterfall
  • The town of Egilsstaðir
  • Northern Lights (September-April)
  • Breakfast at the guesthouse in Höfn
  • Visit to the small fishing village of Djúpvogur
  • Guided hike to Hengifoss Waterfall
  • Private bathroom
  • One night at a Hotel in Egilsstaðir
Hotel Valaskjalf
or similar
Dettifoss Waterfall At Fall In North Iceland

Visit Dettifoss waterfall, the cascade with the highest flow rate in Europe. See incredible geothermal and lava areas, totally relax at Mýtvatn Nature Baths, and visit the sensationally beautiful Godafoss waterfall before finishing the day near Akureyri. Your accommodation will be in this area.

Our journey to North Iceland will take us to Möðrudalur, where you will find the highest farm and restaurant in Iceland at a height of 469 m. You will have time to get yourself a bite to eat and to admire the incredible views over the panoramic wilderness landscapes below you. Then we travel onwards to experience the thunderous power and majesty of Dettifoss waterfall. The violent force of this vast torrent will leave you feeling totally in awe of Icelandic nature. This is a day of great contrasts, the crystal clear and tranquil waters of Lake Mývatn are next on the agenda, with otherworldly scenery and a plentiful birdlife greatly enhances the beauty here.

Your next attraction is the lunar-like vistas, steaming fumaroles and boiling multi-colored mud pots at the Námaskarð geothermal area. This place is sure to leave you feeling as though you have taken flight and arrived on another planet with starkly barren and yet incredibly beautiful scenes! Continuing with the unearthly theme we journey onwards to visit the Hverfjall volcano crater and the Dimmuborgir lava formations. Your guide will tell you how these amazing lava shapes, which are often called ‘the Dark Castles’, were created, and the rich mythology that is linked to them. On this tour, but especially today, you will witness the incredibly different sides of Icelandic nature, from the barest Arctic desert-lands to the lush fertility around Lake Mývatn.

After seeing so many extraordinary places it is time for some relaxation. The soothing, softly alkaline and mineral-rich waters of Mývatn Nature Baths await you. The Icelandic name for these baths is Jarðbóðin, meaning ‘the earth baths’ because the scalding hot water flows up straight from the earth! Don´t worry, it is cooled to a comfortable temperature - you will feel as though you are immersing yourself in a perfect warm bath! Bathing can be booked with your tour or you can pay when you arrive. If you don´t want to bathe you can get something to eat in the café or take a wander around and explore the area.

Finally, a stop is made at Goðafoss, a glorious crescent shaped waterfall. A famous legend links to Goðafoss, this is the waterfall into which Iceland´s last great Pagan leader is said to have cast his statues of the Pagan Gods when Iceland converted to Christianity. Our journey will then take us alongside Eyjafjörður, this long fjord is surrounded by mountains, the scenery is here is mind-blowing.

Near the apex of the fjord, we will come to Akureyri. Your accommodation for the night will be at a country hotel in this area. Hunt for the Northern Lights on winter nights. 

Day Highlights
  • Dettifoss Waterfall
  • Mývatn Lake
  • Námaskarð geothermal area
  • Hverfjall Crater
  • Dimmuborgir formations
  • Goðafoss Waterfall
  • Northern Lights (September-April)
  • Breakfast at Hotel in Egilsstaðir
  • Guided visit to all the highlights
  • Time to explore the magnificent landscapes
  • One night at a hotel close to Akureyri
  • Private bathroom
Icelandair Hotel Akureyri
or similar
Dalvik Whale Watching From Boat In Iceland

If there is the time we make a short visit to Akureyri before we head to Dalvík for an exciting whale watching boat trip, you can even try your hand at fishing if you would like to. You will also see one of the most amazing fishing communities in Iceland, Siglufjörður. Your country hotel will be at Bifröst.

Today is a dream day for lovers of wildlife and beautiful Icelandic nature. From Akureyri, our route to Dalvík follows the western side of stunning Eyjafjörður (the Island Fjord). The views are absolute eye-candy, with towering mountains and open ocean views. The mountains keep getting steeper as we approach Dalvík, a totally charming village which is still a traditional fishing community. 

Your 3-hour whale watching trip will take you skimming across the Eyjafjörður fjord in search of the most majestic mammals alive. There is nothing like spotting a whale in the flesh in its natural habitat. Minke and humpback whales are most often seen, sometimes, though, travelers spot the largest animal alive, a magnificent Blue Whale. Dolphins and porpoises are usually seen, with seals also being spotted fairly often. This is a water wildlife paradise, with many ocean birds and, in the puffin season, a great many puffins. Dolphins, porpoises, and whales often swim really close to the boat, giving you a fabulous experience of Icelandic ocean wildlife. Our friendly whale watching guides will give you the chance to try some sea angling, giving you a real feel for Icelandic life. When you return to dry land the fish is cooked, and right on the Dalvík harbor-side, you can taste fish straight from the ocean. Today is a day which will delight your senses!

Our next port of call is Siglufjörður, a little town with a really exciting fishing history that is commemorated all around the town. It is, perhaps, hard to believe now that this picturesque place was referred to as ‘the herring capital of Europe’ in the first half of the 20th century. Those truly magnificent shoals of herring, known as ‘the silver of the sea’,  then departed these waters as mysteriously as they had arrived!

We continue our journey around Tröllaskagi, a magnificent peninsula. The name means ‘the Troll Peninsula’ and, not surprisingly, this area is steeped in local legends. This stunning drive will take you through charming villages and lush farmlands, leaving with you with a real feel for the way people live in the country. Remember, this is a day for wildlife! You will see lots of small but very sturdy Icelandic horses grazing in their fields - horse farms are more plentiful here than in any other part of Iceland.

Your night will be spent at a hotel in the little university centered community at Laugarbakki. From September to April, ask your guide to direct you towards the Northern Lights at night.

Note:For a small fee, upgrade your whaling adventure to a 1.5 hour RIB boat tour! This special boat tour is available from April to October and lets you get closer to the whales. The RIB boat upgrade does not include sea angling.

Day Highlights
  • Akureyri - Capital of the North
  • Whale Watching from Dalvík
  • Siglufjörður Fishing Village
  • Northern Lights (September-April)
  • Breakfast at a Hotel close to Akureyri
  • Akureyri & Eyjafjörður Fjord
  • 3 hour Whale Watching sail tour
  • Opportunity to try out sea angling
  • Visit to Siglufjörður
  • One night at a hotel
  • Private bathroom
Hotel Borgarnes
or similar

On the 7th day of your adventure around Iceland, hike to see the Geldingadalur eruption

This is an adventure like no other, where you get to explore an active volcano, learn about this fascinating geological form and traverse Iceland’s otherworldly terrain. You get to observe new land formation, streams of lava flow from a fissure and right into the valley. You will witness steam and gases rise from the increasing lava field as well as the newly-appeared crater.

Thousands of earthquakes took place in the weeks before the eruption, after which the lava finally found its way and cracked through the surface of the earth. The eruption occurred on the evening of March 19th 2021, close to Mount Fagradalsfjall, in a valley named Geldingadalur. Fortunately, the valley confined the eruptive event preventing the lava from flowing towards civilian infrastructure.

The closest inhabited settlement to the site is Grindavík village, located only 9 kilometers away. Geldingadalir valley is not a secluded valley by any measures with such a short distance from a populated area. Yet, this presents a convenient way to access the eruption site for people who are willing to hike a pretty challenging terrain but for the chance to witness this magnificent spectacle of nature.

We expect to back in Reykjavik around 4:30 - 5 pm.

Day Highlights
  • Active Geldingadalur volcano eruption
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • A guided hike to the volcanic eruption
  • Acommodation
Reykjavik Lights Hotel
or similar
Austurstraeti Street In Reykjavik Iceland

Today you get a second chance to catch up on any Reykjavík must-see sights and experiences you missed out on before your tour. Check off anything remaining on your Capital City of Iceland bucket list - this lively and culture-rich city on the edge of the Arctic offers so many possibilities. If you stay around the city, you are sure to find plenty of new things to see, or, maybe, there are places where you wanted to linger longer!

If you didn´t swim in an outdoor thermal pool on your first day, we suggest you give this peculiarly Icelandic experience a try before you leave. The largest swimming pool in Iceland is at Laugardalslaug, beside Grasagarðurinn, Reykjavík´s beautiful botanical gardens. It is very easy to walk from the city or to take an Strætó bus. There are some lovely pools around, Sundhöllin on Baronsstígur is a charming pool right in the heart of Reykjavík, built in 1937, the indoor pool has an old-world charm and there is a recently constructed outdoor pool too. 

Walking and cycling paths connect the City of Reykjavík with some really stunning areas, some closer to the city than others. So walking or hiring a bike is a great option too. Seltjarnarnes is a really spectacular peninsula with absolutely amazing scenery, situated within easy walking distance of the city center. Mosfellsbær is a beautiful community a little further away, either of these places and many more can easily be reached by Strætó buses. You could browse the city some more, learn more about Icelandic culture in a museum, max out on arts in a gallery, or even do one final and incredible adventure activity tour - maybe, there are too many choices but you get to choose!

Day Highlights
  • Reykjavík delights - your choice!
  • Breakfast at hotel/guest house in Reykjavík
  • On the second day of the tour, we’ll pick you up from your hotel in Reykjavik around 8 a.m. You spend the first day of the tour exploring Reykjavik on your own, pursuing what interests you most in the capital city. We take care of your accommodation.
  • On the seventh day of the tour, we’ll drop you off in Reykjavik at your accommodation around 8 p.m. On the eighth day of the tour, continue with your Reykjavik itinerary. 
  • The weather in Iceland is ever changing, alternating between warm and cool days, and sunny and rainy days. Make sure to dress in many layers and don’t forget to bring sturdy hiking shoes. A waterproof jacket and pants will come in handy. You can rent hiking boots, a waterproof jacket and waterproof pants upon booking.
  • Depending on the season, embark on different activities. In summer, see the Midnight Sun — a natural phenomenon when the sun stays visible at local midnight — and amazing wildlife such as puffins, Arctic terns, Icelandic sheep, and reindeer. From November to March, we replace a glacier hike with an ice cave tour on Vatnajökul.
  • From September to April, hunt for the Northern Lights. Your guide will tell you all the best  spots to see the magical aurora.
  • Accommodation is for two people per room. Solo travelers need to choose a single room supplement upon booking if they want to upgrade to a private room.
  • The itinerary of this tour is flexible and subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Still got questions about the tour? Hopefully you will find the answer here.

We always recommend booking a multi-day tour starting at least one day after arriving in Iceland. If you’re flying in from the US or will be landing early (4-6:30 am) you should be able to join the tour, but some risks would follow (i.e if the flight gets delayed) and could, therefore, miss out on the tour.

Most of the hotels we use during our tours are remotely located and therefore ideal to spot the northern lights. If the forecast is in your favor then it is more than likely that you will be able to see the magical show put on by the dancing northern lights during your tour with us. Most of the hotels offer a Northern Lights wake up call upon request if they lights are spotted. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and therefore we can unfortunately never promise that they will be seen. Their appearance depends upon atmospheric and weather conditions. The best time to see them is between September and March when it’s dark and clear. The sky needs to be as dark as possible, so the best places to see them are well away from city lights (that’s where we are going!).

For more information on the Northern Lights, please have a look at our Northern Lights information.

For multi-day tours, each participant is allowed to bring a small backpack and 1 piece of luggage weighing a maximum of 20 kg (44 lbs).

* The combined dimensions of each bag must not exceed 158 cm (62 in).

* It’s possible to store your luggage with us in Reykjavík while you are on your tour, for a small fee. We highly recommend storing the luggage in Reykjavík to help us reduce our carbon footprint.

* Please note that luggage storage is not refundable.

When booking with, you are guaranteed accommodation at a nice country hotel and/or a guesthouse. The hotels we have partnered up with are all of the same standards and offer nice rooms with made-up beds. The rooms come with private or shared bathrooms, depending on your booking. The standard room is a twin room but it’s possible to request a double room or a triple room, with no extra charge.

If you are traveling solo, you will have to add the single room fee if you wish to have a single room.

All hotels have free Wi-Fi. Towels, a hairdryer, and a kettle are accessible at all of the hotels. Hotel breakfast is included!

If your tour includes accommodation, breakfast is always included during the tour at the hotel/guesthouse restaurant.

Meals and beverages are otherwise not included on your tour. (Unless it’s specifically stated in the description of the tour)

On our multiday tours, we will be making stops at restaurants and convenience stores where you will be able to purchase all necessities.

You should count on spending around 8,000 ISK (80$) on food each day per person. Cash is not necessary, as credit cards are almost always accepted. Having a small amount of cash doesn’t hurt though.

Breakfast is included at all the hotels we stay in during the tour. The breakfast will be a typical breakfast buffet, offering bread, toppings, cereal, yogurt, fruits, coffee, and tea etc.

Your guide will also find a good place for the group to eat lunch. We always try to choose places that have a wide selection of dishes on the menu, so there will be options available for everyone. The dinner is usually at the hotels we stay at for the night.

We do welcome participants of all ages older than the listed minimum age for each tour. We have people of ages ranging from 8-99 years joining our multi-day tours.  Our average group usually consists of participants between the age 20-55 years. We do get a lot of solo travellers joining our tours, as well as families and friends.

If you have difficulties participating in any of the activities included in the tour, for example, a glacier activity, you are more than welcome to skip it. You can explore your surroundings in the meantime or wait elsewhere. Our guide should be able to drop you off at a nearby place where there are some services available.

A single supplement is available if you want to have your own room, but you are not required to pay a single supplement. If you are a single traveler and do not wish to book a single room, you’ll be roomed with another traveler of the same gender.

Don’t worry, you can always rent sturdy hiking boots, a waterproof jacket and pants in the booking process. We do not rent these items from the location, they must be ordered in advance.

We drive on average around 300 km (186 miles) per day on our multi-day tours. You will be spending approximately 4-5 hours in the car each day. We do of course stop on multiple locations throughout the tour for sightseeing, activities, bathroom breaks and lunch stops.


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8 Day Ring Road Tour - First & last night in Reykjavík

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Unforgettable and Magical!

Reviewed on July 28, 2019 by Marc Jablonski From our post-trip system

Arctic Adventures was the best way to see Iceland in its full glory. With a kind and knowledgeable tour guide, we went to nearly every part of the beautiful island — stopping in places we never would have seen without Arctic Adventures. We stayed in guest houses and hotels surrounded by forests, glaciers, water, and stood on craters, climbed glaciers, swam in hot springs, and saw dozens of waterfalls. It was an unforgettable and magical adventure!

Reviewed on July 18, 2019 by Donna B From our post-trip system

Our tour guide was awesome, accommodating, knowledgeable, entertaining, kept Us safe, friendly! Iceland sights are awesome! I’ve already spread good words to Others about Iceland and Arctic Adventures! Keep Up The good work!

Fantastic Trip

Reviewed on July 18, 2019 by Marleen Hartzell From our post-trip system

The trip was outstanding. Scenery was breathtaking and weather was perfect. Our tour guide through Artic Adventures was awesome. Great trip.

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