We will take you to the middle of nowhere in one of our custom-designed super jeeps, so you can sit back relax and enjoy the flickering purples and greens of this mesmerizing light show in all its heavenly glory.


  • Small group
  • Northern Lights search
  • Expert Aurora Guide
  • Stargazing
  • Free photos of you/your group

Our expert guide will tell you everything that you need to know about this incredible natural phenomenon and make sure that you can immortalize the experience with one of our special cameras. It is an ineffable experience that should be close to the top of everyone’s bucket list, so don’t delay book our private Northern Lights Adventure Tour today!

  • Personal Experience
  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Expert guides


83 900
Per Adult
    • Best Price Guarantee

What's included


  • Pick up and drop off in Reykjavik
  • Small group northern lights expedition
  • Hot chocolate

What to bring

  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Sturdy shoes

Not Included

  • Meals

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Our adventure begins when we collect you from where you are staying and head out in search of the Northern Lights.

purple and green northern lights in iceland

They are created by collisions of oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere with the electrons released by the sun during geomagnetic storms, making them notoriously difficult to predict with even state-of-the-art meteorological equipment.

The dancing colors of the Northern Lights that illuminate the winter night sky have captured the imagination of celestial gazers for millennia. To see them in the flesh is a profound, ethereal experience, which philosophers, religious scholars, and atheists alike all equate with divinity. In Icelandic tradition, their appearance was associated with the ride of the Valkyries, while Greeks and Romans believed that it was the sister of Helios the Sun God riding a multi-colored chariot across the sky and expectant Icelandic mothers refused to look at their beauty because their beauty was so profound that it would cause the baby to be born cross-eyed.

However, our expert guides are familiar with the area and will take you to the best places to see the lights, using information from a network of magnetometers situated around the world and the most up-to-date reports of the Icelandic Met Office.

Our specially designed all-terrain vehicles are ideal once we get a scent of the Aurora as it allows us to go where other vehicles can’t and escape the crowds of people who come to view the heavenly light show and detract from the mystery and majesty of the experience.


two women posing for a picture near northern lights

If we do find them, then you are in for a treat: the jet-black night sky dotted with nothing, but twinkling stars will suddenly be illuminated by various shades of green, purple, and pink, which dance and flicker in ways that you cannot imagine.

They are truly unique and have a transient beauty that flickers into life, enchants those who see them, and then disappears just as suddenly as they arrived. It is mesmerizing, profound, ethereal, or divine and will give you a new perspective on the smallness of humanity and the regal beauty of the world.

We firmly believe that everyone should see the Aurora or Northern Lights at least once and invite you to view the most incredible light show that our world has to offer.

We strongly recommend that you allow us to help you with pictures, as the Northern Lights are notoriously difficult to photograph. Our expert photographers will be delighted to shoot this amazing light show for you, allowing you to concentrate on seeing it with your own eyes. If you are keen to photograph it yourself then we will help you configure your camera, although we strongly recommend that you have a shutter speed of up to 15 sec, high ISO (800+) and an aperture between f/1.4 and f/4.0

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