The iconic Golden Circle Route is the most popular sightseeing trek in Iceland for good reason and is home to a multitude of incredible sights that are an absolute must for any visitor to the land of fire and ice.


  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Geysir
  • Gullfoss Waterfall

This tour encompasses 300 kilometers of volcanically crafted landscape, creating an ever-evolving place of seemingly timeless beauty. 

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  • Small group
  • Expert guides


Per Adult
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What's included


  • Hotel pick up and drop off in Reykjavik
  • Experienced guide and driver
  • Golden Circle
  • Flexible destinations

What to bring

  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Sturdy shoes

Not Included

  • Food and drinks
  • Admission fees for any extra activities

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people walking down the path in thingvellir national park

We will take you on a private guided tour through this amazing loop, replete with ancient fissures between continents, teeming geysers, and gushing waterfalls, with an expert guide who will tell you about the myths and history that surround what you are seeing. The tour itinerary is also flexible, ensuring that you can go where you want, see what you want, and enjoy all the magic that the spectacular Golden Circle Route has to offer.

a view of a rugged walking path in thingvellir

The tour begins at Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is steeped in both geological and historical significance. It was the original location of Althingi, where a group of Vikings gathered together in 930 AD to elect a Lawspeaker and form the first Icelandic Parliament. The modern parliament still bears its name to this day, making it one of the oldest continuously operating parliaments in the history of the world. It also straddles the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that marks the ever-expanding gap between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, allowing us to walk between the gap that separates two continents. This coupled with the sapphire blue Silfra Fissure that is home to the clearest water in the world, several mesmerizing waterfalls, amazing rock sculptures crafted by volcanic activity, and much, much more, ensures that Thingvellir is one of the most interesting landscapes in the world. Our expert guide will tell you about the natural and human history of the area, making for a fascinating and enjoyable stop.

strokkur geysir erupting in iceland

From there we will head to the Haukadalur geothermal area, famed for its red iron-stained mud and emerald patches of moss. It is home to Iceland’s most famous geysers and has become totemic of the land of fire and ice. The first of these, ‘the Great Geysir’ is now dormant, but was the first geyser to appear in the English language and gives all geysers their name. While the second ‘Strokkur’ is still very much active and fires boiling jets of water into the air every 5-10 minutes. These eruptions are incredibly violent and will give you a profound new perspective on the power of the subterranean forces that lie beneath our feet.

sightseeing view of gullfoss waterfall

The final stop on the tour is the majestic Gullfoss Waterfall (the golden falls), whose rushing cascade tumbles down three stages of volcanic rock into a 2-kilometer crevice below. Its name originates from the golden hue that its water takes as it passes over the brown volcanic rock under it. The valley surrounding the falls is covered in luscious green vegetation, while rainbows regularly form above it on sunny days. All of this and more makes it a truly spectacular place of magnificent natural beauty and the perfect way to end the famous Golden Circle Route.

The entire tour can be customized according to what you want to see, lasts around 6-8 hours, and is commonly considered to contain some of the best sights that the land of fire and ice has to offer: it simply cannot be missed!