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Super Jeep Northern Lights Hunt - Free Photos Included | IS-AA-NLE

Escape the city lights and search for the Auroras

About Tour

On this super jeep excursion, we take you off the beaten track and chase one of the world's most mysterious phenomena. Leave the city's bright lights behind to see the Northern Lights while your guide tells you about this natural wonder!


  • Northern lights searching
  • Stargazing
  • Expert guide
  • Free photos when lights are seen
  • Super Jeep transportation
  • Hot chocolate & biscuits

Throughout the centuries, humans have been gazing at the mesmerizing natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Each winter Iceland welcomes an increasing number of people who wish to experience this awe-inspiring and otherworldly phenomenon. On this tour, you will turn your eyes up to the heavens to see the dancing colors and majestic shapes flickering across the arctic sky.

Your guide will find the best spots, take free photographs so you can keep the memory, and tell you all about this natural wonder! Seeing the Northern Lights is, without question, one of the most profound and memorable experiences you will ever have and is something that everybody should do at least once in their lives.


Watching the Northern Lights
Girls watching Northern Lights
Couple watching Northern Lights
Romantic couple Northern Lights
Northern lights super jeep tour
Usain Bolt celebration on Northern Lights
Northern Lights Over mountain
Watching Aurora Borealis
People watching Northern Lights


  • Small Group Experience
  • Expert Guides
  • Super Jeep
  • Free Wifi
  • Flexible Cancellation up to 24 hours
  • No Booking Fees
  • Fast & secure booking payment
  • Best Price Guarantee

Availability Sept - Apr

Duration ~4 hours

Departs From Reykjavik

Difficulty Easy

Group maximum 18

Minimum age 6 years

Pick Up Yes

Meet on Location No

What's Included


  • Super jeep ride
  • Pick-up from Reykjavik
  • Hot chocolate & biscuits
  • Northern lights photos
  • English speaking tour guide

What to bring

  • Hiking boots or very sturdy footwear
  • Warm outdoor layers
  • A weatherproof top layer
  • Headwear, scarves and gloves
  • There is no such thing as too many layers on a Northern Lights tour!
  • We also recommend bringing a tripod for your camera

Not Included

  • Meals

About tour / Itinerary

Find out more details about the tour and its highlights.


super jeep and aurora borealis

We will collect you from your Reykjavik hotel in one of our custom-built super jeeps and go in search of the Northern Lights. As we leave the city's bright lights behind, our expert northern lights guide will tell you everything you need to know about this natural miracle as we head into the darkness for the adventure of a lifetime. As we cut through the dark terrain, we will pass some of Iceland's other natural wonders, which your friendly guide will point out.

The reason we use super jeeps is they give us the flexibility to travel away from the beaten path and reach locations which the big tour busses cannot get to, giving us the best chance to see all the wonders which the Northern Lights have to offer. We will also try to travel away from the big crowds, so you can enjoy the Aurora in all its stunning serenity and glory, without noisy tour groups spoiling it. Once we find a spot, we will warm you up with hot chocolate, and the adventurous amongst you can even add some Icelandic Brennivin to theirs. Our guides understand the importance of this experience and take photos every time we see the northern lights: guaranteeing that you get your picture taken with the Aurora.

Seeing the Northern Lights in the flesh is a miraculous experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Language does not do them justice: the Northern Lights are ineffable and as close to the divine that the natural world gets. So book this magical experience today and search for the auroras in a super jeep.

Pickup times for the Northern Lights tour depend on the season – it will either be at 20:30 or 21:30, depending on how much daylight there is.

  • As the success of the Magical Auroras tour is heavily dependent on weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel departures until 18:15 on the day of the tour. If the tour goes ahead and no northern lights are seen, we offer clients the chance to join another evening’s departure free of charge upon availability. The second tour might possibly be in a minibus. Note that you need to re-book through the booking portal link in your voucher.

  • The Northern Lights tour takes place at night, and temperatures are almost certain to be extremely cold – we recommend that you dress up as warmly as possible to maximize your enjoyment of the tour. Keep in mind the more layers, the better!

  • The Northern Lights tour lasts around 4 hours.

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Based on 11 reviews

Super Jeep Northern Lights Hunt - Free Photos Included

1- of 11 reviews

The Aurora was there

Reviewed on February 11, 2022 by Maureen Edwards From our post-trip system

The Northern Lights are almost impossible to see with the naked eye, but our guide knew what to look for. After a perfect blue sky during the day cloud did set in which made it difficult to see the lights, the camera did pick them up though. It was so cold and windy it was impossible to hold the camera still for the required 4 seconds, but although blurred, I did get some pictures with the help of our guide who showed me the best setting on my phone’s camera. Our guide took photos of us with the lights behind us which was great. The hot chocolate was very welcome to help warm frozen fingers! All in all a super birthday experience.

Northern lights jeep small group tour

Reviewed on November 14, 2021 by Judith Conlon From our post-trip system

We were taken off road to a flat are in the wilderness, the tour guide knows where the best places are to spot the lights. It was very cold and windy, but we did see white lights (green when photographed through the camera on a slow shutter speed). They were there for an hour or more but not coloured lights just white against the black sky. Hot chocolate and cookies were provided and a fun night was had by all.


Reviewed on June 22, 2021 by AYu From our post-trip system

Our tour guy was very nice, picked us up fairly on time, told nice stories about the northern light and he was funny. So we finally saw the northern light, it was beautiful and worth the wait, our tour guy set up the camera and took pictures for us group by group, we were told that the pictures will be posted within the next day or two. The night ended with a cup of hot chocolate which really warmed us up. The only disappointment was that The pictures my friend and I took were never posted under the Dropbox we were told, it’s been more than a week since our tour, we saw some group pictures posted but ours were not there. It was a huge disappointment and I still wonder why the pictures were not there. We even checked the day before and after, none.

The Northern Lights Jeep tour

Reviewed on January 23, 2020 by Doreen Murray From our post-trip system

The tour I took was well organised and the driver/guide most informative. On the evening I chose the night sky was a bit clouded and the Lights were being fickle so sadly it was a no show. However our guide had plenty of information about stars and constellations to keep us entertained. A welcome cup of hot chocolate just reached the spot to keep us warm.

Northern Lights

Reviewed on by Ryan Cusimano From our post-trip system

The northern lights super keep tour was an amazing experience and is a must if you’re heading to Iceland!


Reviewed on by Greg From our post-trip system

Excellent choice, full service!

Northern Lights

Reviewed on by Dominic From our post-trip system

Brilliant tour, the tour guide simon was very good

90 min light show

Reviewed on by Jim From our post-trip system

This was an incredible experience to see the Northern lights. At first it was cancelled for a few days due to weather - so we highly recommend if you have a multi day trip, try to get this in earlier in the week so if its cancelled you have other nights to bounce it to. After a few cancellations we got a clear sky - although there was an almost full moon that made the night sky quite bright. We went out with our tour guide Gummy who was just a fun dude. We waited for about 15 min and then it started... like magic. Started small then spread across the sky. Gummy told us it may be 15 min, but ended up being over an hour and a half of dancing northern lights with a very bright moon. Very very cool. My buddies and I (all former US Military) were in awe, giggling like school children ha ha. Very nice - - oh and the shot of Brennivín in the hot chocolate - - great top off. Loved every minute of this.

Once in a lifetime experience!

Reviewed on by Myra From our post-trip system

This was an amazing tour - kudos to our guide Omar first and foremost and the fact that the universe aligned to show us the northern lights! Bucket list item checked!

Omar spoke clearly and gave us a glimpse of Icelandic culture and way of life through his lively and funny discourse of everything from folklore, facts etc. I learned so much about the people and saw unbelievable terrain and landscape. There were times I was at a loss for words as the beauty of the country was overwhelming.

This tour will be one for the books.

Feedback on the northern light tour

Reviewed on by Sally From our post-trip system

"I joined the super jeep northern light tour on 24Nov. Although we couldn’t see the light, our driver guide brought us to 3 beautiful locations so we could watch the stars and scenary (and the hot chocolate) which I appreciated it very much.  Would like to thank him again. 
However, for the make-up tour with mini-bus on 27Nov, we were very disappointed. Understood that the driver guide wanted to chase the light, but we drove for 4 hours without making a stop (except the washroom stop in the beginning of the tour) Though the guide said he wanted to find a gap where we could see the light, and explained there was some weak lights at the horizon direction, we couldn’t see anything through filmed windows. We were sitting in the minibus for entire 4 hours without doing anything. 
Not sure if it is the difference between super jeep and minibus tour.  It is suggested we could be given the choice to join the super jeep again (even with additional cost) for the 2nd attempt.  It was like heaven and hell experiences. Thank you."

Best experience ever!

Reviewed on by Monica From our post-trip system

"Was our last night in Iceland and were really hopping to catch the northern lights.
Our tour guide was very friendly and helpful from the moment he picked us up.
We joined another group and the other guide was also amazing.
They helped us setting up our camera explained about the northern lights, showed us the stars and explained about them.
They were all the time making sure we were enjoying the night even when it was freezing cold and the lights not showing.
We were on our way back to town without seeing the lights when suddenly our guide stopped on the road an literally kick us out of the bus because the lights start showing!!
He was all excited probably as much as we all were!!
He took pictures of everyone on the tour which were shared to us after!!
It was the best way to finish our trip!! 
Thank You for making the night so enjoyable!!"

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Still got questions about the tour? Hopefully you will find the answer here.

The Northern Lights are natural phenomena and we, unfortunately, cannot promise you will see them. Their appearance depends upon atmospheric and weather conditions.

For more information on the Northern Lights, please have a look at our Northern Lights tours.

We, unfortunately, do not have one simple answer to this question.

There isn’t just one single setting for your camera that ensures great photos. However, if you have manual options, you are probably best served with experimenting with various combinations of ISO, aperture, and exposure settings. As a rule of thumb, ISO setting between 800 and 3200, aperture between f/2 8 and f/5.6, and shutter speed at between 15 seconds and 30 seconds have proven effective.

A good thing to keep in mind, ISO setting between 800 and 3200, aperture between f/2.8 and f/5.6, and shutter speed between 15 seconds and 30 seconds have given great results.

Different combinations may give very different results. Higher ISO setting will allow you to capture faster exposures, but the downside to this might be for example grainier images.

If the shutter speed is above 15 seconds it will result in a slight star movement.

Wider angle lenses are usually more versatile in low light settings, but longer lenses give you different options for compositions. Make sure that you remove all lens filters, as they may distort images. You will probably get the best results with manual setting for infinite focal length.

Reimbursement is not given if the northern lights tour goes ahead and no lights are seen but we do offer you the change to join a Northern Lights Minibus tour free of charge.

Please contact our Customer Care to re-book your tour.

When Northern Lights tours are canceled it’s usually due to unfavorable weather conditions.

In that case, your options will be to:

  1. Reschedule for another day.
  2. Find another tour to do and use the deposit for it.
  3. Get fully refunded.

Please go to customer portal to re-book your tour or contact us by phone +354 562 7000

The northern lights are a pretty difficult thing to predict. We recommend you to check to see the forecast and if the level is high and the skies are clear then it’s very likely that the tour is going ahead. We do update our website’s tour departure sheet with the information at 17:00 pm the latest. If your tour is canceled then you will receive an email from us.

If we think there is no chance at all of seeing the lights we will cancel the tour. We don’t want to bring you out and disappoint if there is no chance of the lights to be seen.

Yes, the guide on your tour will take a photo of you with the northern lights in the background.
These can be single or group photo’s and are free of charge.

The Northern Lights season is from late August until mid-April. However, if you want to increase your changes of seeing them, it is best to wait until the clear winter months of mid-September until March.

The northern lights depend on luck and weather if that is in your favor than you will be able to see the Aurora Borealis above the inviting streets of Reykjavík. Whether you see the lights or not they depend on two different factors. The first being the weather. If the sky is clear, no clouds, then you are halfway there to seeing the astonishing spectacle that is the Northern Lights (although light pollution can sometimes be a problem). Increased solar activity is the second half so, if these two merge together you may well be able to see the Northern Lights from Reykjavik.