Ice Caving Tour

Katla Ice Cave Tour: Under The Volcano | IS-AA0701

Glacier Hike and Ice Cave at Mt. Katla from Vik or Reykjavik

About Tour

Climb aboard a Super Jeep, hike on Myrdalsjokull Glacier, and delve into an ice cave beneath Katla Volcano on this wild day tour out on the ice!


  • Scenic Super Jeep Ride
  • View Over Myrdalsjokull
  • Explore a Natural Ice Cave
  • Untamed Landscapes
  • Small-Group Experience
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (From Reykjavik option only)
  • Skogafoss Waterfall (From Reykjavik option only, from mid-Feb to mid-Nov)

Get off the typical tourist track and jump in a Super Jeep bound for the ice caves of South Iceland! Strap on some crampons and step onto the mighty Myrdalsjokull Glacier in search of Iceland's geological wonders. Hike further across the ice to Mt. Katla, an active volcano, and descend into the blue-and-black striped ice cave deep within Kötlujökull Glacier.

We offer this Katla Iceland tour either as a Meet on Location tour from Vik or with a pick-up from Reykjavik, so forget the map. Where we're going, you won’t need roads!


  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Small group
  • Expert guides
  • Personal Experience
Availability All year
Duration 3 / 11 hours
Departs From Vik / Reykjavik
Difficulty Easy
Ratio 1:14
Minimum age 6
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up Yes


19 990
Per Adult

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You have selected From Vik

Meet us on location

You have selected From Reykjavik

With minibus transfer from Reykjavik


What's Included


  • Super Jeep Ride
  • Visit a Natural Ice Cave
  • Crampons for Walking on Ice
  • All Required Safety Equipment
  • English Speaking Licensed Adventure Guide

What to bring

  • Warm clothing
  • Waterproof jacket and pants
  • Sturdy shoes or boots
  • Warm headwear
  • Gloves and scarf
  • Camera (optional)

Not Included

  • Lunch or snacks (we recommend you pack a lunch and bring a full water bottle)
  • Pick up and drop off (if you choose the meet on location option)

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The tour begins with a pick up from your chosen location in Reykjavik. You and the rest of your small group will head out in the direction of Mt. Katla on the famous Ring Road (Road 1). From Vik, you’ll ride in a Super Jeep past towering mountains and frigid ice caps on your way to Kötlujökull Glacier.

Arriving at the base of the glacier, gear up with crampons and helmets. After a short walk, you’ll reach the entrance to the ice cave. Each trip to the cave is unique as cave conditions are unpredictable and always changing. The climb down may look difficult but should be easy for anyone in average physical shape.

Once inside, you’ll be surrounded by glowing blue ice with streaks of black volcanic ash that run through the walls and roof of the cave. After some time, we’ll return to the surface in search of new, smaller caves that have recently formed. Once you’ve finished your caving adventure, we’ll climb back into the Super Jeep and enjoy the Icelandic sunset on our way back through Vik.

For those choosing the roundtrip pick up and drop off from Reykjavik, we’ll swing back towards the capital and make a stop or two at Iceland’s majestic waterfalls.

When the length of the daylight allows (between mid-February and mid-November), we’ll stop at Skógafoss Waterfall, known for inspiring Icelandic folk tales. Hike up the right side of the waterfall to see the stone troll’s face staring at the falls. Legend has it that the troll got lost in the beauty of the falls and forgot the time. Once the sun rays hit him, he transformed into rock for all eternity — bad for the troll, great for your pictures!

We will also stop (year-round) at the stunning Seljalandsfoss Waterfall on the Seljalands River. The pure glacial water of the falls flows down from the infamous volcano, Eyjafjallajökull!

This Iceland Volcano Katla tour concludes with an 8 p.m. dropoff at your meeting spot in Reykjavik.

Take the path less traveled and discover the fun under an Icelandic volcano!

  • If you select the pickup from Reykjavik option, our tour guide will pick you up at your chosen meeting location at the time specified at booking.
  • If you choose to meet the tour in Vik, our tour guide will connect with you at The Ice Cave Bistro/Restaurant in Vík. By the entrance at the back of the building, you will be able to find our guide holding an “Arctic Adventures” sign or standing by a Super Jeep marked with an Arctic Adventures sign in the window. The tour will start from Vík (approximately 2.5 hours from Reykjavik) where you will join everyone in a Super Jeep for the exciting day ahead.

Warm clothing is absolutely essential! We cannot stress enough how important it is to bring warm and waterproof clothing, warm headwear, gloves, and sturdy shoes.

  • Due to limited daylight periods, we are not able to stop at Skógafoss in the wintertime (from mid-November until mid-February). Only from mid-February until mid-November do we stop at both of the waterfalls on this tour. 
  • The meet on location tour (from Vík) does not include any other stops but the ice cave.
  • Ice caves are constantly changing, so they might not look exactly like they do in pictures or videos. They're still always remarkable!

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