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It is a dream come true to see the northern lights dancing their patterns beneath a black velvet winter sky, especially on a cold and peaceful winter night in the middle of nowhere in Iceland.


  • Northern Lights
  • Sightseeing all around Iceland
  • Different activities including caving, horseback riding, nature bathing and snowmobiling.


  • This tour can really is tailored to your own wishes. We provide the expertise and local knowledge
  • Hotel pick up & drop off in Reykjavik/KEF airport

What to bring

  • Warm clothes
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Camera
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The northern lights are one of those rare natural phenomenons that people all over the world feel excited about seeing.

This really is a perfect tour for those enthusiasts who for a long time have held a dream to see the northern lights. We simply follow the best weather and atmospheric conditions for the optimal chance of viewing the northern lights. You choose how long you want the tour to last from 2 up to 10 days – whichever timescale suits you best.

This tour is truly a hunting expedition with us chasing the prize of seeing nature's winter phenomenon of the aurora borealis. Each evening we will follow the best conditions for seeing the northern lights swirling their jeweled colors across the dark winter sky. Our hunt could take us west, south, north, or even up through the middle of Iceland. This tour will give you the opportunity to follow your dream in the most comfortable, exciting, and memorable way.

During the daytime there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy sightseeing around Iceland, to experience the winter environment of a country that touches the Arctic Circle. It is possible to arrange many different activities including caving, horseback riding, nature bathing, and snowmobiling.

We will enjoy an early dinner before we get ourselves ready for the excitement of the northern lights hunt when the sky is completely dark. This expedition usually lasts for a couple of hours. Our guides are trained to find the best places to track down the lights where you will really enjoy their full spender – it is so exciting for the passengers to participate in the search. Our guides are all well informed about the Icelandic Sagas, nature, and folktales, so if the northern lights are elusive they will make sure our passengers still enjoy a night to remember.

Our local guides will use their knowledge and experience to take you to the places where there is the best chance of seeing the northern lights. However, as the northern lights are natural phenomenon sightings, can never be guaranteed.

northern lights above a city at night in iceland

This is a very Icelandic way of traveling. If the weather is good in the north, then we go north. If it looks better towards the south, then we go there. In this way, you optimize your chances of viewing the aurora - provided there is some magnetic activity in the ionosphere. With some basic ideas of what you would not want to miss, this tour is probably the best bang for the buck you can get.

Accommodation will be arranged during the tour itself, since we do not know for sure where we will be heading, we simply follow the northern lights and the weather and take it from there.

northern lights above stokksnes near hofn

You put it in our hands and we book something gorgeous for you. We love caves and geothermal pools, so we would probably schedule something like that in your tour. You can certainly count on waterfalls, glaciers, and highlands. As in option 1, your accommodation will be arranged during the tour according to the conditions.

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