Chase the Midnight Sun: Iceland and Canada tours available now!

About Tour

Extend your day tour to include a tour to look at the northern lights, if conditions allow.

Tours that begin in the afternoon could therefore be prolonged until 1 AM if the auroras show up. These tours could include snowmobiling, caving, volcano hiking, relaxing in a warm nature bath, and far more...


  • Northern Lights hunt
  • Free photos when lights are seen


  • Hotel/airport pick up & drop off
  • Guided aurora tour
  • Any activity prior to the Northern Lights hunt (caving, snowmobiling, horseback riding, whale watching, glacier hiking and ATV quad biking, relaxing Spa visit and etc.)

What to bring

  • Warm clothes
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Warm hat, scarf and gloves
  • A tripod and camera if you wish to take Northern Lights photos
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We always try our best to take you to a remote and peaceful place, giving you the chance to really experience the natural environment of a country that touches the Arctic Circle, whilst enjoying the wonders of the northern lights. We hope you are lucky enough to see them. Our guides enjoy sharing their knowledge of the Icelandic Sagas, nature, and folktales and will always ensure our passengers enjoy a memorable evening - even on those occasions when the lights do not show themselves.

After a truly memorable day and the search of the northern lights, we will drop you back at your hotel in the area close to Reykjavik or KEF Keflavik International Airport – hopefully, to dream about the things you saw and experienced on the tour!

The northern lights are one of those rare natural phenomena that people all over the world feel excited about seeing. It is truly magical to see the northern lights dancing their brilliant patterns across the night sky when the northern hemisphere is approaching its time of almost total darkness. Seeing the glory of nature´s color and magic is a majestic and never to be forgotten experience.

wooden cabin in winter near northern lights in iceland

Now, this is the difficult part! The big question is, what would you like to do during your vacation in Iceland?

During the day you could try out some extreme and fun adventures before the northern lights tour begins. Should you prefer to enjoy some gentle and relaxing activities before your northern lights tour then that is fine too - the choice is for you to make! Examples of the activities we could provide are caving, snowmobiling, horseback riding, whale watching, glacier hiking, and ATV quad biking. More gentle options include visiting museums, places of interest in the countryside, or spas such as the Blue Lagoon or Fontana Spa.

Do you have some preferences for after the day tour? We could book a nice restaurant for you to enjoy dinner before the northern lights part of the tour, perhaps at a restaurant in the countryside if the location of your daytime activities would suit this.

If you prefer we could drop you back at your hotel, or at some other location where you could choose a restaurant. We would then pick you up a couple of hours later for your private northern lights tour.

That's the easy part. Send us an email and we will quote you a price for your private tour.

The tour begins when we pick you up from wherever you have chosen in Reykjavik or its vicinity, or at KEF Keflavik International Airport. Usually, the tour starts at 13:00 in the afternoon, but this can be altered to suit your wishes.

man with a flashlight watching northern lights in winter

We examine the weather forecast and atmospheric conditions for the evening before we decide whether the northern lights part of your private tour can be operated or not.

We then drive you to the place where the weather forecast and atmospheric conditions have indicated will be the best place that night to see the auroras. This location is usually within a 1 to 1.5-hour radius of Reykjavik but it could also depend on the location of your chosen daytime activity. We always go somewhere quiet and dark away from light pollution, which is great, particularly if your aim is to photograph the auroras.

You can be reassured our guides are trained to find the best places to track down the lights - it is so exciting for the passengers to participate in the search.

If the forecast is good then we will take you on a tour to look at the northern lights, finding a place to enjoy them away from light pollution in the silence of Icelandic nature. You really will need those winter clothes now - we will probably be just standing out in the cold for quite a while.


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