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Why is Finland the Happiest Country in the World?

Learn About World's Happiest Nation

|January 13, 2022
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As a country, Finland offers access to the water, immense wilderness, and let's not forget about the country's iconic Lapland region—home to reindeer and the northern lights. No wonder it is the happiest nation globally for the fourth consecutive year.

Why is Finland the Happiest Place in the World?

Every year, the United Nations publishes the World Happiness Report, which identifies the world's happiest countries. Finland has triumphed again—for the fourth year in a row! Beating countries like Denmark, Switzerland, and Iceland to the finish line, it is a fantastic result for the country, demonstrating what a wonderful place it is to live. For years, Denmark was the most cheerful country on the planet, but now it is Finland's time to shine.

happy couple laying in the snow in finland

Happy couple laying in the snow

Is it possible that a country in the far north of the world, with a harsh climate, is the happiest in the world? Finns understand how to make the most of their time. When the weather warms in the summer, Finns love to spend their free time outside rather than inside on the sofa watching TV, like other nations. 

happy family exploring the finnish forest

Happy family exploring the Finnish forest

People in other nations feel the same way with much nicer weather. So, what is unique about Finland? Why is Finland so happy? Is Finland a good place to live? Here are all the answers to all questions about why Finland is the world's happiest country.

A Carefree Way of Being

Finland is a beautiful place to live in the relaxed, laid-back way of life. Unlike other countries, Finland is more easygoing and at ease. Finnish culture is likewise highly welcoming, with a strong emphasis on cooperation rather than competitiveness.

man laying in a hammock in finland

Man on a Hammock enjoying the view of Finnish countryside

In contrast to many other countries, the inhabitants of Finland appear to be secure and unconcerned about the outside world. This offers them extraordinary resilience in dealing with life and not allowing issues to drag them down.

The Breathtaking Scenery and Nature

Finland is one of the most stunning places on the earth. It is beautiful, with vast swaths of unspoiled forest, stunning landscape, and gorgeous lakes. Many people say that it is an excellent spot to visit because of its natural beauty. Time spent in nature is an antidote to stress. It can reduce nervous system arousal, improve mood, decrease anxiety, and boost self-esteem.

aerial view of nature of finland

Aerial landscape of Finland

Low Levels of Crime

In the 2016 World Happiness Report, one of the most important indicators of happiness was people's sense of safety. Finland fared exceptionally well in this category due to its low crime rate. This low crime rate has resulted in a culture where people feel safe, secure, and fulfilled.

The Strong Economy and an Excellent Educational System

Finland has a significant middle class and a low poverty rate. It is a country where the wealthy have generally been reluctant to flaunt their money. The poorest in society would have healthcare access, and homelessness would be removed entirely.

Doctor consulting an elderly lady in Finland

Doctor consulting an elderly lady

The educational system in the country is one of the most equitable in Europe, producing some of the most remarkable results and providing more chances for young people. 

The Secret of Nordic Happiness

Happiness may appear to be a problematic term to comprehend. Everyone understands it differently. According to various statements, happiness refers to satisfaction with how one's life is going. 

man sitting on a bench in finland and enjoying landscape

A man enjoying landscape of Finland

The Nordic countries are ranked very high in the Happiness Report because of their low crime levels, free education, and of course medical care, and we could continue naming more things.

small colorful houses of finland

View of old Porvoo, Finland

More free time for ourselves and our loved ones, according to science, is one of the things that can make us extremely happy. In Denmark, for example, a full-time workweek consists of 37 hours. Employees in Finland have the right to shorten their workweek for about three hours. According to statistics, the average American works 44 hours per week, which is 8.8 hours per day. 

World's Happiest Countries 2021

smile made of flags

World's happiest countries

Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World

  1. Finland - May have cold temperatures in the wintertime but the northern lifestyle certainly fits its residents, as seen by the country's fourth consecutive year at the top of the World Happiness Report. This country once again has set the bar for other countries.

  2.  Iceland - Iceland has always been a popular tourist destination. Tourists love this Nordic island for its beautiful nature. Iceland has moved from number four place in 2020 to second place in 2021.

  3. Denmark - This is a small country with the magnificent capital of the city of Copenhagen. It has remained in the top five happiest countries globally for several years, even though it fell from second place in 2020 to third place in 2021.

  4. Switzerland - Has a consistent, high GDP, which provides financial security to its citizens.

  5. The Netherlands - Amsterdam, the country's capital city, is famed for its windmills, and fields of tulips. This country attracts many visitors yearly and is home to some pleased residents, earning it a spot on the World Happiness Report for 2021 at number five. 

  6. Sweden  - This country offers its residents substantial social support, long life expectancy, and personal independence.

  7. Germany - This country went up from 17th place in 2020 to seventh place in 2021, making it in the report's desired top ten.

  8. Norway - It's a modest drop from the number five position in 2020 and three in 2019.

  9. New Zealand's - Ninth-place finish is even more astounding when you realize that it is the only non-European country in the list to make it in the top ten country list. 

  10. Austria - This country continues to rank well in aspects that make a nation happy, such as generosity, life expectancy, in addition to gorgeous scenery, and sports.

Why do the Nordic Countries Consistently Rate so High?

smiling happy family in finland

Happy family enjoying the quality time with an amazing landscape

Because of the support they receive from their governments, these countries have continuously placed high on the happiness index. These countries offer free healthcare, free education, and have low crime rates compared to other countries. When it comes to work-life balance, which is one of the essential factors in happiness, the Nordics have completely nailed it.

What is the Saddest Country in the World?

Afghanistan is this year's World Happiness Report's lowest-scoring country. The low life expectancy rate in Afghanistan and low GDP per capita are the main reasons for its low position.

Top 10 Saddest Countries in the World

  1. Afghanistan

  2. Zimbabwe

  3. Rwanda

  4. Botswana

  5. Lesotho

  6. Malawi

  7. Haiti

  8. Tanzania

  9. Yemen

  10. Burundi

From everything said above, it's evident why Finland is the most joyful country on the planet. With a flexible working policy, healthcare and free education, and a whole host of additional perks, citizens are happy and prospering. Finland is a role model for every other country to follow to make the world more ecstatic. Finnish people have the kind of happiness the majority of the world aspires to have. This country is an excellent example for the rest of the world.

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