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Winter Activities in PEI

Best Things to Do in Winter in PEI

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|March 7, 2022
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Prince Edward Island, Canada winters are not as brutal as they may be in several other provinces. There are so many fun things to do and places to explore. To inspire you, we curated a special list of things to do in winter on Prince Edward Island.

Don't stay indoors all winter! Step out and appreciate the cold weather. Go on a hike, or a sleigh ride, and enjoy the best of Prince Edward Island winter season. The fresh blanket of snow transforms this stunning destination into a winter wonderland. Admiring the winter in PEI is not difficult, picture yourself stepping out of a dream sequence with white, pretty snow everywhere.

Seashore in winter at Cavendish National Park

Seashore in winter at Cavendish National Park, Prince Edward Island

Although the peak travel season in Prince Edward Island is between May and September, winters are a great time to explore the destination too. Winter in Prince Edward Island could be about having a blast in the city or maybe a cozy getaway to one of the resorts. If you are inspired to take a perfect winter break to Prince Edward Island, here are some activities that you could enjoy.

Things to Do in Winter in PEI

When visiting PEI, winter is about having fun and enjoying the outdoors. We have compiled a list of things you can do to enjoy the season to its fullest.

snowy road at Prince Edward Island in Canada

Snow covered road by the farmland of rural Prince Edward Island, Canada

1. Have You Heard of Winter Fat Biking?

Over the last few years, winter fat biking has gained a lot of interest from locals and tourists in the region. Enjoy 10 km of groomed single-track fat biking trails at the Mark Arendz Provincial Park and Parks Canada Winter Activity Hub. For those new to the term, winter fat biking is also known as winter mountain biking through the trails.

2. Plan a Perfect Romantic Getaway

The perfect winter getaway exists on Prince Edward Island. Visit the Mill River Resort which has been named as one of the most relaxing and gorgeous getaways in PEI. This resort is not just about enjoying the stay but also winter outdoor activities, too. Tubing, skiing, snowshoeing, and everything that involves having fun and more fun.

Happy couple laughing in winter

Couple having holidays at Prince Edward Island during winter

3. Explore the City Life in Winter

Whether you're a fan of a good hockey game or enjoy ice skating, Charlottetown is a must-visit city during winters. There are several winter family fun events and activities like sleigh rides. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, and engage in all the winter experiences with your loved ones. Being a prominent culinary destination, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island for a winter visit will be left incomplete without treating yourself to some good food during the Winter Dine festival.

Woman preparing for ice skating

Woman preparing for the skating on the ice

4. Time for a Winter Cruise

Feeling adventurous? How about snowmobiling your way through Prince Edward Island in the winter? If you are new to the sport, fret not. There are guide-only options to help you get acquainted with the trails. Book your snowmobile tours with Tranquility Cove Adventures, and look for guide-only options. For those who are a pro at it, we recommend you explore new routes and trails with the 3-day full season tickets from PEI Snowmobile Association.

Man Snowmobiling during winter in Canada

Snowmobiling in Canada

5. Hit the Slopes

Winter adventures are left incomplete without all the fun activities at the Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park. From cross-country and alpine skiing to snowshoeing, there are many things to do. Get ready with your winter gear and book your holiday with this stunning destination. Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park at Brookvale is your ultimate destination.

6. Experience Nordic Skiing

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced-level skiing enthusiast, experience well-groomed cross-country ski trails. If you are looking for rentals, consider Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park, Mill River Resort, and Souris Striders Club.

7. Time for a Sleigh Ride

When you think of experiences in the winter wonderland, does a sleigh ride together with your family and friends count? This is your opportunity to take a break, slow down, and make the most of this unique island tradition.

Just five minutes past Charlottetown, you can reserve a sleigh ride through the snow-covered woods. Organized by the Great Northern Adventures, this dreamy winter adventure is everything and more than you would have ever wanted.

People having sleight ride by horse

Small group of people having sleight ride in winter, Prince Edward Island

Places to Discover in Winter

Explore the scenic vistas of this picturesque destination in winter. Grab your snowshoes, and take off on a trip to discover some of these places in Prince Edward Island.

Orby Head

This geological formation feels like a scene right out of Game of Thrones. Orby Head is known to offer the best views of the remarkable north shore sandstone cliffs, even during winters. This must-visit spot on Prince Edward Island is located in the national park and is vast and beautiful.

Great George Street

A stroll by the historic Great George Street located in downtown Charlottetown is a great way to enjoy your evenings. With colorful buildings on either side and a view down to the waterfront, snow just makes it picture perfect.

Greenwich in Prince Edward Island National Park

Whether you choose to take the short or long trail, Greenwich in Prince Edward Island National Park offers beautiful views. Summer or winter, this must-visit spot is home to the biggest sand dunes, a unique landscape.

Winter River Rail

If you enjoy hiking, Winter River rail is your ideal choice. Be sure to grab your snowshoes and other hiking essentials for the adventure. If you make it to the cabin, be sure to sign the guestbook too. As an excellent choice of winter adventure, you'll not be disappointed with the picturesque trails.

Cape Bear Lighthouse

Located 25 km from the Wood Islands Ferry, Cape Bear Lighthouse is a heritage place that boasts scenic views of the ocean. Built-in 1881, this wooden, square-tapered tower is closed during winters, but the sunsets and sunrises are to be witnessed.

Lighthouse in foggy winter day in PEI

Cape Bear Lighthouse at Prince Edward Island during winter, Canada

The winter season does not have to be all gloomy and indoors. We have already listed seven different things you could enjoy outdoors. Besides all these, there are several parks, trails, and public lands for winter walking. Hiking trails are not just for summers. They are perfect for winters, too.

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