10 Reasons To Hike Across Iceland

Read Why People Are Crazy About Guided Hiking Across Iceland

|September 8, 2020
Vita has hiked glaciers in Alaska, climbed fourteeners in Colorado and is all about sharing her stories and promoting responsible tourism. These days she is often wandering the streets of Vilnius with a film camera in her hand or reading.

With its unmatched landscapes and nature attractions, Iceland is on every adventurous spirit’s bucket list. And is there a better way to explore a country known for its otherworldly sights than hiking? Here are 10 reasons to hike across Iceland. Read on and find yourself packing your backpack in no time.

Landmannalaugar Laugavegur Hiking Trekking Tour Iceland in Iceland

1. Nature beyond compare

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of multicolored mountains, bubbling mud pools, bright blue lagoons and about a thousand other unique natural wonders. That’s what Iceland is all about - nature you’ve never seen before.

Iceland Landmannalaugar Hiking Icebergs Jokulsarlon Colllage

2. Sense of adventure

Since there are few places on Earth that are even remotely similar to Iceland, hiking across Iceland is an adventure you’ll never forget. 

Laugavegur Crossing River Hiking Woman in Iceland

3. Landmannalaugar region

This is where you find Iceland’s colorful mountains. Named one of the best hiking trails in the world by National Geographic, the Landmannalaugar region alone is a good reason to hike across Iceland.

Landmannalaugar Man Hiking Mountains in Iceland

4. It’s a solid challenge

The terrain is rough, the mountains are tall and the weather conditions can go from bearable to horrendous in no time. That doesn’t discourage you? Congrats, you are a true adventurer. If you’re up for a challenge, hiking across Iceland is sure to present it.

Landmannalaugar Group Trekking Hiking in Iceland

5. Hiking under the Midnight Sun

If you happen to be hiking during the summer solstice, you won’t need to set up your camp before it gets dark because it never gets dark. As long as you have energy, you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience and hike under the Midnight Sun.

Thorsmork Hiking Sun Evening Iceland Sunset Sunrise in Iceland

6. Hiking by volcanoes

Before you start worrying, Iceland monitors its seismic activity very carefully, so it’s perfectly safe to get close to the volcanoes. But can you imagine how imposing it is to hike near these monuments to the power of Mother Nature?

Laugavegur Black Ash Hiking Trekking in Iceland

7. Sense of community

Usually people who decide to hike across Iceland have strong character and great appreciation for nature, so it’s easy to see how a group of like-minded individuals can bond when they meet on a trail in Iceland.

Happy People Jumping Iceland

8. It’s never crowded

However, you will meet a few people. Iceland is not known as a massive tourist destination, so you can rest assured you won’t need to tag onto someone’s back and inevitably watch that for the rest of the hike. 

Hiking Trekking Solo Landmannalaugar in Iceland

9. Natural drinkable water

Most rivers in Iceland contain glacial water, so it’s perfectly drinkable and really tasty. However, you need to make sure you can distinguish clean water. This is where having an experienced guide with you comes in he or she will know when you can enjoy a refreshing sip or when you should stick to your water bottle.

Iceland Drinking Fresh Water Stream River Women

10. Everything is planned

Solo hike across Iceland might sound exotic and challenging, but in reality it is extremely hard to complete. When you go on a guided hike, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of. You don’t need to worry about getting lost while looking for the hut you rented somewhere in remote mountains, or taking the wrong turn on the trail because the wind blew off the marker (and that happens). Let an experienced guide take you for your peace of mind and to hear interesting stories about Iceland in the meantime. 

Hiking Map Reading Camping Landmannalaugar in Iceland

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