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Iceland is sugar

Icelandic chocolate bars and candies

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|October 8, 2015
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When you are driving the Ring Road nr. 1 into Reykjavik you will pass many businesses, among them the chocolate factory „Nói Síríus“, which produces typical Icelandic chocolate bars and candies.

Icelandic candy is a little different to the common sweets, we use to know in the rest of Europe and in the shops you can find the craziest combinations, that taste surprisingly well.

Licorice only with gummy bears? Boring!
Real licorice fans feel like being in paradise in Iceland because of the interesting combinations of chocolate with licorice, marshmallows, cookies and whatever, which is quite common in Iceland.
Many continental inhabitants are not really friends of the bittersweet taste of licorice, but I promise you: you will change your mind during your stay here in Iceland.
And otherwise, there are also plenty of other sweets in Iceland, like for example the famous þristur, a wonderful type of chocolate sweet.
But I always questioned myself that actually, there must be a  reason for the multitude of this really extraordinary sweet selection, you can hardly find in other places of the world.

snowy winter view of jokulsarlon glacier lagoon

On my two-day- trip to the Glacier Lagoon, Jökulsarlon, I found the reason why. Just look precisely at the picture at the top. Can you see this ice-snow-layer on the glacier lagoon? And does it remind you of something ... sweet? Yes, you‘re right. It looks exactly like the sugar glaze of a cake.
Icelandic Sweets Industry probably has a really easy life here in Iceland. They just have to walk through their beautiful landscape.
And I am pretty sure that the inventor of the famous German candies „Gletscher Eis“ (English: glacier ice) was inspired by the blue colored mountain rocks of the Jökulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. 

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