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Beaches in PEI

Explore the best beaches in PEI

|May 13, 2022

Thinking of a beach holiday? Prince Edward Island is your ultimate destination. Here are some of the top beaches to explore on the Island.

Home to some of the most stunning beaches in Canada, Prince Edward Island has over 1100 km of coastline. Although PEI is the smallest Canadian province, the Island is blessed with a vast coastline and numerous remarkable beaches. While there are 23 beaches on the Island, we have only chosen the best 12 for you.

12 Best Beaches in PEI

Beaches in PEI guarantee a good time! If you haven't already made a list of must-visit beaches on the Island, we have done that for you. These are the most recommended beaches that should be on your list.

1. Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island

Cavendish Beach by the Sunset in Canada

Cavendish Beach, PEI, Canada

Located on the North Coast of Charlottetown, Cavendish Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. This white sandy beach has red sandstone cliffs on one side. As a supervised beach with several amenities, Cavendish Beach is a perfect one for families. Everything about this beach is worth a mention, whether it is the picturesque view, the trails leading up to the beach, the well-catered changing rooms, or be it the campfire spots.

2. Thunder Cove Beach, Prince Edward Island

Thunder Cove Beach in Canada

Thunder Cove Beach, PEI, Canada

Located in Lower Darnley, Thunder Cove Beach is one of the most scenic beaches on the island. If you are looking to explore PEI through the off-beaten path, this beach must be on your list of places to visit. From red sandstone cliffs to weathered sea stacks, Thunder Cove has a lot to offer its visitors. For those who are looking for some water adventure, we would also recommend you try kayaking to Teacup Rock, another picturesque spot.

3. Blooming Point Beach, Prince Edward Island

This white sandy beach is located on the North Shore of Prince Edward Island. Blooming Point Beach is a perfect choice for a summer picnic spot, but remember they don't have any amenities. Besides the scenic views, this beach also has an amazing hiking trail.

4. Cabot Beach Provincial Park, Prince Edward Island

Cabot Beach Provincial Park in Canada

Aerial view of Cabot Beach Provincial Park, PEI, Canada

Cabot Beach Park is the largest park in Western Prince Edward Island and is located 25-minute away from Cavendish beach. If you are planning to enjoy a swim, always look out for updates on swimming bans due to currents. Overlooking Malpeque Bay, Cabot Beach is perfect for families.

5. Stanhope Beach, Prince Edward Island

Stanhope Beach in Canada

Stanhope beach, PEI, Canada

From Ross Lane Beach, extending all the way up to Dalvay-by-the-Sea, Stanhope Beach is a part of the Prince Edward Island National Park beach and ecosystem. The Covehead Harbor Lighthouse, built-in 1975, is one of the main attractions of this beach. Besides being one of the best beaches on the island, Stanhope is also accessible and has several amenities for visitors.

6. Chelton Beach, Prince Edward Island

This is a day-use park that is a perfect blend of green space and red sandy beach. You read that right. Like most beaches located along the South shore of PEI, the sand on Chelton Beach is red and the waters are warmer, too. With stunning views of the Confederation Bridge, this beach is one of the most popular spots among residents and visitors alike. If you enjoy paddleboarding or kayaking, Chelton Beach is a great spot to consider.

7. Greenwich Beach, Prince Edward Island

Greenwich Beach in Prince Edward Island National Park

Greenwich Beach, PEI, Canada

Another one of the popular beaches located with Prince Edward Island National Park, Greenwich Beach has an extensive trail system and a floating broad walk. Located on the edge of the biggest sand dunes in the province, Greenwich beach is also home to some rare plant species. With a supervised swimming zone, picnic spots, and other amenities, this secluded beach is truly a hidden gem.

8. Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island

Brackley Beach in Prince Edward Island

Brackley Beach, PEI, Canada

Named after a provincial clerk, this beach is located just 15 minutes away from Charlottetown. Popular amongst families and water sport enthusiasts, Brackley Beach is also an integral part of the Prince Edward Island National Park. Whether it is the towering sand dunes or the soft, white sands, everything is just perfect and scenic here.

9. Cedar Dunes, Prince Edward Island

Tucked away in a quiet provincial park, Cedar Dunes is a delight to explore. The white and black striped West Point Lighthouse, boardwalk, and spectacular sunset views are all reasons why Cedar Dunes must be on your list of beaches to explore.

10. Basin Head, Prince Edward Island

Beach of Basin Head Provincial Park

Basin Head Provincial Park beach, PEI, Canada

If you are looking for a fun day out with your family on the beach, Basin Head is a great choice. Also known as the Singing Sands Beach, the gorgeous white sands have high silica content in them. As a part of the Basin Provincial Park, this beach has hiking trails and a museum. This supervised beach has all the necessary amenities, too.

11. Argyle Shore, Prince Edward Island

Red Cliffs at Argyle Shore in Canada

Aerial view of Argyle shore, PEI, Canada

On the southern shore of the Island, this quiet and peaceful beach is bordered by rugged red cliffs. To access Argyle Beach, you may have to take a short detour from the highway, but we promise you that the views are well worth the effort. As one of the best spots to photograph the Northumberland Strait, this beach offers incredible views that are not to be missed. Argyle Shore is also known for clam digging and hermit crab spotting.

12. King's Castle Beach, Prince Edward Island

King's castle beach is one of the most underrated beaches on the Island. With fairytale statues scattered across, this red sandy beach is totally Instagramable. Suitable for day use, this beach is situated on the Murray River and is a favorite among locals and tourists.

Now that we have been enticed with some scenic beaches to explore on the Island, are you also looking for some stay options? Dalvay-by-the-Sea Hotel, Rodd Brudenell River Resort, and Mill River Resort are some of the best Prince Edward Island beach resorts you should consider.

What are you waiting for? Ge ready to swim, surf, and sunbathe at these stunning beaches on the island. This holiday, be a beach bum and have a good time in one of the most spectacular destinations.

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