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Lighthouses in PEI

Must-visit Lighthouses on PEI

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|March 7, 2022
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These red and white structures can be found across PEI. With over 63 lighthouses, it might be hard to pick and choose the best one to visit. We have curated a special list of the top 10 must-visit lighthouses.

Prince Edward Island is the second provincial lighthouse society in Canada. Along the stunning coastline, you can spot several lighthouses. These white and red structures have been providing comforting beacons on dark nights for generations.

One of the most obvious questions asked during travel research is how many lighthouses there are on Prince Edward Island? While the answer is 63 Island lighthouses, only 35 of them are still being actively used. What's fascinating is that some of these lighthouses were built prior to 1873, and they still stand tall and strong, guiding the sea travelers.

Get ready to enjoy the panoramic views of the stunning landmarks located on PEI.

10 Must-Visit Lighthouses on PEI

While it was hard for us to pick the top 10 lighthouses in Prince Edward Island from 63, we have still managed to. Don't forget to bookmark this list or get a Prince Edward Island lighthouse map, so that you can go on a scenic lighthouse tour across PEI without any hassle.

1. Cape Tryon Lighthouse

Location: Cape Tryon Rd, French River

Right at the edge of a sandstone cliff sits this tall, wooden lighthouse that was built in 1905. Located on private property, this lighthouse is located on the western north coast of Prince Edward Island. Deactivated in 1969, Cape Tryon Lighthouse was replaced by a second lighthouse that is still active.

Cape Tryon Lighthouse in Prince Edward Island

Cape Tryon Lighthouse, Northwest coast of Prince Edward Island

2. Point Prim Lighthouse

Location: 2147 Point Prim Rd, Belfast

As the first and oldest lighthouse on PEI, Point Prim Lighthouse has been guiding vessels from the southeastern entrance to Hillsborough Bay since 1845. This tall structure is also one of the only lighthouses that were made with brick.

Lighthouse and buildings in PEI

The Point Prim Lighthouse in Prince Edward Island, Canada

3. West Point Lighthouse

Location: 364 Cedar Dunes Park Rd, O’Leary

Built-in 1875, West Point Lighthouse Inn on Prince Edward Island is one of the charming Island lighthouses to visit. West Point Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island, was the first of the Island’s square towers that are also known to be the tallest, 20.6m to be precise.

Designed as the first amongst second-generation styles lighthouses, this structure has peculiar black and white stripes and a gable roof to set it apart from the rest.

West Point Lighthouse by the sunset

West Point Lighthouse at sunset, Prince Edward Island

4. Souris East Lighthouse

Location: 134 Breakwater St, Souris

Built-in 1879, this square pyramidal tower is unique for its construction. Located 85 feet above the water, the Souris East Lighthouse is probably the only one that lets visitors enjoy the view from its balcony.

Souris Lighthouse in Prince Edward Island

Souris Lighthouse on Prince Edward Island, Canada

5. Cape Bear Lighthouse

Location: 42 Black Brook Rd, Murray Harbor

Cape Bear Lighthouse is another classic example of the perfect second-generation lighthouse design. Built-in 1881, this lighthouse is located on the southeastern tip of PEI. Also, Cape Bear Lighthouse is one of the seven Marconi Wireless Stations established by Marine and Fisheries.

Cape Bear Lighthouse in Canada

Cape Bear Lighthouse at Prince Edward Island, Canada

As one of the most prominent touristic locations, this Prince Edward Island Lighthouse is famous for the history it has with the Titanic. This was the Lighthouse that heard the first distress signal as the "Unsinkable Ship" sank in Newfoundland.

6. Covehead Harbor Lighthouse

Location: 1430-1530 Gulf Shore Parkway, York

Covehead Harbor Lighthouse is located in Prince Edward Island National Park and is a square tapered tower of 8.2 meters (26.9 feet) in height. The first Covehead Lighthouse was built in 1879 as an entrance into the harbor in Queen’s County. The ever-shifting sandbars and the tall structure make this PEI's smallest and one of the most stunning lighthouses.

Covehead Lighthouse of Stanhope in Canada

Covehead Lighthouse in Stanhope, Prince Edward Island

7. St. Peter’s Lighthouse

Location: 302 Lighthouse Rd, Morell

This well-restored lighthouse is a square tapered wooden structure that was built originally in 1865. The first building was on a breakwater, and the current structure was then migrated 150 m farther inland. This heritage site sits at the entrance of St. Peter's Bay, boasting views of picturesque coastlines.

St Peters Harbour Lighthouse in Canada

St. Peter's Harbour Lighthouse on Prince Edward Island, Canada

8. Panmure Island Lighthouse

Location: 62 Lighthouse Rd, Montague

Panmure Island Lighthouse was the first wooden lighthouse in PEI. Although it is now a historical site, Panmure was originally built to serve and guide heavy shipping in the eastern end of the province. Besides enjoying the remarkable view of the ocean, you could also book a tour to learn more about the history and also shop at the Sand & Sea Gift shop.

Lighthouse of Panmure Island in Canada

Panmure Island Lighthouse on Prince Edward Island, Canada

9. North Cape lighthouse

Location: Lot 1, Seacow Pond

As one of the oldest and most charming wooden lighthouses still standing, North Cape lighthouse is listed among the most important light towers in PEI. Located at the northwestern tip of PEI, this octagonal tower offers stellar views and an Insta-worthy picture to save it in memory.

North Cape Lighthouse in Prince Edward Island

North Cape Lighthouse at Prince Edward Island, Canada

10. East Point Lighthouse

Location: 404 Lighthouse Rd, Elmira

Known as Canada’s Confederation Lighthouse, this structure has served the eastern end of the province since 1867. From local artifacts to portraits of the lighthouse’s keepers, this Lighthouse is a true delight to explore. East Point Lighthouse also offers a panoramic view of the surrounding beaches and is one of the must-see places on Prince Edward Island.

Lighthouse and it's buildings in PEI

East Point Lighthouse in Prince Edward Island, Canada

For a unique stay experience, the Prince Edward Island lighthouse hotel, also known as the 4-star West Point Lighthouse Inn, is a great recommendation to consider. With over 11 contemporary rooms that feature walkout decks, this hotel stay is a distinct experience in itself. Imagine staying in a room that overlooks the ocean, the waves that sound musical, and spectacular sunset views to enjoy. West point lighthouse Prince Edward Canada offers just that!

If you still wanted to narrow down the list, we would totally recommend you consider:

  • West Point Lighthouse Inn & Museum, Prince Edward Island

  • North Cape lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

  • East Point Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

  • Point Prim Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

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