Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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Newfoundland and Labrador is the easternmost province of Canada. With a rich and diverse cultural heritage, these regions are known for their Inuit, British, French, and Basque (and many more!) influences.

Newfoundland is famous for its unique heritage and cultural identity, as well as its rugged northern landscape and marine life. Authenticated Viking settlements have shown European settlers arrived as early as the 11 century on the island--however, it was also the last province to leave the British dominion and join the confederation of Canada, in 1949. The province also holds claims to the most easterly point on North America, Cape Spear.

Traditionally a land of fishermen, loggers and trappers, Newfoundland has now become a tourist hot spot. The rich marine environment of Newfoundland is home to countless birds as well as whales and seals, and the area offers endless photo opportunities.

Labrador, part of the eastern Canadian mainland, is one of the most remote and pristine wildernesses in the world. With towering mountains and a coastline of stunning fjords, the region is twice the size of Newfoundland, yet houses only 6% of the province’s entire population. The jewel in this region is the Torngat Mountains National Park, one of the most remote and least visited parks in Canada. The park contains the highest mountain peaks on mainland Canada east of the Rocky Mountains.

Cruises along Labrador’s shoreline allow you to visit some of the highlights of the Torngat Mountains, such as Nachvak Fjord, the archeological site at Ramah and Sajek Fjord. These cruises also offer a chance to visit the abandoned settlement of Hebron and several local villages along the coast include Makkovik, Nain and Hopedale. All have a rich culture and history going back many years.

Backpackers can also access the interior of the park through lodges in northern Quebec and fly-out services for self-guided hiking expeditions are available. There are several routes to choose from for the avid backpacker and food drops, safety gear and route planning are all provided.

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