Chase the Midnight Sun: Iceland and Canada tours available now!

Explore vast stretches of scenic coastline, revel in the wilderness, and authentically connect with local communities. Lounge, learn, explore - the choice is all yours. Cruising is the perfect mix of nature and comfort. Check out our amazing adventure cruises throughout the arctic, plus our small group cruise tours that offer intimate experiences along Canada’s Pacific coast and unique river cruises on the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories.

A cruise is a cost-effective and enjoyable way to travel around some of the most remote destinations, offering a multitude of onboard and land-based activities. Make the most of our sea exploration tours and sail around the coasts of Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, and Canada!

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What makes Arctic cruises so special?

The Arctic regions are thought of as some of the most isolated, rugged and ice-filled in the world. While the road access might be difficult or impossible, sea and ocean waters unfold for the cruise ship.

Front view of Cruise Ship

It’s a chance to see the stunning variety of vistas. One day you wake up to vibrant green meadows hiding ancient Viking settlements. By lunchtime, you might be watching giant whales leaping of the ocean. In the evening you may anchor at the world’s largest uninhabited island.

Cruising is a fantastic way to see the Arctic in all its exquisite beauty, while not a minute is wasted. Onboard entertainment and education agenda will keep your adventure drive going.

Where else you can unwind in a spa while floating between voluminous icebergs?

What are cruise tours?

Going on a cruise is like stepping aboard a large floating hotel. There’s a myriad of comfortable amenities onboard: educational programs, interactive workshops, entertainment events, and luxury cuisine - you name it and our cruise ship has it.

After you book a cruise, your ship departs from a certain location and while on the tour, you’ll be given a wide choice of shore excursions and entertainment activities onboard.

Our cruise tours range from 10 to 17 days on average. Usually, the port fees and all the amenities are included in the price, so you’ll only need to support your personal expenses and staff gratuities. You’ll also need a passport to go on some cruise tours because the route will include crossing international borders.

Luxury breakfast on a cruise

Each itinerary provides a range of locations and while onboard, each day will introduce you to a new destination packed with thrilling adventures. Cruises are the ultimate way of traveling in comfort, as you unpack your luggage just once, and your hotel goes everywhere with you!

In addition to all the conveniences, there’s a thrill of waking up every day in a new place. Can’t decide between Greenland and Iceland? Why choose? Just pick a cruise that takes you to both, and cross out these destinations off your wish list!

What is a circumnavigation cruise?

During a circumnavigation cruise, you will travel around a specific area in a circle, usually beginning and ending the tour in the same location. It is a time-efficient and invigorating way to explore the area without standing in a queue, or going through the rigmarole of arranging transportation.

Cruising the Canadian fjords

If the around-the-world cruises seem unrealistic or overwhelming, it’s better to begin by exploring some corners in detail. Circumnavigation voyages are extremely destination-focused. Passengers spend more time learning about the local culture and wildlife, than they would standing in lines. Get up close and personal with the resplendent autumn colors of Newfoundland fishing villages or witness newly formed islands in Iceland. These are not your average tourist attractions, and there are many more for you to uncover!

What to do/see on a cruise?

There are plenty of options for exploring the surrounding area while on a cruise. Your ship will often be sailing within touching-distance of wild animals, coastal villages, and natural wonders.

Meanwhile, life on a deck offers something for all ages and interests. Pamper yourself in the spa, relax by the pool, or take a chance to learn something new! Take part in engaging enrichment programs, go to interactive workshops and expert lectures to get an insight into a variety of topics.

When possible, once and sometimes a few times a day, we break into guided groups on land, depending on interest and physical ability. We do our best to make sure no traveler is left behind, and everyone is enjoying their time!

Your shore excursions may include an optional hike in the area, a Zodiac boat tour, wildlife watching activities, and many others. You’re usually provided a range of activities to choose from. In some regions, you can also visit small communities that can’t be accessed by road, and enjoy a traditional welcome from the locals. These informative and engaging land tours accompanied by expert guides will enrich your cruise vacation.

When is the best time to go on a cruise?

The majority of Arctic cruise tours happen during summer and early autumn due to more favorable weather conditions. In the winter, the harsh weather and ice floes can make it difficult for any ship to sail. During the warmer months, it’s also easier to spot wildlife and go sightseeing on the waypoints of the cruise.

Which tour is right for me?

We offer a variety of cruise itineraries, as well as a choice of cabin styles and guided activity options to suit the interests of each traveler. Choose between different regions and durations. These tours will suit anyone in reasonably good health and physical condition and with an adventurous spirit!

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Still got questions about cruising? Find the answer here!

Our ship is the gallant Ocean Endeavour, a mighty nine-deck vessel that can host 198 guests. The cruise ship is equipped with high-class facilities: bars, restaurants, swimming pools, jacuzzi, spa, gym, library, and shops. You can find out more about the ship on the Ocean Endeavour information page.

All adventurers who are in reasonably good health and physical condition are welcome aboard!  However, keep in mind that during shore excursions you might be required to walk on craggy terrain, and you’ll also descend a flight of stairs to board Zodiac boats from the ship.

No, there is no age limit for cruise tours. The age of our passengers has ranged from 3 weeks to 95 years old. We do our best to accommodate each and every passenger.

However, due to the nature of some of our tours, we cannot always accommodate disabilities. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Definitely yes!

Depending on the weather conditions, we’ll disembark the ship at least once a day and have a guided tour around the surrounding area, visit local communities, sail in Zodiacs to spot some wonderful wildlife or hike some unspoiled hidden routes!

Zodiacs are sturdy, rigid-hulled, inflatable watercrafts with an outboard motor.

These boats are light, fast, mobile, and can float on shallow waters, so they are often used for nature-viewing excursions. We’ll use Zodiacs for whale and bird watching, sightseeing, and just sailing along the secluded rocky coastlines!Zodiacs are open-air and can easily pass between obstacles, such as icebergs and rocks. This makes it easier to get up close to some otherwise unreachable natural giants of the sea!

These sturdy rafts can fit up to 10 passengers, not including the driver. Our zodiacs can travel at an approximate speed of 7.4 km/h or 4.6 mi/h (4 knots). However, in windy weather, expect to have quite a swift, splashy ride.

We’ll be disembarking Zodiacs onto gravelly and rocky beaches. Therefore, it’s mandatory that you use life preservers and waterproof gear to stay safe and dry during expeditions.

On Ocean Endeavour cruise trips, you will receive a 100%-waterproof insulated expedition jacket. However, you must have your own Gore-Tex (or similar) waterproof pants. You’ll get a detailed packing list upon booking.

On our trips, passengers need to be moderately mobile and active, as one of the most important parts of tours will include onshore and Zodiac expeditions.

In some locations, we can have quite lengthy hikes over variable terrain, without onshore rest facilities nearby. Other times we will sail in Zodiacs for an hour or even longer while on the lookout for wildlife in the chilly waters. We may also visit a town, where you will explore the area and walk around at your own pace. Whatever the excursion, note that they are all optional.

Please also note that not all decks have elevator access, so you must be able to climb stairs between decks if needed. You will also need to climb the external gangway stairs to board the Zodiacs.

Of course, the ship crew and the guides are always ready to provide assistance if needed.

As most of the trips are during midsummer and early autumn, the weather in the region is usually comfortable. Some days can be sunny with the temperature reaching 18°C. However, the weather in the Arctic regions can also drop to around 0°C as well.

Our maritime destinations are normally warmer than the Arctic in the summer, and sunshine can make a big difference too. During land excursions, you might be able to stay rather warm while on your hike, but always stay cautious and bring warm clothes, as the weather can change quickly and unexpectedly.

We advise dressing as you would for spring and autumn, and always keep additional layers at hand.

Zodiac excursions tend to be chilly regardless of the weather. Therefore, you need waterproof and warm clothing to stay comfortable.

Normally in summer and autumn, the waters are calm, but the weather can change at any time. In case you suffer from seasickness, get advice from your doctor about the remedies.

No. You’ll get lightweight rubber boots for walking in the shallow water between the Zodiacs and the shore. Once we’re onshore, you may change the rubber boots to hiking shoes.

Yes! Families are always welcome to join these adventure cruises. Additionally, there might be discounts for young adults and children. Please contact us for details.

If you are a solo traveler, please note that there is no single supplement only on certain tours and in certain cabins. This means that private cabins are available only on some tours, but not all.

Please refer directly to a specific tour description or contact us regarding single supplement policy.

Aboard our vessel, the Ocean Endeavour, we offer both a la carte and buffet breakfasts and lunches, while dinner is served a la carte.

Meal selection includes meat, seafood, and vegetarian options. When possible, the chefs will incorporate local delicacies (caribou, Arctic char, cod cheeks, etc.)

If you need more information about the meals for children or those with allergies or dietary restrictions, please contact us in advance.

Yes! During our visits to local communities, you can buy various unique handicrafts from the artists. Remember to have cash if you are planning to buy something, as the shops in the communities may not be equipped with credit card terminals and ATMs may be scarce.

Additionally, many countries’ border controls may restrict importing certain items. Please check the customs regulations customs before your journey if you are planning to purchase some souvenirs or crafts. If you need further information, please contact our customer service.

The Ocean Endeavour is equipped with a small infirmary, basic emergency supplies, and an emergency doctor. Regardless, travel medical and evacuation insurance is mandatory. You can get in touch with us for further details.

Although mosquitoes and black flies are common during the summer in the regions where we travel, the sea and the breeze generally keep them away. However, there is a small chance that the mosquitos may bother you, so we recommend bringing bug spray or nets to guarantee your comfort.