Ontario, Canada

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Ontario is Canada’s most populous province, home to the nation’s capital, Ottawa, and the most populous city, Toronto. The province is usually divided into two regions: the cities and parks of the South, and the cold winters and thick forests of the North.

Southern Ontario has plenty of wilderness to explore. This region includes the cottage country area of Muskoka and the famous Algonquin Provincial Park. Algonquin was Ontario's first designated provincial park and has long been a popular destination for hikers and canoeists. In the summer you can camp and canoe at its many lakes, or spend time at its wilderness lodges. In the winter the park offers dog sledding, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Algonquin has a healthy wildlife population including moose, wolves and a variety of birds.

Ontario's Great Lakes are a paddler’s dream location. Kayaking tours on Lake Superior and Georgian Bay offer a chance to explore beautiful coastlines. Clear water, protective coves, and granite islands make the Great Lakes one of the best kayaking locations in North America.

Northern Ontario is considered one of the best fishing locations in Canada. With over 150,000 lakes, rivers and streams teeming with fish, the NW region of the Boreal Forest is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the country. Lake fishing is the most popular adventure in this part of Ontario, with opportunities to catch large northern pike, walleye, lake trout, and smallmouth bass. The open spaces and unspoiled wilderness are a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of city life, drawing thousands of people each year.

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