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While Canada is the second-largest country in the world, most of it is uninhabited. Dotted with lakes, rivers, and shorelines, the countryside hides many gems that can only be reached by water. If you’re seeking Canadian natural treasures, kayaking is the perfect way to explore this land of two million lakes, over 8500 rivers and 3 oceans.

Our Canadian kayaking adventures are perfect for novice paddlers and experienced adventurers alike. Explore the unspoiled scenery, glide through the water and encounter diverse wildlife along the way. Our adventurous kayaking tours are the best way to see all the wonders that Canada has to offer!

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Kayaking in Canada

What Is a Kayak

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Kayaks are light and come equipped with a paddle that has a blade on both ends. The paddle is constructed in a way that the paddler doesn’t have to move from side to side in order to head straight. Hence, it moves quickly and uses up less of the kayaker’s energy than canoeing.  Both types of kayaks are made out of light and steadfast materials, making them easy to portage. All of our tours provide light and comfortable kayaks.

There are two types of kayaks – sit inside and sit on top. The sit-in is more traditional and means that the paddler's lower body is inside the hull and protected from the water. These types of kayaks are preferred for multi-day tours in colder waters and perfect for sea or ocean kayaking. Sit-in kayaks keep the paddler dry even in stormy waters and are easier to maneuver through fast rapids.

Sit-on-top kayaks do not cover the legs and, as the name suggests, you simply sit on top of the kayak. This makes it easier to get in and out of.

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Kayaking is a fun and time-tested way to explore Canada’s unique nature. It combines everything from paddling through challenging rapids and dynamic landscapes to tranquil drifting leeward and watching animals in their natural habitats.

The first known kayakers were the Inuits, the indigenous peoples of the Arctic. They fashioned vessels from driftwood or whalebones to maneuver easily through icy waters. Kayaks were mainly used for hunting and were designed to keep the hunter warm and dry throughout the journey. The Inuits stretched animal skins over the frame and used whale and caribou fat to keep the kayaks waterproof and watertight.

The main differences between a kayak and a canoe are the shape and paddles. A kayak is closed and has a cockpit for sitting in. The paddler's lower body is inside the hull, protected from the water. A canoe is open, the paddler kneels on the vessel. Kayak paddle has a blade on both ends, while a canoe has a paddle with a single blade.

While modern kayaks are made of polyethylene, light and flexible type of plastic, they are still an irreplaceable and traditional part of North American travel. As it was 4,000 years ago, the kayak remains one of the best vessels to explore the natural and historical treasures that Canada has to offer.

Kayaking in the Fog

Most kayaking tours take place from July to August or September. While kayaks do keep the paddlers warm and dry better than any other similar vessels, summer is still the best time to enjoy the picturesque coastlines of Canada.

Most bodies of water in Canada get covered in thick ice during the cold months. Summer and early autumn is the best time to spot migrating wildlife and enjoy the full range of aquatic activities that Canada has to offer.

About Kayaking Tours

How to Choose the Best Kayaking Tour

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We offer a wide variety of kayaking tours, and sometimes it can be rather difficult to decide which tour is the right one for you. Choose depending on your level, what other activities you’re looking for, or the area you’d like to visit. Each of our tours has something special to offer. All you need to do is pick the one that suits you best!

Kayaking can be both challenging and serene, so choose a tour depending on your level of experience. Our kayaking tours vary from educational trips, where you have time to master newfound kayaking techniques, to challenging adventures for experienced paddlers that take your ride to the next level.

Whether you’re a novice paddler looking to learn kayaking skills, or an accomplished kayaker ready to deepen your knowledge, we have something to offer. A kayaking getaway on the Georgian Bay in Ontario is the perfect tour for you! You’ll master kayaking techniques and learn about sea kayaking while exploring the stunning surroundings of Georgian Bay’s scenic waters.

The Great Slave Lake kayaking expedition is the perfect choice for those who have kayaked at least once before. You don’t need to be a highly skilled paddler, but the tour takes you through remote locations, hence familiarity with paddling techniques is a real asset on this journey.

Experienced kayakers will love the Arctic kayaking expedition around Ellesmere Island in Nunavut. Harsh weather conditions in this extremely isolated place make it an unforgettable adventure and a fun challenge for expert kayakers.

Canada is the perfect place to learn kayaking or challenge your existing paddling skills. Choose a kayaking tour that is suitable for your experience and don’t worry about anything else. Our experienced guides will always be by your side to help!

kayaking near floating icebergs

Whether you’re after a short getaway or a two-week holiday, fancy swimming alongside killer whales or simply have the desire to explore the Arctic wildlife – we have the perfect kayaking tour for you.

For those looking for a short getaway packed with unforgettable experiences, a three-day and two-night camping trip in the Georgian Bay is an excellent choice. This tour will introduce you to essential kayaking techniques that you can put to good use on any other kayaking expedition.

Some of our tours offer itineraries for different trip lengths. During each of those tours, you’ll explore the area, but longer tours will allow you to get to know the surroundings in a bit more depth. You’ll also have more time to spend in the splendid nature.

Our kayaking tour on the Great Slave Lake offers seven unforgettable days of paddling on the deepest lake in North America. During the week, you have a chance of seeing the supernatural colors of the Northern Lights dancing across the sky.

The longest tour on our list will take you to the remote wilderness of Ellesmere Island. 15 memorable days will allow you to explore the most secluded places in the Arctic. Forget the chaos of the modern world and disconnect as you immerse yourself in this pristine wilderness adventure.

kayaking at sunset in canada

Which kayak destination is best depends on which region you’re interested in exploring. Some of the tours offer awe-inspiring wildlife watching, while others feature unbelievable natural landscapes in the secluded wilderness. Our tours will take you high above the Arctic Circle or to the bay with more than 30,000 islands. They’ll introduce you to majestic orcas and show you the oldest cliffs in the world, counting 2.7 billion years!

The Great Slave Lake kayaking expedition begins in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories and takes you to the most remote corners of the famous lake. Dark nights in this remote area, far away from any artificial lights, create a great opportunity to experience the magic of the legendary Northern Lights.

Our Georgian Bay Getaway in Ontario is a perfect tour for those who don’t want to disconnect from the world for too long. The bay has eight provincial parks, a national park, and over 30,000 islands, making it a kayaker’s paradise! We offer 3-day, 5-day and 7-day tours along the bay. Georgian Bay Islands National Park features windswept pines, bare rock cliffs, and endless beaches that will stick in your memory for a long time.

The most remote adventure on our list takes you to the wilderness of the Arctic. Ellesmere Island in Nunavut is one of the world's wildest areas, close to the west coast of Greenland. Explore the legacy of the Dorset, Thule and Viking cultures on this unspoiled stretch of the Arctic.


Still got questions about kayaking? Find the answer here!

There are from 5 to 10 travelers per group. The traveler-to-guide ratio on most tours is 5:1.

Choose depending on the types of activities that interest you and your experience level. Some trips offer different itineraries so you can decide how much time you’d like to spend on the tour.

Most tours are designed for adults, but some are also suitable for families with children and teenagers.

Yes, you can travel solo, a lot of travelers do. Some of our tours offer single kayaks. In case of paddling in tandem, you’ll be paired up with another person.

All of our kayaking tours are camping based, as some of the tours run in uninhabited areas and there’s simply no other accommodation available for miles around.

You’ll be staying in high-quality expedition tents. On some tours, you might need to bring your own sleeping bag.

A detailed list of what to bring will be sent out to travelers before the tour. In most cases, it includes a recommended clothing and gear list.

Each of the tours indicates a recommended level of physical experience. Easy tours require less fitness preparation, but we still recommend that you are relatively used to outdoor activity. Challenging tours imply that you’ll need a higher fitness level, as we often engage in a rather intense paddling and occasional mountain hiking.

Gratuities are optional, but most travelers do tip their guides. The usual tip throughout the tour makes up around 5% of the trip fee.