Manitoba, Canada

Multi-day tours in Manitoba


Manitoba is a huge region in Canada, a mix of tallgrass prairie, forests, wetlands to the South, and a wild wilderness frontier to the North.

Riding Mountain National Park is the jewel of the area and it is a location where several of these diverse ecosystems converge making it the perfect location for wildlife viewing. The park has a strong population of wolves, moose, elk, bears as well as a captive population of bison.

You will find the provincial capital of Winnipeg here. Situated at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, Winnipeg is a vibrant city that is culturally diverse and considered an important transportation hub to eastern and western Canada as well as the United States.

To the North is a true wilderness frontier and its limited road access makes it one of the most remote places in Canada. Northern Manitoba is most famously known for the town of Churchill. Known as the ‘polar bear capital of the world’, tourists from all parts of the planet descend on this small northern community in the summer and fall to view the large population of polar bears that frequent the area. Lodges situated along the coast of the Hudson Bay make perfect bases from which to watch the bears gather in large numbers and wait for the bay to freeze over so they can head out on the ice for winter seal hunting. This is a wildlife watching experience not to be missed.

The region is also abundant in lakes and rivers making it an angler’s paradise. Lake trout, walleye and northern pike are the species of choice here and the many fly-in lodges and camps offer the avid fisherman some of the best trophy fishing in the world.

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