Experience true Nordic winter with these Iceland and Canada tours!

When visiting Canada, fishing trips are one of the best ways to enjoy its wild waterways and reconnect with nature. Depart to spellbinding lush forests, remote pure alpine lakes, and fresh mountain streams that are teeming with some of the healthiest fish populations in the world.  Take a floatplane into remote northern lakes and stay at amazing wilderness lodges and outpost cabins many miles from the nearest road. On the Pacific Coast, there are lodges, charters and guides that provide access to some of the best fishing in the world with its numerous remote inlets, sounds and channels of the northern BC Coast and Vancouver Island.

Canada rewards anglers with bountiful catches of trout, salmon, halibut, mountain whitefish, arctic char, walleye, northern pike, arctic grayling and many others. Which of the 1,200 fish species in Canada’s waters will you hook?

So what’s your dream fishing vacation? Looking for a secluded getaway to revel in the secluded beauty of the rivers and streams? Or seeking out a fantastic lake or ocean trip with the family or other like-minded companions at a luxury lodge or remote cabin? These are the ultimate fishing adventures for both expert fishermen and novices!

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About fishing in Canada

Canada’s untamed wilderness and high-quality fisheries lure anglers from all over the world. Choose between self-guided trips or guided fishing tours to tailor your fishing holiday to your taste. Canada’s freshwater lakes and streams are rich in oxygen, where, in some places, you can see your lure as deep as 40 feet (12 m) below the surface.

Canada is an angler’s paradisal collection of deserted coastal streams, largely untapped rivers, and pristine nature. Nearly every freshwater species can be found in Canada, and many of them are unusually large, surprising even expert trophy fishermen. Here you’ll find a great selection of tranquil spots to sling a hook on your own in some of the most stunning rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

Fly Fishing in Canada

If you wish to hone your skills, we offer tours with experienced guides, who will share their expertise with you and make sure you have the chance to catch the fish you’ve been dreaming about all this time!

Some call Canada’s British Columbia salmon heaven, with all 5 Pacific salmon species available to the angler.  Chinook (also known as Spring or King), can exceed 60 pounds.  A Chinook salmon over 30 pounds is known as a Tyee, and catching one of these fish is unforgettable.  Coho and Sockeye salmon are also popular and considered the best eating salmon, with Pink and Chum salmon rounding out the list. During the famous salmon run from summer until late autumn, anglers often have to share their hauls with the biggest salmon fans - bears.

Fly fishing on a lake

Throughout spring and summer, trout fishing lures anglers from all over the world. You can cast your bait for some of the finest Steelhead, Lake, Rainbow, Bull and Brown Trout in the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Fishing for Dolly Varden and Mountain Whitefish is also incredibly rewarding.

Choose between saltwater or freshwater action, and practice different fishing techniques: from fly, trophy, spin cast and sight fishing to catch-and-release - you name it, and Canada is the perfect playground for it!

Guests often incorporate some hiking into their fishing getaway as well, because the Canadian wilderness is simply irresistible! Trailblazers, bucket-listers, and nature-enthusiasts - everyone can find what they enjoy.

Fishing Lodges and Camps in Canada

To fully appreciate the country’s fine angling surroundings, it’s best to stop at the spots where only wildlife will keep you company. Our wide selection of secluded cottages and fishing camps offers a spectacular backdrop for your fishing trip. It’s a perfect opportunity to be on the lookout for other wildlife, especially for caribou, moose, eagles, and other animals.

Enjoy luxury accommodation in completely private fishing lodges during a fly-in Canadian angling adventure on the Yukon Lakes and in the Northwest Territories. Our private lodges will keep you safe and comfortable, combining modern amenities in a rustic setting. Make use of our fishing boats in your pursuit of Lake Trout, Northern Pike, and Arctic Grayling.

Man fishing in Canada

For a remote fly-in fishing trip, visit the Caribou Mountains in central British Columbia and get a unique opportunity to visit Canada’s Blue Ribbon rivers! Hundreds of thousands of Sockeye return to these rivers each year to spawn and complete their life cycle.

Quesnel Lake watershed hosts British Columbia's largest and most famous salmon run. For a change of activity, why not visit the fly fishing lodge on the lakeside? It offers access to the uncrowded backcountry with splendid mountain views.

Depending on your tour preferences, you can stay in the secluded fly-in outposts, the wilderness, private lodges or fishing camps. Canada’s unparalleled fisheries are nothing short of incredible!

Fly-In Fishing in Canada

On one of our fly-in fishing adventures, you’ll take a flight to a specific (normally very remote) location. There you’ll be provided with a cabin of your own (sometimes with a caretaker living nearby). You’ll be dropped off with your gear and provisions, and you can begin your private fishing journey - a dream for many anglers.

Fisherman throws fishing rod

Fly-in fishing outposts give you access to some of the most glorious rivers and lakes you could ever wade in, where you can catch fish of amazing proportions. You’ll be able to enjoy the surrounding vistas from the plane on your way in. Then, once you arrive, you’ll experience these undisturbed landscapes while doing the sport you enjoy.

Another reason to opt for fly-in fishing is that you’ll have a big chance of reeling in large fish, as such locations are isolated and largely undisturbed. Fly-in fishing is especially popular in the crystal-clear lakes and rivers of Yukon Territory.

Lake Fishing in Canada

There are about 31,752 lakes, many which remain pristine and largely unchanged. Gorgeous reservoirs with turquoise water are encircled by stunning mountain peaks - a special treat for the visitor’s eyes. Canada’s lake fishing lodges and camps offer some of the world’s best angling locations for Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Walleye, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout and more.

With the huge diversity of lakes in the country, there is a perfect trip for every angler regardless of their budget, species preference or fishing style. Full-service lodges offer all the comforts of home. Meanwhile, outpost camps are perfect for the budget minded do-it-yourself angler who prefers to set their personal schedule and fish on their own.

Men fishing from a boat

Some camps and lodges are only accessible by air, offering a fly-in experience to lakes that are virtually unfished - ideal for those who want to beat their personal best. Many remote road-accessible lodges and camps also have plentiful fishing opportunities in provinces across Canada.

Most lodges and camps offer both fly-fishing and spin casting activities. Fishing techniques vary, but trolling, casting or vertical jigging are all effective methods on Canada’s lakes. Lake Trout exceeding 40 pounds (18 kg) and northern pike in the 30-pound (13.6 kg) range are often caught in northern Canada’s productive lakes.

Meanwhile, trout fishing enthusiasts will enjoy the multiple trout lakes scattered throughout British Columbia. Catch-and-release policies on many lakes ensure the fishing remains as fruitful and that the larger fish are allowed to reach trophy size.

River Fishing in Canada

From coast to coast, Canada’s countless creeks and rivers stretch through breathtaking prairies, woods, and mountains. The country offers tremendous river fishing opportunities from lodges that can be accessed by road or by air. These locations are well known for some of the richest steelhead and salmon populations in the world and can be accessed from deluxe riverside lodges.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, go reeling in the streams of British Columbia, or the Chilcotin Mountain range. Drift fishing, fly fishing, wading - we guarantee freedom, plenty of fish and an action-packed holiday! Lodges along the BC coast often include flights to and from Vancouver for easy access.

British Columbia has many river fishing outposts located along its remote northern coast. To reach even more remote areas, fly-in lodges are an angler’s dream combining untouched areas of natural beauty and seldom fished river systems.

Fishing in Canada Lake

There are few fishing destinations in the world that can compare to Canada’s meandering rivers. Whether you’re fishing for record-breaking Atlantic salmon, landlocked salmon, whitefish, brook trout, northern pike, or Arctic char, this is the right place to go. The mild climate and multiple seasonal fish runs create the river fishing trip of a lifetime.

Savor the day and explore the wild nature of the untamed rivers. These waters are home to wild native trout ranging in size up to 20 lbs (9 kg) and are excellent for dry fly and streamer fishing.

Come stand in cool, window-clear waters – some that have never seen a rod – and wait for the big fish to test your skills.

Which tour is for me?

We offer a wide selection of fishing tours with different angling techniques, duration, locations, and fish species. Each tour is spectacular in its own way, and there’s no wrong choice when it comes to fishing in Canada! If you’re ready for your ultimate fishing vacation, see the options below to help you decide.

Looking For A Remote Fishing Lodge All To Yourself?

a plane at sunset on a lake

Want To Hone Your Fly Fishing Techniques?

Discover remote rivers and creeks and lounge in the cozy ranch on our River Stream Fly Fishing tour.

Man fishing in blue ribbon river

Interested In Sport And Trophy Fishing?

Fisherman catch fish

Looking For A Retreat On Canada’s Pure Silver-Blue Lakes?

Man fishing on a lake


Still got questions about fishing? Find the answer here!

There are over 1,200 fish species living in Canadian waters. The most popular catches on fishing trips are Bull Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Kokanee Salmon, and Mountain Whitefish. In the lakes, you can also cast a line for Lake Trout and Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Burbot, and Lake Whitefish.

When you are looking through the different tour options, you can divide them based upon the type of fish that you would like to catch.

If you are an avid fisherman or are coming on a fishing trip to the private lodge, then we recommend bringing your own tackle and gear. However, on most guided trips, if you don’t normally fish and lack the gear, we provide equipment for rent.

If you need further information, contact us directly.

Yes, you’ll need to have a valid fishing license. In most cases, you’ll be asked to bring your own fishing tackle and gear as well. Please contact us for further information regarding specific trips.

Most fishing tours happen from late spring through to early autumn (May-October). The peak season for salmon in Canada runs from June through September. The season for trout opens in late April and early May, and anglers start targeting brown trout and brook trout in the upper sections of rivers.

Most of the fishing lodges are family-friendly, with discounts for kids under 14 who share a room with adults. However, depending on the trip, the conditions may change, therefore, contact us regarding specific tours.

Catch and release is generally encouraged but small fish can be kept for shore lunches. However, on some tours (for example on Canadian Blue Ribbon rivers), only catch and release is practiced.

It is up to you to choose between self-guided tours and tours with instructors.

Fishing trips in private lodges and outpost camps are normally self-guided. However, lodge staff may be available to instruct you on basic techniques, give advice and point out the main locations on request.

Other tours offer interpretive day trips that are included in the price or fishing guides for an additional cost.The Chilcotin Holiday Ranch offers a guided fishing experience with expert instructors who cater to both the serious sports fishermen and novices. Instructions and practice are included in the price.

Group size varies greatly among the tours. In wilderness lodges, your group may have up to 35 visitors, while in private lodges, you can stay on your own. See individual tour descriptions for exact numbers.