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Fly-in Fishing Lodge on Kasba Lake, Northwest Territories

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Fishing for Trophy Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling in Canada


This world-class fly-in fishing lodge located in the Northwest Territories is where your Canadian Arctic fishing dreams will be realized. In northern Canada, near the borders of the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, you will find an exceptional family-run fishing lodge on Kasba Lake. At this fly-in lodge, you will have easy access to some of the most productive and gently-fished waters of northern Canada.  Huge lake trout are found here, the northern pike is off the charts, and world-record arctic grayling are within easy reach.


  • Fly-in Fishing Lodge Northwest Territories
  • Direct Flight from Winnipeg Manitoba
  • Wilderness Arctic Fishing in Canada
  • Experienced Guides
  • Amazing Meals and Service
  • Kasba Lake
  • Kazan River
  • Lake Trout
  • Northern Pike
  • Arctic Grayling


Located in the true wilderness of the Northwest Territories, Kasba Lake lies just north of the 60th parallel in the transitional zone of the tree line, with the great Boreal forest to the south and the vast open tundra of the barren lands to the north. Kasba is a big lake of over 1500 square miles, with countless islands, bays, and a reef structure, which provides an exceptionally productive habitat for fish.

There are no other lodges on the lake, and the owners have had a catch & release policy in place for more than 40 years. You will have the chance to catch the biggest lake trout, northern pike, and arctic grayling of your life here. Current lodge records are 56 pounds for lake trout, 36 pounds for northern pike, and 5 ½  pounds for arctic grayling - which is just shy of the world record.

Your Canadian signature fishing vacation at Kasba Lake is even more remarkable when considering the entire experience. Not only is the fishing world-class, but the lodge, cabin accommodations, service, meals, boats, equipment, and guides are exceptional. You will fly directly from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the lodge’s private airstrip, just steps away from the main lodge and your modern cabin with all the comforts of home. This is Kasba Style!

The lodge is located on a long peninsula in the sheltered western portion of Kasba Lake. There is amazing fishing near the lodge, so even on windy days, you can always get out on the water and go fishing. During your stay, you can hop on a floatplane and fly out to other rarely-fished lakes in the area, plus head north to the amazing Kazan River for world-record arctic grayling.

Availability Late June - late August
Duration 4-8 nights
Departs From Winnipeg, MB
Difficulty Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Group maximum 36 people
Meet on Location No
Pick Up No


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  • Personal Experience
  • Fast & secure payment
  • International number: +1 778 348 1676
  • Please note that you will be charged in USD for this tour

Prices per person (2024):

  • 4 Days: $5395 USD
  • 6 Days: $6795 USD
  • 8 Days: $7795 USD

All prices are based on double occupancy.
Single occupancy, add $135 per day.
For Floatplane fly-outs, add $600 per person per fly-out.

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What's Included

Find out what is included and what to bring.


  • Return flights from Winnipeg to the Lodge on wheeled aircraft
  • Accommodations
  • All meals, appetizers, shore lunches, soft beverages
  • Boats, motors, fuel
  • Fishing rods, reels, tackle
  • But feel free to bring your own tackle
  • Fly fishing gear
  • Waders
  • Expert guides
  • WiFi Internet

What to bring

  • Rain gear (jacket and pants)
  • Warm jacket
  • Fleece clothing
  • Long underwear, top & bottom
  • Toque or balaclava
  • Long pants & long sleeve shirts
  • Hiking boots, camp shoes
  • Wet shoes or rubber boots
  • Hat & neoprene gloves
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm
  • Personal toiletries and medication
  • Full packing list is provided at booking

Not Included

  • Fishing licenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Beer, Wine, Liquor (can be purchased at the lodge’s lounge)
  • Personal purchases from the lodge, such as lost tackle and lures
  • Optional fly-outs
  • Hotel night(s) in Winnipeg
  • Gratuities

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Find out more details about the tour and its highlights


Day 1: You will depart your hotel in Winnipeg by 5:45 am for the 6:30 am departure of the direct charter flight to Kasba Lake. After a comfortable 4-hour flight, where you will enjoy a light breakfast, you will land on the private airstrip right beside the lodge. Once you land at the lodge, you will receive your fishing license and enjoy a hearty brunch. Then it is back to your cabin to organize your gear, meet your professional guide and get down to the boats. It's time for some spectacular Canadian fishing!

You will have a full day of fishing on your first day, including a gourmet shore supper. A light buffet at the lodge will be waiting for you upon your return to the lodge that evening. Tonight can be an early night to get rejuvenated for the next big fishing day, or you can relax in our lounge and recall the day's best fish stories.

Day 2: Hot beverages arrive at your cabin along with your wake-up call at 7:00 a.m. After a delicious breakfast in the main lodge, it's time to begin the day's fishing. Your fishing guide is ready shortly before 8:00 a.m. Enjoy a great morning of fishing, another gourmet shore lunch, and fish through the afternoon and early evening.

Generally, you will be on the water until 6:00 p.m., when you and your party will return to the lodge. Dinner is served in the main lodge dining room at 7:00 p.m. If you decide to fish late, the same gourmet meal will be ready for you when you get in.

Day 3: More of the same... fish, eat, relax with your friends. What more is there to life?

Day 4: Make the most of your final day of triple trophy action fishing. How about catching some more big fish? This is a great day for an optional fly-out to fish for Arctic Grayling on the Kazan River.

Day 5: Breakfast is served at 7:30 a.m. Your luggage should be packed and ready to go by 8:30 a.m., and the staff will load your luggage onto the baggage truck and assist you with any last-minute items.

The charter flight will depart at around 10:30 a.m. from the lodge. A light meal will be served on board the flight, and you can relax until you get to Winnipeg. Arrival is at the main terminal, typically by 2 p.m., so it is an easy connection to your evening flight home or an overnight hotel. Your adventure ends when you arrive in Winnipeg, but the memories of the tremendous fishing will last a lifetime.

Yes, you are here to fish, but eventually, you will need to head back to shore, and the lodge and staff are here waiting for you with all the modern comforts. The lodge has amazing scenic views from the great room, plus a full-service lounge and dining room. Here you can relax and discuss the day's fishing triumphs and tomorrow's objectives.

In the morning, you can fine-tune your fishing plans over a full breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, fresh juices, fruit, cereals, and more. 

Around mid-day, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy shore lunch. This is a Canadian tradition that is not to be missed. A few smaller fish will be kept from the morning's catch, then prepared on shore by your guides. Shore lunch puts a delicious culinary spin on a traditional way of eating: preparing and cooking fish lakeside over an open fire. You'll get to watch your guide clean, fillet, prepare, and cook the morning's catch. This is the time when your guide shows off his culinary skills. Of course, for those who prefer to leave their fish in the lake, there are other tasty lunch options that will be packaged up in the morning by the chef at the lodge.

When you return to the lodge later in the day, the lodge's chef will lay out a sumptuous gourmet dinner in the dining room. Delicious dinners of prime rib, baked chicken, pork loin, steak, and ribs will make your mouth water. All are accompanied by fresh vegetables, pasta, and homemade bread.

As the midnight sun dips low on the horizon, you will find the lounge is a wonderful place to relax. Enjoy a game with friends, a cocktail from the bar, and the live, local flavor of some of our resident acoustic musicians. Gaze out on the lake, watch the last of the boats come in, and let yourself dream of the next day's fishing adventures.

Most of the cabins have two separate bedrooms, each with modern bathrooms. There are also a few private cabins, and all are just steps away from Kasba Lake. Enjoy privacy, a scenic setting, super comfortable duvet-covered beds, and daily maid service during your fishing vacation. There is endless hot water and ample power to ensure your stay is comfortable on your great Canadian fishing vacation.

Lake TroutIf you are looking for premium Canadian Lake Trout fishing, Kasba Lake has the ideal habitat and provides the diverse structure and forage base that large populations of giant trophy lake trout require.

Enormous Lake Trout swim at shallow depths all season long in these cold northern waters, making Kasba Lake one of the best locations for lake trout fishing in Canada. The proof is the scores of 20-50 lb trophy lake trout caught here each fishing season. No downriggers are required.

The lake trout here offer a diverse range of angling for conventional and fly fishermen alike. In both the lake and rivers, you will use light to medium-heavy tackle and employ a variety of techniques, from trolling, casting, jigging, and fly fishing. Throughout the season, lake trout running from four to ten pounds provide excellent light tackle action while casting and jigging along the shoreline. Virtually every stretch of Kasba Lake's pristine shoreline holds these beautiful trout.

Under the right conditions, the lake trout here can even be taken on surface baits and streamers while they feed on schools of cisco in the shallow inshore waters. Guests are thrilled to see this hard-fighting fish slam lures on top and amazed by just how many they can catch.

When you're ready to do battle with Kasba's monster Lakers, trolling or casting large spoons and crankbaits or jigging 2 oz. buck tail jigs is generally the most effective. Through the end of July, you'll catch trophy fish in relatively shallow water. During mid-summer, you can explore the lake's deeper reaches until the fish come up to spawn late in the season.

Lake trout take flies eagerly. Throughout June and early July, lake trout will take flies under calm conditions. There is ample opportunity of taking trophy lake trout on the fly as the cold water conditions hold them high in the water column. During the cisco (bait fish) spawn from late July through August fly, fishermen will experience especially outstanding action as lake trout forage on these bait fish in shallow waters right on the surface. Regardless of the method, you will be rewarded by big, strong, and aggressive lakers. And when they hit, you'd better hang on.

Northern Pike: It's little wonder that Northern Pike is such a sought-after Canadian game fish. Northern Pike fishing in Canada is both challenging and exciting. Shallow, clear water and using medium-weight casting gear means lots of amazing big pike fishing!

At Kasba Lake, stories of the large, giant trophy Northern Pike are fact, not fiction. Canada's Northern Pike are aggressive and are sight fished for much of the year. Kasba anglers catch and release hundreds of giant Northern Pike in the 38" - 50" range every year. Here you will find some of the best northern pike fishing in Canada and North America.

Northern Pike is very prolific throughout Kasba Lake and the surrounding watershed and offers great sportfishing all season. During peak season, from ice out through early July, you'll present top-water plugs, spoons, large spinner baits, jigs, and jerk baits to concentrations of fish in shallow bays and rivers.

Always dreamed of catching aggressive Pike on the fly? Your guide will get you up close and personal with one of Canada's primary game fish. Casting to pike in weed beds, 'cabbage' patches, and creek mouths, you'll quickly come to appreciate that big pike will rarely pass up a well-presented fly.

Later in the season, the northern pike fishing will concentrate in the jungles of tall 'cabbage' that provide excellent cover in six to twelve feet of water. Casting and trolling big crankbaits or fly fishing is an effective means of getting these awesome predators on the line. If there's anything more exciting than seeing a giant northern pike push a six-inch wake toward your lure, please let us know!

Arctic Grayling: As if time stood still, the Kazan River rises at the northern end of Kasba Lake and sweeps majestically downstream through spruce-lined valleys of boreal forest and fragrant tundra. Wildlife abounds, and evidence of Inuit and Cree habitation still remains, testimony to a time not so long ago when these were the homelands of nomadic Indigenous people. For many guests, the time spent fishing for Arctic Grayling in this Canadian Heritage River is the highlight of their trip to Canada.

Below a set of beautiful rapids, you cast into the gently bubbling current... and almost instantly, your rod comes to life. A vigorous battle of jumps and runs ensues until, in your hands, you carefully cradle and release a beautiful iridescent 3¼ lb. Arctic Grayling. Your next cast... another Arctic Grayling and another fish and then another...

Arctic Grayling in the rivers here offer superb action for any fly fisher. Graylings are opportunistic feeders and will take wet flies and nymphs on sink tips or sinking lines all season as dry fly quarry arctic grayling are unequaled. Anglers specifically interested in taking these beautiful fish on dry flies should consider a fly fishing trip from mid-July through mid-August.

This is the finest Arctic Grayling fishing in the world. What sets this fishing for Canada's Arctic Grayling apart is not only the quantity but the size of the fish. Catches of forty or more Arctic Grayling a day, with numerous fish over 3 lbs., par for the course on the Kazan River. In fact, anglers catch legitimate 4+ pound arctic grayling every season. You will use light spinning or fly gear to catch grayling, presenting small jigs, spinners, or flies to schools of fish. It just doesn't get any better!

Fly-Outs: Even though there is excellent trophy fishing for all three species right on the main lake, there are several fly-out options for anglers looking for rarely-fished Canadian waters. There is a float plane stationed at the lodge, and it is ready to take you on an unforgettable fishing adventure any day during your stay. These optional fly-outs can be arranged once you are onsite.

The spectacular Kazan River fly-out is highly recommended, and most guests take advantage of the lodge’s location to head northeast (25 miles) and fish the Kazan for its world-record Arctic Grayling. The Kazan River is a pristine arctic river with large rapids that is absolutely teeming with World Record Arctic Grayling. You will have a realistic chance of a 3-4 pound grayling here, and they get even bigger. While you are fishing the Kazan for grayling, make sure you also try for shallow-water lake trout and northern pike, which are also found in this amazing arctic river.

Payment Details


A non-refundable deposit of $1000.00 USD per person is required to confirm your reservation on 4-6 day fishing trips. A non-refundable $1500.00 USD per person is required to confirm your reservation on 8-day fishing trips. Full payment is due by May 1st. All funds paid are non-refundable.