Prince Edward Island, Canada


The beautiful island province of Prince Edward Island is the smallest of all the provinces and territories in Canada but big on adventure. Its signature picturesque seascapes, rolling hills and red beaches provide a backdrop to the seemingly perfect 19th century country homes that are found throughout the island. 

Made famous by the Anne of Green Gables novel, the island’s lush landscape is the perfect vacation destination. The province was isolated from the mainland until 1997 when the Confederation Bridge was built and connected the province to mainland New Brunswick, making travel to the island easier than ever.

The quiet back roads that run throughout the province make it an ideal location for cyclists. Inn to inn biking tours are very popular here. The relatively flat terrain makes the cycling easy and gives visitors a chance to explore the sandy beaches, parks and quaint villages at a leisurely pace. Historical country inn accommodations along the route add to the charm and hospitality of the area.

Prince Edward Island also offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for the angler. Bluefin tuna fishing charters are readily available, as are oyster and clam harvests and mackerel fishing. The avid fisherman will not be disappointed with these saltwater excursions.