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Cool Facts About PEI

20 Cool facts about Prince Edward Island

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|May 12, 2022
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From literary road trips to chasing the sunset with lighthouse views, there are so many fun facts about Prince Edward Island you'll truly fall in love with.

Prince Edward Island is a stunning destination that has something for every traveler. Whether you enjoy fun road trips or adventure hikes or want to set out on a culinary trip, PEI is your ultimate choice. We have compiled some interesting facts about Prince Edward Island, Canada. Let's start with some geographic facts.

Prince Edward Island Geography Facts

The geography of this destination is unique and filled with surprises. PEI is blessed with several picturesque landscapes, including the rolling hills, forests, beaches, and so much more.

Map Of Prince Edward Island

Map of Prince Edward Island, Canada

  1. Prince Edward Island is a part of the Appalachian region, which is one of seven physio-graphic regions in Canada.

  2. PEI is the smallest of all Canadian provinces, both in population and land size. The main island is spread across 2,170 square miles and has a little over 146,000 residents.

  3. Prince Edward Island consists of 231 minor islands, and the main island has the same name.

  4. As the only province with no land boundary, Prince Edward Island is the 104th largest island in the world.

  5. PEI is 224 km long and 6 to 64 km wide.

  6. Spread across 1100 km of coastline, no matter where in PEI you might be, the beach is accessible within just 15 minutes of drive.

  7. The highest point of PEI is at 142 m above sea level and is located on the Southernmost coast.

Prince Edward Island Government Facts

Province House in Charlottetown in Canada

Province House in downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

  1. The current government of Prince Edward Island is ruled by the minority Progressive Conservative government.

  2. Dennis "Denny" King is the 33rd and has been the current premier of Prince Edward Island since 2019.

  3. The last provincial election in Prince Edward Island happened on 23 April 2019.

  4. As of July 2021, the minimum wage approved by the provincial government of PEI is $13 per hour, and the main industries that lead the economy are agriculture, fisheries, tourism and aerospace.

  5. The provincial government of PEI is very committed to providing its people with complete access to open and structured data that is produced by government departments or agencies.

Prince Edward Island Flag Facts

Flag of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island flag

  1. If you take a close look at the provincial flag of PEI, you'll notice that it is a banner modeled after the provincial arms.

  2. The lion on top of the PEI flag is an English heraldic lion, which can also be found on the coat of arms.

  3. On the flag, you'll also notice there are three trees, and a large tree on an island. This is a representation of the 3 counties of PEI protected by the large tree representing England.

  4. The official mammal of PEI is also the official state mammal of Mississippi, USA. Any guesses? It's the red fox.

  5. Named after Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, the flag was adopted in March, 1964.

Prince Edward Island History Facts

  1. There is historical evidence that proves the Island began its formation over 300 million years ago from sediment deposited by ancient streams flowing down the continental mountains.

  2. Jacques Cartier of France, who claimed the Island and several other portions of Maritime Canada, was the first European to arrive in PEI. He arrived at the island in 1534.

  3. The island was first named Saint John Island (Île Saint-Jean) by the French in 1713. The British captured the island in 1745 but was returned back to the French in 1748 and then reclaimed back in 1763.

  4. The name Prince Edward Island was given in 1799 after Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. He was the fourth son of King George the third and the father of Queen Victoria. Another reason why the name of the island was changed is to distinguish the island from Saint John, New Brunswick and St. John’s in Newfoundland.

  5. Although Canada’s Confederation took place in 1867, PEI only joined in as the 7th province in 1873.

  6. The first newspaper of Prince Edward Island was the Islanders which began its publication in 1842.

Prince Edward Island National Park Facts

Pathway Greenwich Dunes

Greenwich Dunes in PEI, Canada

  1. The Prince Edward Island national park is the province's only national park and is renowned for large sand dunes.

  2. Located along the north shore of PEI, this national park stretches over 40 km of coastline.

  3. PEI national park is one of the most prominent touristic attractions of the region and was established in 1937.

  4. The Anne of Green Gables Museum, Green Gables Heritage Place, and Lucy Maud Montgomery's birthplace are some of the key touristic sights located within the PEI national park.

Prince Edward Island Information Facts

Now that we have reviewed the historical, geographical, and regional facts of Prince Edward Island, it's time to take a look at some informational and generic ones. These are some of the cool Prince Edward Island facts that you should know before you plan your trip.

 Aerial View of Charlottetown at Sunset

View of Charlottetown at the sunset, Prince Edward Island

  1. Confederation Bridge, the most famous and the longest bridge in Canada, is also known as the longest one that goes over the frozen water.

  2. Charlottetown, the capital of PEI, has 52,390 people and is the 59th largest city in Canada.

  3. Prince Edward Island is also known as the Idaho of Canada. A quarter of all Canadian potatoes are cultivated right here.

  4. The only two cities in PEI are Charlottetown and Summerside, and besides that, there are seven incorporated towns.

  5. For golfers, PEI has over 33 golf courses that can be used both by novices and professionals too.

  6. There are over 90 sandy beaches spread across the vast coastline of PEI.

  7. PEI welcomes over 1.6 million tourists on an average year.

  8. Tourism supports economical growth and is the second largest industry of PEI.

  9. From May to June and August to October is the lobster season in the region.

  10. 15% of the electricity used on the island is generated by wind power.

The lush green landscapes, buildings and structures inspired by the Victorian era, and gorgeous beaches are waiting for you to discover them.

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