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Prince Edward Island Map and Its Neighboring Provinces

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|March 28, 2022
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Prince Edward Island is considered to be a part of Atlantic Canada, which is a part of the group of Maritime provinces. Spread across 224 km and between 6 and 64 km wide, this Island has 1,100 km of shoreline.

Prince Edward Island is located at the Eastern end of Canada and is bordered by the Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. As a part of the Appalachian region, the island is spread across 224 km, which also makes it the smallest province of Canada.

Connected by the confederation bridge, Prince Edward Island borders New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Cities of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island has 2 cities and 10 towns. Besides that, PEI also has 63 municipalities, 50 communities and 1 resort municipality. Charlottetown, located on the South shore of PEI, is the largest city and also the capital of the province. With just over 57 individuals, Tignish Shore is the smallest municipality and has the lowest population. Besides Charlottetown, the only other city in PEI is Summerside with a population of a little over 14,000.

Panoramic view of Charlottetown

Panorama of Charlottetown, PEI

Facts About Prince Edward Island

If you take a detailed map of Prince Edward Island, you'll notice some of these interesting facts:

  1. The highest point in the province is at 142 m above sea level and is located on the Southern Coast of the province.

  2. As the 104th largest Island in the world and the 23rd largest Island in Canada, PEI is 5,620 km in size.

  3. The total population of the Island is 142,907.

  4. The island has only two cities and seven incorporated towns.

  5. Map of Prince Edward Island, Canada was created by Klaus M. (Mi'kmaq).

Walking path to the beach in Prince Edward Island

Path to the beach in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Surrounded by the warm waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Island has more than 90 beaches and no beach is 15 minutes away from anywhere in PEI you may be. On the map of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, you'll notice that the provinces are connected by water and roadways, too. And, the Island is connected to its other bordering province, New Brunswick by the Confederation Bridge, which is 12.9 km long.

Confederation bridge by New Brunswick in Canada

Confederation bridge linking the provinces of NB and PEI

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