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How to Get to Prince Edward Island

Learn How to Get to Prince Edward Island

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|March 8, 2022
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Prince Edward Island is an easily accessible Canadian destination. If you are looking for some ideas on how to plan your travels better, continue reading. We have interesting tips and trip ideas for you to consider.

Prince Edward Island is stunning and one of the most picturesque provinces in Canada. Whether you are a foodie on a culinary adventure or a history buff chasing some of the old and notable sites and attractions, there are unique experiences that fit every traveler's needs. Travel to this breathtaking destination, and explore everything Prince Edward Island has to offer.

Airport: Direct and indirect flights to the Charlottetown Airport (YYG). Most flights connect with either Toronto or Montreal.

Rail: VIA Rail offers service to Moncton, New Brunswick and further use connecting bus

Ferry: Northumberland Ferries

Road: The Confederation Bridge

Bus or shuttle service:

  • Halifax and Charlottetown with an airport stop using an advanced shuttle service

  • PEI Express shuttle service between PEI and Halifax

  • East Connection Shuttle

  • Prince Edward Tours

  • Trius Tours

Getting to Prince Edward Island

How to Get to Prince Edward Island from Toronto

First things first, when planning your travel to Prince Edward Island how to get there is one of the most often asked questions. Away from the bustling city scene of Toronto, the coastal vistas of the long sandy beaches await your visit. By road, you could hop on ON-401, the Trans Canada Highway, and NB-15 to get to Prince Edward Island which is located over 1,050 miles away.

In about 16 hours, you'll be able to cover the distance by road. There are several picturesque stops that you can make along the way to Prince Edward Island. Make sure you have a companion along and tons of snacks to munch on.

Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island in Canada

Aerial view of Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island during a vibrant sunrise

Getting there by air is pretty easy. With direct non-stop flights by West Jet and Air Canada from Toronto, you can reach Charlottetown Airport in Prince Edward Island within 2 hours. Most travelers choose air travel for convenience and rent a car to go out and about the destination.

Finally, public transportation is also an option that is considered less, for the most obvious reasons, convenience and time-consuming travel. Start by booking VIA Rail's Ocean line from Montreal to Halifax, and then consider using the bus as your public transport mode to get to PEI. Although challenging, with the right company and planning, you are sure to enjoy your trip.

How to Get from Halifax to Prince Edward Island

Getting to PEI from Halifax is an easy ride. The cheapest mode of transportation is by road; it will take 3 hours and 44 minutes with an approximate cost of $50. The quickest is by air, and it takes about 3 hours to get to Charlottetown airport.

You could also take advantage of the well connected public transport system and travel by bus. This will take approximately 6 hours and 35 minutes to get to PEI. Operated by Maritime services, your bus to Prince Edward Island departs from Dartmouth, NS station.

Confederation Ferry Terminal in Prince Edward Island

Confederation PEIFERRY Wood Islands Ferry Terminal Prince Edward Island, Canada

If you fancy going on a soothing yet adventurous ferry ride, Northumberland Ferries are your best bet. They have been transporting passengers between the destinations since 1941. This 75-minute ferry ride is an exciting and fun and unique experience in itself. You can take a ferry ride to PEI between May to mid-December, and you must reserve online in advance.

How to Get to Prince Edward Island from Maine

Traveling from Maine to Prince Edward Island will take you an average of 8 hours and 50minutes. Besides being the most affordable way to travel, it is also the most scenic experience. While the actual distance between the two destinations is only about 446 km, by road it can be 849.9 km.

Canadian airlines airplane in the sky

Canadian airlines airplane in the sky

For those who prefer to travel by air, the quickest you can get to PEI from Boston Airport is within 6 hours. There is no direct flight, and hence you'll have to take a flight with one stopover. Air Canada, United Airlines, Delta, WestJet and American Airlines are available airline options.

How to Get to Prince Edward Island from Nova Scotia

To travel between Nova Scotia and PEI, you have three options: bus, drive or take the ferry. It only takes about 3 hours and 44 minutes to reach Prince Edward Island by road, which is also the fastest option. With an approximate cost of $50, you can cover a distance of 326.4 km.

Road in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Road in Prince Edward Island, Canada

As for bus transportation, there are no direct options available. But you can make use of buses that depart from Halifax and take approximately 6 hours including multiple transfers.

How to Move to Prince Edward Island

For those who fancy moving away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Prince Edward Island offers the perfect small-town feel, low crime rate, and quality of education. Once you have visited this destination, we'll assure you that you'll start looking for information related to how to get PR in Prince Edward Island.

Charlottetown panorama by the sunset

Panoramic view of Charlottetown during sunrise, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Low cost of living, family-friendly environment, everything in proximity, and unique festivals are some of the pros of considering this location. If you are wondering how to get a job offer in Prince Edward Island, we would ask you to be prepared. Finding a job in PEI is not easy as this region has one of the lowest employment rates in Canada. The most common job categories are tourism, seasonal, and fishing.

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