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Cycling in Prince Edward Island

Learn about the best cycling routes in PEI

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|May 13, 2022
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Take on a biking adventure and explore the best of Prince Edward Island. Set out on a cycling tour to enjoy the scenic vistas. See our compiled list of the best cycling trails on the Island.

How do you do justice to the tranquil landscapes of farms and enjoy sightseeing on Prince Edward Island? The answer is pretty simple. Either book one of the popular pre-planned Prince Edward Island cycling tours or hire a bike for yourself. During summers, biking is one of the most convenient modes of transportation in PEI. Not only can you enjoy the scenic vistas, but you also get to take it slow and enjoy the ride.

What Are the Best Cycling Routes on Prince Edward Island?

Prince Edward Island has a number of great trails to hit. If you are up for a biking adventure, here are some of our favorite bike trails.

1. Prince Edward Island Cycling Confederation Trail

Road Surrounded by Trees in Autumn

Cycling Trail in Prince Edward Island

This is undoubtedly the most popular Prince Edward Island bike trail. The trail extends from one tip of the Island to the other, 435 km to be precise. While taking up the entire route might be a challenge on a bike, you could still enjoy riding a 25 km strip from Mount Stewart to St. Peters.

2. Mountain Biking Mecca of PEI

Couple Mountain Biking Outdoors in Canada

Couple Mountain Biking in PEI

Brookvale Nordic Mountain Bike Park is a single-track trail that extends over 40 km. This is one of the most scenic biking routes of PEI. Besides being one of Atlantic Canada’s best mountain bike trails, these trails are also known as the Mountain biking Mecca of Prince Edward Island. Their trails are perfect for both beginners and experts.

3. Bonshaw Hills Provincial Park

Enjoy bike riding along the Bonshaw river. The trail extends over 18 km through the provincial park and is a great choice for both beginners and experts. This provincial park has amenities including picnic shelters, barbecues and a natural adventure playground too. We recommend you plan ahead of time to make use of their amenities. Located on the red sands shore, the main trail in the provincial park is called Ji'ka'we'katikl.

4. Cabot Beach Provincial Park

Cabot Beach at Provincial Park in Canada

Cabot Beach Provincial Park, PEI, Canada

Located on the Green Gables Shore, the Cabot biking trail extends over 75 km and is a great way to explore Cavendish. The Cabot biking trail starts from the Cabot Beach Provincial Park and runs all the way up to the French River. Along the way, you'll spot the awe-inspiring views of Malpeque Bay and the historic Fanning School. You may hit some challenging hills, but the views are all worth the effort.

5. Riverside trail in Charlottetown

For beginners, a day-long bike ride might sound challenging. This 6 km Riverside trail located in Charlottetown is just perfect and short. Imagine yourself bike riding through the woods, alongside a river, this trail offers just that. A beautiful scenic and short bike ride is everything you'll need to complete your travel itinerary of Prince Edward Island.

6. Gairlock Trail

Located 4 and half hours away from Charlottetown, Gairlock Trail is another short trail that only extends up to 7 km. If you are up for some more biking challenges, you could also hop on to the Confederation Trail that is adjacent to Gairlock trail. Enjoy riding through the forest, spot beautiful wildflowers, and the scenic trail itself. Suitable for all skill levels, Gairlock Trail is another popular spot to enjoy cycling, on Prince Edward Island.

What Are the Best Prince Edward Island Bike Tours?

Group of Men Cycling at Sunset in Canada

Group of men ride bicycles at sunset

There is no better way of enjoying the destination than exploring on a bike. From red sandstone cliffs to verdant pastures, you'll get to stop by every scenic spot and soak in the views. Here are some of the most popular bike tours to consider in PEI.

  1. Outer Limits Sport Cycling Tours

  2. Red Rock Adventure Company

  3. PEI Cycling Tours

Consider booking a tip-to-tip tour of the Island that lasts over 6 days. Besides the bike rental and route guidance, the cycling tour companies also offer overnight accommodations to ensure you have a comfortable stay. This is a great way to explore the destination, enjoy every trail, and experience an extreme sport.

When Is the Best Time for Biking?

The best time to enjoy biking on Prince Edward Island is during June and August. Prince Edward Island has over 115 cycling routes for those who wish to explore. From flat routes to quick rides, there are several different options to consider. It would be best to plan your cycling tour in advance and find a rental or book your biking tour with a reputed provider to guide you through the top-rated cycling routes. These tour providers will create custom itineraries, including stay options to help you make the most of your time in PEI. This will give you the opportunity to bike along the stunning shoreline and also through the farmlands.

Couple Cycling in Canadian Nature

Couple Cycling in Nature

Bike tours are your chance to discover artisan stores, taste the best of local cuisine, and stop by the heritage buildings. You'll also get to soak up some sun on the endless sandy beaches of Prince Edward Island and visit the less explored abandoned rail stations. Bike tours are undoubtedly one of the best ways to create memories in a destination like this.

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