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Iceland Circumnavigation Cruise from Reykjavik | CA-AC1001

Explore the Land Of Ice and Fire on 10-day Expedition Cruise


Join us on an exciting Iceland circumnavigation expedition cruise and see the land of ice and fire from a Viking’s perspective!


  • Culture Attractions of Reykjavik
  • Bird cliffs of Latrabjarg
  • Sail past Surtsey, the world's newest island
  • Active volcanoes, lava fields, geysers, glaciers, emerging islands

Witness a land of geysers, glaciers and moon-like lava fields as we do a complete circumnavigation of Iceland. This cruise aboard the expedition ship Ocean Endeavor lets you fully explore this mysterious, otherworldly island.

On our 10-day cruise, you’ll experience unique wildlife, an ancient culture, as well as dramatic and geologically active landscapes. We’ll stop at cute fishing villages, enjoy dolphin and whale watching and see newly-formed islands only inhabited by birds and scientists! Top it off with some time in Reykjavik, Iceland’s thriving and cosmopolitan capital city.

  • No single supplement in select cabin categories
  • Local Guides
  • free wifi
  • zodiac excursions
  • family-owned and -operated ship
Availability July
Duration 10 days
Departs From Reykjavik, IS
Difficulty Easy / Moderate Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age 8
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No
Region International


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  • International number: +1 778 348 1676
  • Please note that you will be charged in USD for this tour

Availability (2023):
July 4-13

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What's Included

Find out what is included and what to bring.


  • Educational program and pre-departure materials
  • All shore and Zodiac excursions
  • Transfers between piers and applicable airports
  • Service charges
  • Embarkation taxes and port fees
  • All meals onboard
  • lectures by expedition leaders

What to bring

  • Warm clothing
  • Sweaters or fleece pullovers,
  • Waterproof jacket & pants, gloves, hat, scarf, hiking boots, woolen socks, and long underwear
  • Camera
  • Daypack
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Water bottle

Not Included

  • Personal expenses (laundry, alcoholic beverages, telephone calls, etc.)
  • Additional expenses in the event of weather delays or itinerary changes
  • Staff gratuities
  • Optional travel insurance
  • Mandatory medical evacuation coverage
  • Possible fuel charges

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Find out more details about the tour and its highlights


Beautiful waterfall in Iceland

Embark on an unforgettable 10-day cruise around Iceland. Our ports of call will be the main hubs Reykjavik, Akureyri, as well as lesser-known harbors like the Westfjords and Seydisfjordur. Come close to whales and hike across the wild, untamed slopes of Iceland. 

Hallgrimskirkja Church aerial view in winter

We’ll begin our adventure in Iceland by setting sail from Reykjavík in the evening aboard the Ocean Endeavour. But first, set aside a day to explore this charming capital city at your leisure.

The world’s northernmost capital city, Reykjavik is the perfect mix of the modern and ancient, cultural and historical. Lying just under the Arctic circle, cosmopolitan Reykjavik enjoys the reputation of being one of the cleanest, greenest cities on Earth.

Take a journey into Iceland’s epic and often turbulent past at world-class museums, where you can see the original Sagas and learn about the first Viking settlers. Wonder the eminently walkable streets of this clean, green city and don’t forget to sample the local culinary delights, including an array of fresh seafood and a thriving craft beer scene.

snaefellsjokull glacier and kirkjufell mountain

Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a magical landscape of golden beaches, deep fjords and vast lava fields. Snæfellsjökull, the volcano made famous in Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne, dominates the area and is the subject of much folklore and myth.

The peninsula is often referred to as ‘Iceland in a nutshell,’ as it encompasses the best of Iceland in one area. You can go for a dip in a natural hot spring, and explore lava tube caves, see rugged gorges and rock formations straight out of an episode of Game of Thrones. A truly epic beginning to your expedition cruise!

steep cliffs in westfjords hornstrandir area

This relatively undiscovered region of Iceland is known for its dramatic cliffs, frequented by millions of birds. Imposing mountains rise from the tranquil fjords and lovely villages dot this sparsely populated landscape. Hike to dramatic, windswept cliffs where you can photograph many species of seabirds including puffins, guillemots, and gulls.

Here you’ll feel far from the ‘must see’ areas of the country, commonly frequented by tourists. This remote, hard-to-reach area holds a multitude of hidden gems such as Dynjandi - meaning ‘thunderous’ - a gigantic and intensely powerful waterfall that rivals its more famous cousin, Gullfoss. A more traditional way of life can be found here in this magical, often overlooked corner of Iceland, you might even taste a little cured shark.

lighthouse near steep cliffs in iceland

The barren landscapes of northern Iceland are almost lunar-like in appearance; hiking the vast lava fields is truly an other-worldly experience. This remote area is full of epic mountain scenes, while the rugged coast teems with marine wildlife.

The island of Grimsey lies directly on the Arctic circle, and in contrast to much of the northern mainland is pleasantly green and grassy. With a population of only 100 people but millions and millions of birds, it is a haven for birdwatchers. Their numbers are so abundant here because the seas around the island are rich in fish. There are also no mice, mink or rats here; the freedom from invasive species means that birds like the puffin can safely lay their eggs in the low, lush grass.

town of akureyri and a cruise ship in summer

Iceland’s ‘second city,’ Akureyri is set on a quaint harbor and surrounded by wind-shielding mountains. Here you can see traditional turf homes, which blend perfectly into the surrounding nature, and if you fancy a little time to relax you could even try the Bjórböðin ('Beer Bath') SPA. Opened in 2017, this quirky spa offers visitors a unique opportunity to soak in a relaxing bath of young beer and live beer yeast.

While this charming town has plenty to offer on its own, it is also the gateway to the nearby Mývatn lake. Teeming with birdlife and volcanic activity, the lake and its surrounding areas are one of the most amazing natural attractions in the country and was used to represent the lands North of the Wall in the Game of Thrones series.

husavik town and harbor on a cloudy day

Húsavík is unofficially known as the ‘whale capital’ of Iceland. Up to 15 different species of whale are known to visit the area, as well as dolphins and many different types of seabird. A wildlife lover’s paradise!

Humpback Whales are the most common species found in Skjálfandi Bay, on which the small town of Húsavík lies. These playful giants are well-known for being the most entertaining great whales to observe, because they always show their tails before diving and show many other personality traits at the surface, like breaching and fin slapping.

End your whale watching experience by learning more about these amazing creatures at the Húsavík Whale Museum.

flowers in Seydifjordur east of iceland

This charming and cozy town, located on a fjord of the same name, is known for its creative culture and colorful houses. Its breathtaking surroundings, which include countless cascading waterfalls, and unique architecture mean that Seydisfjördur is regarded by many as one of Iceland’s most picturesque towns. The quirky, bohemian art scene that the 700 inhabitants of the town are famous for is a cultural delight, and everyone is welcome to share in this little paradise!

The nearby Skálanes Nature Reserve is a model for sustainable tourism. It celebrates Iceland’s environment and cultural history while providing a habitat for many bird species, including the eider duck.

high above jokulsarlon glacier lagoon

Southeast Iceland is famously home to many of Iceland’s most stunning natural wonders; here you’ll find glaciers, geysers, hot springs, black sand beaches, and thunderous waterfalls. Make sure you remember your camera today!

For a truly Arctic experience you can visit the Jökulsárlón lagoon, a spectacular and unforgettable glacial lake. Giant, luminous blue-white icebergs constantly break off a nearby retreating glacier and float serenely on the lagoon, creating wonderful opportunities for photography. Sometimes you’ll even see seals lazily hitching a ride out to sea on one of the icebergs! The lagoon is Iceland’s deepest lake and has become one of the country’s premier tourist attractions.    

heimaey island town buildings in vestmannaeyjar

Vestmannaeyjar comprises fourteen islands off the southern coast of Iceland, of which only one, Heimaey, is inhabited. This area is very volcanically active; there have been two major eruptions in the recent past. The island of Surtsey was formed from one eruption in 1963; 10 years later a second eruption destroyed much of Heimaey and nearly blocked its only harbor.

Emerging from the ocean in 1963 after a volcanic eruption, the pristine island of Surtsey is giving us unique insights into the ways that life develops on newly-formed landmasses.

As well as their stunning natural beauty, these islands also have the world’s largest population of nesting puffins in summer. More than ten million puffins nest in Iceland between May and September, with more going to the Westman Islands than anywhere else!

Puffins are so ubiquitous on the islands that the pufflings often end up stranded on the streets of towns and villages while making their way out to sea. It has become a local tradition among children to help them out, by picking them up and throwing them back into the ocean.

colorful building rooftops in reykjavik

We sail back into Reykjavik after an unforgettable 10 days at sea, saying goodbye to new friends and reflecting on the adventures of a lifetime, we’ve had onboard the Ocean Endeavor. Revisit this dynamic city with a newfound appreciation for Iceland and its people, having sailed around the entire circumference of this fascinating island.

Reacquaint yourself with Reykjavik at your leisure, and don’t forget to find some fun and unique souvenirs for family and friends back home. You could find a lopapeysa, the Icelandic wool sweater, which is probably the most classic, authentic souvenir you can get from Iceland. Local delicacies such as chocolate-covered licorice, fancy smoked and flavored sea salts, and harðfiskur, or dried fish, are also great ideas!

Our vessel for this voyage is the Ocean Endeavour. A 1B ice-class sailing boat with a maximum of 198-passengers and outfitted with 20 Zodiac boats, our ship is perfect for expedition cruises. Facilities include a top deck observation room, swimming pool, outdoor dining, sauna spa, library, and top-class navigation equipment.

Our three onboard lounges are excellent public spaces for our educational seminars, workshops, and entertainment. Launched in 1982, she’s been upgraded many times, most recently in 2010 and 2014. At 137-m (450-ft) length and 21-m (69-ft) breadth, the Ocean Endeavour is the pride of our cruises in Canada and beyond.

Learn more about the Ocean Endeavour.

No Single Supplement! Solo Adventurers are welcome. Most cabin categories on the ship are available as a private cabin to single travelers at no additional cost.

A recommended packing list will be provided upon booking.

This program features activities such as walking, wildlife viewing, and Zodiac cruising, all at a relatively easy to moderate level of exertion. The majority of shore landings are undertaken using Zodiacs. Zodiac embarkations involve descending gangway stairs with double handrails and stepping into the Zodiac from a small platform at water level (assistance is provided).

Prices and Availability

Category 1. Quad occupancy. Quad cabin. Deck four. Interior Cabin, four lower berths, private bath.
Price: $4995.00 per person / USD.

Category 2. Triple occupancy. Triple cabin. Deck four. Interior Cabin, three lower berths, private bath.
Price: $5995.00 per person / USD.

Category 3. Double occupancy. Interior twin cabin. Deck five. Interior Cabin, two lower berths, private bath.
Price: $7295.00 per person / USD.

Category 4. Double occupancy. Exterior twin cabin. Deck four. Porthole window, two lower berths, private bath.
Price: $8595.00 per person / USD.

Category 5. Double occupancy. Main twin cabin. Deck five. Picture window, two lower berths, private bath.
Price: $9595.00 per person / USD.

Category 6. Double occupancy. Comfort twin cabin. Deck seven. Picture windows (partial obstruction), two lower berths, private bath, refrigerator.
Price: $10595.00 per person / USD.

Category 7. Double occupancy. Top deck twin cabin. Deck eight. Large picture windows (partial obstruction), matrimonial bed, private bath, refrigerator.
Price: $11595.00 per person / USD.

Category 8. Double occupancy. Superior twin cabin. Deck five & seven. Picture windows, twin or matrimonial bed, private bath, refrigerator.
Price: $12595.00 per person / USD.

Category 9. Double occupancy. Junior suite. Deck five & seven. Picture windows, separate sitting area, sofa, desk, refrigerator, matrimonial bed, private bath.
Price: $13959.00 per person / USD.

Category 10. Double occupancy. Suite. Deck seven. Picture windows overlooking the bow, separate sitting area, sofa, desk, refrigerator, matrimonial bed, private bath with full tub.
Price: $14595.00 per person / USD.

Payment Details

Deposit, Taxes and Discounts

  • A $2000.00 USD deposit is required to hold your reservation.
  • Balance of payment is due 120 days before trip commencement.
  • Travellers under 30 receive a 30% discount.
  • No single supplement charge on most of the cabin categories.


  • All requests for cancellations must be received in writing.
  • Cancellation from date of booking to 121 days before Departure Date
    Penalty: $1,000 USD per person per Cruise held as a Future Travel Credit
    Refund: Balance paid less penalty


  • Cancellation from 91 to 120 days before Departure Date
    Penalty: 65%  
    Refund: 35%   


  • Cancellation 90 days or less before Departure Date 
    Penalty: 100%   
    Refund: 0%