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Atlantic Canada Explorer | CA-AC1202

Sail around Canada’s East Coast, exploring lesser-known gems in our special arctic expedition ship!


Cruise along Canada's Atlantic Coast and get to know the Arctic and Subarctic treasures in store for you. The warm Gulf Stream attracts whales, narwhals, and wild horses for you to find in this untamed corner of the world.


  • Chéticamp, Cape Breton Island
  • Historic Fortress of Louisbourg
  • Port Lunenberg
  • Sable Island Horses
  • World-famous High Tides at the Bay of Fundy
  • Reconstructed 18th-century Louisbourg town

Summertime is the perfect time to explore Canada’s east coast. Explore the highlights of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Saint-Pierre from the deck of our state-of-the-art cruise ship! Marine mammals flock to the waters offshore and wild horses gallop across the meadows of Sable Island. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, summer opens up the towns and rustic villages that dot the unspoiled coastline.

  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Expert guides
  • No single supplement in select cabin categories
  • Zodiac boat
Availability June
Duration 12 days
Departs From St. John's, NL
Minimum age No limit
Difficulty Easy / Moderate
Group maximum 198
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No


3 995 USD

Per Adult

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Toll Free number in N. America: +1 888 285 1676
  • International number: +1 780 414 1676
  • Please note that you will be charged in USD for this tour

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What's Included

Find out what is included and what to bring.


  • Educational program and pre-departure materials all shore and Zodiac excursions
  • Transfers between piers and applicable airports
  • Service charges
  • Embarkation taxes
  • Port fees

What to bring

  • Warm layers
  • Wind jacket wind pants
  • Rain gear rubber boots
  • Hiking boots Hat Gloves
  • Camera and binoculars
  • Daypack
  • Sunglasses and water bottle

Not Included

  • Arrival flights to the starting point and departure flights from last stop
  • Personal expenses (laundry, alcoholic beverages, telephone calls, etc.)
  • Staff gratuities
  • Additional expenses in the event of weather delays or itinerary changes
  • Possible fuel surcharges
  • Mandatory medical evacuation coverage/optional travel insurance

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Summertime in eastern Canada introduces visitors to the wildlife and culture of this multifaceted region. Explore Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and their heritage of Mi’kmaq, Acadian, English, Scottish, Irish, and French cultures!

We kick off our adventure, curiously enough, in France! Just off the shores of Newfoundland lie the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, official territories of the French Republic. The cute town of Saint-Pierre is a delight with its boutiques and cafes that bring a taste of Europe to North America.

Next up, we call at Cape Breton Island, specifically, the fishing village of Chéticamp. The region is known for its independent spirit and fierce Acadian heritage. The 4,000 or so locals here speak French, as the original European settlers fled here during the Great Expulsion. Many of the families who live here can trace their family history back to the late 18th century.

Today a popular tourist destination, the town lies at the western entrance to Cape Breton Highlands National Park, which contains the Acadian Trail and is world-renowned for its wildlife. If all goes well with the weather, we’ll hike the beautiful Skyline Trail.

The magnificent French Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island played a pivotal role in the struggle between the English and the French over Canada. It was originally built in the 1710s just off the coast of Nova Scotia and then exchanged hands several times before it was destroyed in 1758. Thankfully, it was reconstructed in the 1960s-70s and attracts visitors thanks to its status as a National Historic Site.

During its peak, the community of Louisbourg was the third busiest port in North America, and many French people settled here and became successful fishermen. Though razed by British engineers, it has since been rebuilt as the largest reconstructed 18th-century French fortified town in North America. Today you can enjoy a beer in an 18th-century tavern or sample traditional soldier’s bread from the stone bakery.

On the fourth day of our voyage, we continue along the east coast on the lookout for incredible flora and fauna. The area is an ideal habitat for seabirds and marine mammals who migrate here during the summer. We’ll be seeking opportune sea and weather conditions to observe the wildlife of the region.

For our next days, we cling to the Bay of Fundy, world-famous for its world-record high tides and rich marine life. We’ll stop by the Fundy Isles—Campobello, Grand Manan, and Deer Island—for some awesome sightseeing, wildlife watching, and cruising.

The port of Lunenburg is an old British colonial town, known for its steep streets and the iconic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The harbor once hosted a fleet of sailing vessels, including the famous fishing schooner Bluenose. We’ll have a tour of the town and the many shops, cafes, and galleries that line its hilly streets, especially the iconic St. John’s Anglican Church, Lunenburg Academy, and the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.

Sable Island is a narrow sandbar that stretches as long as Manhattan but is only a kilometer wide. Home to a healthy population of gray seals, birds, including the endemic Ipswich sparrow, and world-famous Sable Island horses.

These small feral steeds were first introduced to the island in the 18th century, and descend from several shipments of Breton, Andalusian, and Norman breeds. Let loose on the island, they were allowed to roam freely, occasionally being rounded up for private use and sale. In an effort to prevent extinction in the 1960s, the Canadian government gave them protected status.

Our scheduled two days here allow us ample time to explore the dunes, cruise the shores, learn about the island’s fascinating history, and view the wildlife.

En route to Newfoundland, join our wildlife experts on the deck and keep your eyes peeled for seabirds and marine mammals. We’ll be crossing ‘The Gully’, a Marine Protected Area, where the seafloor suddenly drops a dizzying two and a half kilometers into a submarine valley.

The Gully is one of the most important undersea features in coastal Canada. Its unique ecology has attracted the interest of many scientists and environmental agencies, such as Parks Canada and Environment Canada. Home to its significant coral communities, the diversity of both its shallow and deep-water fish and many whales and dolphins.

Our onboard scientists, historians, musicians, and artists will continue to engage us with workshops, presentations, and entertainment. Let’s get imbued with the spirit of the East Coast all the way to St. John’s!

Welcome to St. John’s—Newfoundland’s historic, vibrant capital. This town has been fished by settlers since 1498, making it the oldest European settlement in North America. Architecture, shopping, nightlife and cultural attractions all combine to make St. John’s a sightseer’s delight.

Make sure to be on deck as we sail through the Narrows to conclude our voyage by the sea! We’ll say farewell at the port of St. John’s, disembark the Ocean Endeavour, and head onward to our next adventure!


Our vessel for this voyage is the Ocean Endeavour. A 1B ice-class sailing boat with a maximum of 198-passengers and is outfitted with 20 Zodiac boats, our ship is perfect for expedition cruises. Facilities include a top deck observation room, swimming pool, outdoor dining, sauna spa, library, and top-class navigation equipment. Our three onboard lounges are excellent public spaces for our educational seminars, workshops, and entertainment. Launched in 1982, she’s been upgraded many times, most recently in 2010 and 2014. At 137-m (450-ft) length and 21-m (69-ft) breadth, the Ocean Endeavour is the pride of our cruises in Canada and beyond.

Learn more about the Ocean Endeavour.


No Single Supplement! Solo Adventurers are welcome. Most cabin categories on the ship are available as a private cabin to single travelers at no additional cost.

Temperatures run around 8-15° Celsius (46-60° Fahrenheit) on average. That said, guests have been known to enjoy a day of shorts and t-shirts in the Canadian Arctic! Do note that temperatures can fall below zero (especially at night) and snowfall can be expected at any time.



This program features activities such as walking, wildlife viewing, and Zodiac cruising, all at a relatively easy to moderate level of exertion. The majority of shore landings are undertaken using Zodiacs. Zodiac embarkations involve descending gangway stairs with double handrails and stepping into the Zodiac from a small platform at water level (assistance is provided).

Prices and Availability

Availability (2020):

  • Jun 15 - Jun 26

Category 1. Quad cabin. Deck 4. Interior cabin. Four lower berths. Private bath. Quad occupancy.
Price: $3995.00 per person / USD.

Category 2. Triple cabin. Deck 4. Interior cabin. Three lower berths. Private bath. Triple occupancy.
Price: $4795.00 per person / USD.

Category 3. Deck 5. Interior twin cabin. Two lower berths. Private bath. Double occupancy.
Price: $6195.00 per person / USD.

Category 4. Deck 4. Exterior twin cabin with porthole. Two lower berths. Private bath. Double occupancy.
Price: $7495.00 per person / USD.

Category 5. Deck 5. Main twin cabin with picture window. Two lower berths. Private bath. Double occupancy.
Price: $8795.00 per person / USD.

Category 6. Deck 7. Comfort twin cabin with picture window. Two lower berths. Private bath, refrigerator. Double occupancy.
Price: $10095.00 per person / USD.

Category 7. Deck 8. Top twin deck cabin with picture window, matrimonial bed and refrigerator. Private bath. Double occupancy.
Price: $11395.00 per person / USD.

Category 8. Deck 5 & 7. Superior twin cabin with picture window, twin or matrimonial bed, refrigerator. Private bath. Double occupancy.
Price: $12695.00 per person / USD.

Category 9. Deck 5 & 7. Picture windows, separate sitting area, sofa, desk refrigerator, matrimonial bed. Private bath. Double occupancy.
Price: $13995.00 per person / USD.

Category 10. Deck 7. Suite cabin with picture window overlooking the bow. Sitting area, sofa, desk, refrigerator, matrimonial bed. Private bath. Double occupancy.
Price: $15295.00 per person / USD.

Payment Details

Deposit and Taxes
A $1000.00 USD deposit is required to hold your reservation.
Balance of payment is due 120 days before trip commencement.

All requests for cancellations must be received in writing. Cancellations received at least 120 days prior to departure are fully refunded less an administration fee of $500 US dollars per passenger. If cancellation is made between 91 and 120 days, cancellation charge is 65% of cruise cost. Please note that within the 90-day limit, all deposits and tariffs are forfeited.