Best Day Hikes In The World

Take On New Challenges With These Top Day Hikes

|September 9, 2020
Vita has hiked glaciers in Alaska, climbed fourteeners in Colorado and is all about sharing her stories and promoting responsible tourism. These days she is often wandering the streets of Vilnius with a film camera in her hand or reading.

If you have a bucket list of hikes to complete, the best day hikes in the world should be on it. Venture out of your comfort zone by exploring the best Mother Earth has to offer. Some of these hikes are extremely challenging while some aren’t much more than day walks, but all earn a spot on our list for a reason.

Couple is Hiking Happy in Mountains

Angels Landing, United States

One of the most popular day hikes in North America, Angels Landing is a test for real thrill seekers. This 3-hour long trail is in Zion National Park, famous for its steep red cliffs. You’ll hike through these cliffs with the help of chains and occasional scrambling. Do not underestimate this hike though. There are spots with over 1000ft (300meter) drops on both sides, so if you have even the slightest fear of heights, you’re better off finding other hikes to explore in Zion.

Hiking Angels Landing Usa Man is Hiking

El Caminito Del Rey, Spain

First constructed as a way for workers to commute in the mountains, this notorious hike was considered among the most dangerous in the world until 2015. It has taken lives, and that comes as no surprise considering that it used to be a 5-foot (1.5m) wide rock path with nothing but steep cliffs on one side and a 350ft (105m) drop on the other. These days it’s perfectly safe, as in 2015 wooden boardwalks and sturdy hanging bridges were constructed. In fact, it’s more like the world’s best day walk than a hike. It still offers the same spectacular sights and a good adrenaline rush if you happen to look down!

Hiking Trail in El Caminito Del Rey in Spain

The Volcano Hike, Iceland

Iceland is known for its otherworldly nature and the Volcano Hike will show you just that. Start at the lush Thórsmörk valley and hike over to a mountain pass squeezed between two glaciers. On your way you’ll see craters, various volcano rocks, Icelandic moss and many more breathtaking natural wonders. This wonderful day hike takes about 6 hours and can get quite physically challenging, but it’s well worth the effort. 

Woman Hiking in Thorsmork trail in Iceland

Mirador Base de Las Torres, Chile

Patagonia’s go-to adventure spot, this 7-hour long hike definitely belongs among the best short hikes in the world. Getting to the viewpoint of Torres del Paine takes good effort – 3000ft (915m) in elevation gain, some steep climbing and potentially challenging weather stands between you and the epic granite towers. And yet, it’s an experience any hiker will treasure.

Base Las Torres Chile Hiking View of Mountains Lake from above

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