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The Top 8 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Canada

Find out which locations in Canada are the most photogenic

|February 1, 2021
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From coast to coast, Canada is blessed with some of the most alluring sights and natural wonders in the Northern hemisphere. Whether you want to experience the Niagara Falls or star gaze at Mount Assiniboine National Park, each spot offers plenty of opportunities to take an Instagram-worthy shot.

happy man hiking on Assiniboine mountain area

With locations such as the iconic Vermilion Lakes or the fairytale-inspired Ice Castles, you won't even need a fancy professional camera  your phone will easily capture their beauty! Most of the places we’ve included on our list are snowy, so put your hats on gloves on and remember to pack your charger and a selfie stick. Just be sure to hit all 8 spots for amazing Instagram photos.

Niagara Falls

rainbow over a boat near niagara falls in canada

For the seasoned traveler, there is no way you’ll want to skip Niagara Falls. There's a solid reason why the location is among the most Instagrammable places in Canada. One of them is the three bridges connecting the city of Niagara Falls to its American neighbor. From each of them, you get a dazzling view of the gorge. All you have to do is pick a spot with the iconic misty background for your shot.  

Banff National Park

Famously ranked among the best of the world's destinations by National Geographic, Banff has it all  from high-altitude hikes to spring soaks to lavish stays. With so many stunning places to choose from, you might not know where to start. At Moraine Lake you can take a snap during sunset from a canoe or at its lookout spot. Vermillion Lakes is another gem if you're after the imagery of mountain reflections and glacial blue-green waters.  

Ice Castles

A Canadian castle made of ice is one of six scattered across North America. Located in Alberta, the Edmonton attraction is a must-see winter wonderland for children and adults alike. Every winter season, artists shape hundreds of giant farmed icicles and recreate them as sculptures, walk-throughs, slides, and even towers. During the day, take a photo while you get lost in the crystal-blue ice maze. At night, the frozen figures are lit with colorful LED lights. Whichever option you choose, it will make your Instagram followers envious! 

Woman Sitting On An Ice Bench Sculpture in edmonton

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Situated in the middle of the Badlands, Dinosaur Provincial Park is yet another one Alberta's appealing attractions. The fossil-rich park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the significant discoveries made there from the reptilian period, dating as far back as 75 million years. As a former subtropical paradise, you can now take a photo like no other in this desert-like provincial park. If you're a history or archaeology buff, add one of the 150 unearthed dinosaurs to your Instagram collage.  

Badlands in Dinosaur Provincial Park

Maligne Canyon

The canyon of Maligne belongs to the Canadian Rockies and attracts thousands of travelers every year. For this spot, you might want to put your hiking boots on. From the parking lot, follow the trail toward the numbered bridges, which present either dramatic spring views or scenic landscapes. During winter, you can discover various frozen formations and walk along the ice-covered water. It gets slippery, so be extra careful while taking photos. Better yet, take a professional guide with you. 

lush green maligne canyon in canada

Mount Assiniboine

While visiting the Canadian Rocky area, make sure to explore Mount Assiniboine. From its deep blue lakes to sky-reaching mountain tops, the location offers magnificent photo ops of a starlit sky and untouched Canadian landscapes. It's worth staying there at least for a night or two and indulging in photographing the elevated views of the landscape, including the summits such as the Towers, Windy Ridge, and Mount Cautley.

Peggy’s Cove

Nova Scotia hosts the largest number of lighthouses than any other province in Canada  160 of them, to be precise! As an integral part of the seaside, lighthouses remind us about the past. To this day, they highlight the gorgeous Canadian coastline. Peggy's Point Lighthouse is the most iconic lighthouse situated on the eastern shore of St. Margarets Bay. While walking up the rocky base toward the lighthouse, hold your phone tight as it gets windy.  

peggy cove lighthouse in nova scotia canada

Rideau Canal

Also known as the Rideau Waterway, this canal is yet another Instagram-worthy spot. Built in 1832, it is hailed as one of Ottawa's oldest sights and the oldest operating canal system in North America. Flowing from the Ottawa River in the Canadian capital, the inland waterway connects to Lake Ontario at Kingston. When the weather gets warmer, you can enjoy a boat cruise and take photos on the water. Alternatively, the place turns into the world's largest skating rink during the winter season. Head up to the Mackenzie King Bridge for the ultimate photo of the Skateway from above.  

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