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Westfjords or West Fjords (Icelandic: Vestfirðir) is the name of the large peninsula in northwestern Iceland and an administrative district. It lies on the Denmark Strait, facing the east coast of Greenland. It is connected to the rest of Iceland by a 7 km wide isthmus between Gilsfjörður and Bitrufjörður.

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The Westfjords are very mountainous; the coastline is heavily indented by dozens of fjords surrounded by steep hills. These indentations make roads very circuitous and communications by land difficult. In addition many of the roads are closed by ice and snow for several months of the year. The cliffs at Látrabjarg comprise the longest bird cliff in the northern Atlantic Ocean and are at the westernmost point in Iceland. The Drangajökull glacier is located in the north of the peninsula and is the fifth largest of the country, but the only glacier of the region.

colorful flowers in westfjords near hornstrandir

Thingeyri town

Thingeyri (in Icelandic written Þingeyri) is a settlement in the municipality of Ísafjarðarbær, Iceland. It is located on the coast of the fjord Dýrafjörður in the mountainous peninsula Westfjords (in Icelandic written Vestfirðir). It has a population of approximately 260.

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Thingeyri - Smábátahöfn

aerial view of thingeyri town in the westfjords

Bildudalur village

Bíldudalur is a village situated on the coast of Arnarfjörður, one of the Westfjords in Iceland. It is situated in the Vesturbyggð municipality and has 166 inhabitants (as of January 2011).

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Bíldudalur Haganes 

Dyrafjordur fjord

Dyrafjordur is a 32 km deep fjord, in the Westfjords in Iceland.

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Dyrafjordur fjord

Grænigarður - Austur

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