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The landscape of the North East is a fascinating collage of lakes, mountains, plains, rivers and lava deserts. The volcanic zone covers a large part of the area, offering spectacular sights such as volcanoes, craters and high-temperature areas, as well as the vastest lava area in Iceland. 

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north east iceland

The North East has an abundance of places of interest and natural beauty. In between the lava fields, there are fertile plains and valleys, which constitute some of Iceland’s most excellent agricultural land. The fish industry thrives in the region. Every small town by the coast has an active port and fishing and fish processing are essential for the economy.

The visitor can choose from a large variety of great attractions and activities, such as Hljóðaklettar (Echo Cliffs), Goðafoss waterfall and the popular Whale Watching tours from Húsavík. The area also includes Europe’s most powerful waterfall, Dettifoss, the extraordinary Lake Mývatn and its scenic surroundings as well as Ásbyrgi National Park. The main towns and villages are Akureyri, Húsavík, Kópasker, Grenivík, Reykjahlíð and Laugar. Every visitor can marvel at the awesome beauty of North East Iceland, with its countless mountains and valleys, lava fields, jagged shores and unbelievable views.

dettifoss waterfall in winter with a rainbow in iceland

Fljotsdalsherad municipality

Fljótsdalshérað is a municipality located in eastern Iceland. As of April 1, 2008, it had a total population of 4,033. At 8884 km², it is the largest municipality in the country by area. The biggest town in the municipality is Egilsstaðir, with a population of 2,300. The wild reindeer of Iceland are mostly situated in Fljótsdalshérað, where they have a number of 5,000 - 10,000. The largest forest in Iceland, Hallormstaðaskógur is also located in Fljótsdalshérað. 

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Fljótsdalshérað municipality

Egilsstadir town

road near town of egilsstadir in north iceland

Egilsstaðir is a town in East Iceland on the banks of the Lagarfljót river. It is part of the municipality of Fljótsdalshérað, the county seat of Norður-Múlasýsla and the largest settlement of the Austurland region with, as of 2011, a population of 2,257 inhabitants.

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Around Egilsstaðir

Eskifjordur fjord

Eskifjörður, or also Eskifjordur, is a town and port in eastern Iceland with a large fishing industry. It has a population of 1,043 and constitutes one of the most populated villages part of the municipality of Fjarðabyggð.

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Eskifjordur harbor

Webcam feed of road conditions in North East Iceland

Here below you can find a direct feed from selected roads in North East Iceland.

Hringvegur (1) Ring Road, Fljótsheiði

Location Map: FljótsheiðiWebcam feeds: Fljotsdalsheidi to the West - On the road - Fljotsdalsheidi to the East


Norðausturvegur road (85), Kaldakinn

Location Map: KaldakinnWebcam feeds: Kaldakinn to the North - On the road - Kaldakinn to the South


Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Mývatnsheiði

Location Map: Mývatnsheiði Webcam feeds: Myvatnsheidi to the North - On the road - Myvatnsheidi to the South


Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Mývatnsöræfi

Location Map: MývatnsöræfiWebcam feeds: Myvatnsoraefi to the West - On the road - Myvatnsoraefi to the East


Hringvegur (1), Ring road, Biskupsháls

Location Map: BiskupshálsWebcam feeds: Biskupshals to the North - On the road - Biskupshals to the South


Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Möðrudalsöræfi

Location Map: MöðrudalsöræfiWebcam feeds: Modrudalsoraefi to the North West - On the roadModrudalsoraefi to the South East


Norðausturvegur road (85), Tjörnes

Location Map: TjörnesWebcam feeds: Tjornes to the NorthOn the roadTjornes to the South


Norðausturvegur road (85), Hófaskarð

Location Map: HófaskarðWebcam feeds: Hofaskard to the EastOn the roadHofaskard to the West


Norðausturvegur road (85), Hálsar

Location Map: HálsarWebcam feeds: Halsar to the North - On the road - Halsar to the South


Norðausturvegur road (85), Brekknaheiði

Location Map: BrekknaheiðiWebcam feeds: Brekknaheidi to the NorthOn the roadBrekknaheidi to the South


Norðausturvegur road (85), Finnafjörður

Location Map: FinnafjörðurWebcam feeds: Finnafjordur to the NorthOn the roadFinnafjordur to the South


Norðausturvegur road (85), Sandvíkurheiði

Location Map: SandvíkurheiðiWebcam feeds: Sandvikurheidi to the SouthOn the roadSandvikurheidi to the North


Norðausturvegur road (85), Vopnafjarðarleið

Location Map: VopnafjarðarleiðWebcam feeds: Vopnafjardarleid to the South WestOn the roadVopnafjardarleid to the North East


Norðausturvegur road (85), Vopnafjarðarheiði

Location Map: VopnafjarðarheiðiWebcam feeds: Vopnafjardarheidi to the South WestOn the road - Vopnafjardarheidi to the North East


Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Jökuldalur

Location Map: JökuldalurWebcam feeds: Jokuldalur to the WestOn the roadJokuldalur to the East


Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Jökulsá á Dal

Location Map: JökulsáWebcam feeds: Jokulsa a Dal to the EastOn the roadJokulsa a Dal to the North


Borgarfjarðarvegur road (94), Vatnsskarð Eystra

Location Map: VatnsskarðWebcam feeds: Vatnsskard Eystra to the North WestOn the roadVatnsskard Eystra to the East


Seyðisfjarðarvegur road (93), Fjarðarheiði

Location Map: FjarðarheiðiWebcam feeds: Fjardarheidi to the North West - On the roadFjardarheidi to the South East

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