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Iceland in March

All you need to know about visiting Iceland in March!

|February 3, 2023
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Planning on visiting Iceland in March? Learn about the weather, what to wear, and the best things to do in Iceland in March!

Even though visiting Iceland in March might seem like an unpopular choice, there's really nothing that should hold you back from doing it! March marks the end of the winter season and is the last month to enjoy most of the winter activities, such as ice caving, snowmobiling, and Northern Lights watching.

Also, since March is considered to be "off-season," you can benefit from the prices being lower than during peak months. Still not convinced? Read on and learn about all the cool things to do in Iceland during March!

What to know before visiting Iceland in March

  • March is still very much a winter season in Iceland, so prepare for rain, snow, and cold. Dress accordingly!

  • March is the last month for all the winter activities, such as ice caving and Northern Lights. Don't miss out and book a tour!

  • March is considered to be the off-season for tourism in Iceland, so you can benefit from the prices being lower if you travel during this time!

  • March is probably one of the chances to see the Northern Lights in their full spectrum. Don't overlook this chance and book a Northern Lights tour.

  • Driving in March is as difficult as any other winter month. If you don't trust your ability to drive in rough conditions and want to be safe, book a guided tour instead.

Weather and Temperature in Iceland in March

As March is still a winter month in Iceland, get ready to experience all kinds of weather. Expect cold, rain, snow, and strong winds, and dress accordingly. The average temperature in March is between -2°C (around 28 Fahrenheit) and 3.3°C (around 38 Fahrenheit). And don't get fooled but the appearing sunshine – the weather in Iceland in March is still pretty cold!

Crystal ice cave in South of Iceland

Daylight in Iceland in March

March is when we can rejoice from more hours of daylight than the previous months. At the beginning if the month, the daylight usually lasts for about 10 hours and it gets around 13 hours by the end of the month. So, you'll have plenty of time in a day to explore and engage in various activities!

Driving in Iceland in March

Even though there's less snow, driving in Iceland in March can still get very tricky. Heavy rain, strong winds and sometimes snow can cause some hazardous conditions that lead to some road closures. Be aware of it if you decide to drive by yourself and don't6 forget to check the official websites: and

Can you see Northern Lights in Iceland in March

Definitely yes! March is actually the last month when you can fully admire the magnificent Northern Lights. Seeing the Northern Lights highly depends on sky clarity and solar activity. On very clear and dark nights, you can expect to see them. If you want to increase your chances of catching some auroras, join one of our Northern Lights tours!

What to wear in Iceland in March

March in Iceland is still pretty much wintery, so dress accordingly. Warm thermals, wool and fleece items and a waterproof layer might be a life-saver. Don't forget sturdy hiking boots, a scarf, and headwear to go with it.

What to pack for Iceland in March

  • Thermal layer

  • Wool/fleece sweaters and warm pants

  • Waterproof outer layer

  • Swimwear for geothermal baths

  • Sturdy hiking boots (a must!)

  • Warm socks

  • Gloves, scarf, warm headwear

Things to do in Iceland in March

What to do in Iceland in March? March is the last month to fully enjoy winter activities, such as ice caving, snowmobiling and Northern Lights watching.

Ice Caving in Iceland in March

Ice caves are fascinating natural attractions that can only be visited in winter. So March is your last chance to see them! One of the most popular ones is Crystal ice cave, located in Vatnajokull glacier, the biggest glacier in Europe. There are other ice caving tours as well organized in the southern part of Iceland, such as glacier hike & ice cave tour in Skaftafell.


Inside the Crystal Ice Cave Tour

Glacier Hiking in Iceland in March

Glacier hiking is another amazing activity to do in Iceland in March. Iceland's biggest glaciers, such as Vatnajokull, Langjokull and Solheimajokull, offer plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure!

Glacier hike on Vatnajokull glacier in South Iceland

There are a number of glacier hiking tours for you to explore. If you're a beginner, an easy glacier hike in Skaftafell or Solheimajokull might be just right for you. If you want to make your glacier experience even more memorable, combine it with ice climbing or ice caving adventure!


Sólheimajökull vs. Skaftafell glaciers: Which one is better?

Northern Lights Watching in Iceland in March

Seeing the Northern Lights for the first time is probably one of the most thrilling experiences you can have. And March is the last month when you can fully admire them. There are some conditions for the Northern Lights to be present – the sky needs to be clear and dark, and there should be the right amount of solar activity.

There are basically two things to check before heading for an aurora hunt – that is the aurora forecast and the cloud coverage forecast. If you want to increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights, we recommend booking the Northern Lights tour. The expert guides will follow the predictions and ensure that your chances of seeing the Northern Lights are as high as possible.

Snowmobiling in Iceland in March

If you'd ask us what is the best month for snowmobiling in Iceland, we'd say March! It is the time when the sky brings enough sunshine to admire the snowy slopes. It is also when you can combine your snowmobiling adventure with a visit to an ice cave. And what is best – no previous experience is needed! If it's your first time, we recommend a beginner-friendly snowmobiling ride on Langjokull glacier.

Snowmobiling tour in Langjokull glacier in Iceland

Whale watching in Iceland in March

Whale watching is one of the most favorite activities in Iceland. It is one of the few places on Earth where you can witness these majestic animals. Our whale-watching tours from Dalvík have a 98% success rate of spotting wild animals! Icelandic waters are especially rich in humpback whales, minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, and harbor purposes, and you can expect to encounter them during the tour. Sometimes even the majestic blue whale, the largest mammal on the planet, crosses these waters!

Festivals and events in Iceland in March

National Beer Day

National Beer Day is celebrated each year on March 1st to mark the day when the Beer Ban was lifted. Beer remained illegal for the bigger part of the 20th century due to a belief that this alcoholic drink is particularly tempting for young people. After 79 of prohibition, ts law was overturned by the Icelandic government in 1989. On this day, all the bars and restaurants offer beer at a special price – a great opportunity to try out some Icelandic craft beers!

Food and fun festival

Iceland has an exceptional food scene consisting of fresh ingredients, mainly meat and fish. There are numerous restaurants to try in Reykjavik and outside and this week is the perfect opportunity for that!

The food and Fun Festival is being celebrated for a week. It is when most restaurants in Iceland go the extra mile, offering a special menu and inviting guest chefs from all over the world to try out their skills with Icelandic ingredients. You'll get to enjoy a mixture of the freshest ingredients and the chef's imagination, and trust us, it never disappoints!

Mustache March

You've probably heard about "Movember" or "No-Shave November," but have you heard of Mustache March? March in Iceland is dedicated to spreading awareness about men's health, especially cancer and identifying its symptoms. In order to show support, men grow mustaches during this month. Not everyone can grow a mustache, but anyone can join in by buying goods from the Mottumars shop, such as their specially designed socks.

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