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Iceland tours 2024

|January 23, 2023
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As the new year's approaching fast, there's a high chance that you already started working on your bucket list for 2024. And what bucket list doesn't have an epic trip added to it? Looking to cross this wish off from your list with a smile on your face and a head full of unforgettable memories? Why not consider Iceland as one of your main destinations for your next year’s travels? Let us walk you through inspiring places, introduce you to daring activities, and give some essential advice on how to prepare yourself better for your upcoming trip to Iceland.

Must-see Places in Iceland for the 2023 Traveler

For those who are tired of looking at concrete blocks, breathing dusty air, and feeling cramped, Icelandic scenery will be a real treat with its picture-like greenery in summer and ice wonderland in winter. Iceland is a natural phenomenon because of its varied landscape. Having this in mind, nature enthusiasts should test their hiking skills on the Laugavegur Trail – a 6-day tour during which you’ll travel 34 miles (55km) from Landmannalaugar, a part of Fjallabak Nature Reserve, to Thorsmork. The path is “paved” not only with mountains, glacier rivers, and black sands but also myths and folklore tales that will enrich your knowledge about Icelandic culture.

Laugavegur Trail which runs from the Landmannalaugar geothermal springs to the Þórsmörk nature reserve

Perhaps it’s human nature that pushes us to see, explore, and experience the most during a given time. If you think that a perfect holiday itinerary should include as much as possible, then a 6-day ring road tour around Iceland is what you need. The adventure that starts on the Golden Circle route is promising from the very start with a magnificent Thingvellir National Park. Followed by the trip to “the crown jewel of Iceland” Jókulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, a must-see Goðafoss Waterfall, all 6 days around Iceland won’t seem too long for sure. For those who enjoy wildlife, spending time watching whales in Dalvík – a fishing village located in North Iceland – is a must as well as finishing an intense trip by bathing in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon.

The famous Golden Circle attraction site - Thingvellir National Park

As shocking as it may appear to some people, there are travelers who enjoy winter and every drop in temperature that it brings, which is great because those who aren’t afraid of the cold are welcome to try real Icelandic tours that involve exploring its glaciers. One of the excursions that will leave a lifelong memory is going on an ice caving tour at Langjökull Glacier. A day spent in a man-made cave will make you feel like a true adventurer, being driven by an 8-wheel truck, going through frozen tunnels and halls.

Ice Caving tour at Langjökull glacier will show you the true power of ice

If you feel that one day of exploring ice caves is not enough, there is no need to worry as there’s a possibility to choose a 3-day ice cave tour along the South Coast which also includes trips to see geysers, waterfalls, and more of the stunning glaciers at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.

Activities to try out in Iceland for an adventurous traveler in 2024

Traveling to different places and being exposed to various surroundings is great, but what if you’re more interested in gaining some valuable experiences? Then once again, Iceland proves to be the place where all sorts of activities await. Both experienced mountain enthusiasts and those who are more used to lowland areas should be ready to put their hiking shoes on for some amazing adventures up on Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajökull or next to the Meradalir volcano.

Glacier hiking tour on Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajökull in southern Iceland

If you ever found yourself wondering how those who conquered the mountain of Everest felt, going on a Glacier hike in Skaftafell by foot will give you a sense of that without having too much to risk. Having in mind the lack of time and the number of things to see and activities to take part in, a one-day tour to see the volcano in Reykjanes Peninsula sounds like a day spent creating lifelong memories.

Lava flowing from the Litli-Hrutur volcano in Iceland

Volcano eruption in Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

What if you’re not a person who enjoys going everywhere on foot, let alone, going on a challenging hike? Or perhaps you think of yourself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Then your list for your travel in 2024 should include a snowmobile tour. With this fun means of transportation, you will be able to reach Langjökull Glacier from Reykjavik in just 2.5 hours and keep on cruising on it to catch some breathtaking views.

Snowmobiling tour on Langjökull glacier in packed full of adrenaline and fun adventures

If you don’t have a driver's license or if driving is not something up your alley, how about the exploration of the underwater world? To be able to see what’s underneath Iceland’s water, try a day tour in the Silfra Fissure – a rift that is known for its clear blue waters through which you can explore life underwater. You can find out more about what it’s like to swim between Europe and North America by reading one of our blogs on snorkeling in Silfra.

Magic underwater world at Silfra Fissure, experience it by joining snorkeling tour

How to prepare for a trip to Iceland in 2023?

As much as it seems exciting to get ready for an upcoming trip, it’s also quite stressful and time-consuming. It’s easy to get lost in the whole list of things you need to do, and the risk of forgetting something arises. So, how to prepare yourself better for a trip to Iceland?

Visit all the most exciting locations as the Crystal Ice Cave and lots of others by planning your trip in advance

  • Check travel restrictions and safety measurements. Despite the fact that the pandemic is under control and now no harsh restrictions are being applied in Iceland, it’s still smart to check the rules when entering the country. Also, be aware that the weather in Iceland tends to change. You can follow these changes in Safetravel;

  • Pack your bags for all kinds of weather and occasions. Constant checking of weather conditions is important not only to ensure safety on the road but also when preparing to go out and explore the country. It’s not enough to just check the weather report before stepping outside as conditions tend to change drastically. Just remember that having waterproof clothing and boots is a must and layering is Iceland’s greatest fashion trend;

  • Plan in advance and book as much as possible. Even if you enjoy the spontaneity when traveling, it’s best not only to book flights and hotels but also to think of the places you want to visit and activities you’d like to try as often various tourist attractions are fully booked. Book your day tours and multi-day tours with us to avoid missing out on fun adventures!

The start of 2024 is a perfect time to think about our expectations and plans. If you miss stunning views around you or activities that make your heart beat faster, why not make a sweet escape to Iceland? Being able to reconnect with nature and appreciate its unseen forms such as the Northern Lights, or actually become a part of it by diving into the Silfra Fissure, will allow you not only to fill your photo albums with significant memories but perhaps find yourself in a whole new setting.

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